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Boobs and Lesbian Boobs Dominate the Boob Tube Roundup, Which Makes Sense (VIDEO)

Catherine Walker and Alexis Peterman Topless in Strike Back 2013
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None of the major players per se contributed mightily to this week’s Boob Tube Roundup, but there’s always a little something something to fill our hearts and eyes with glee. Such as a quickie bit of bare funbaggery from Brooke Smith in Showtimes’s Ray Donovan, now nearing the end of it’s inaugural season. And, a couple of feel good Sapphic types in Strike Back providing some sweet girl on girl topless fooling around action that truly must be seen a few times in the least.

The Boob Tube giveth, and the Boob Tube giveth some more. It’s a giving tree, err, box. Check them out. Enjoy.

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True Blood, Ray Donovan, and Magic City Throw Down Bare Tops for the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Elena Satine Sex Scene in Magic City
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Let’s call this the breakout week for Elena Satine, the wicked hottie we’ve seen nice little snippets of on the Starz series Magic City, but now we get an extended bare booty and topless making of the sexy scene that should confirm her place as one of the breakout stars on the busting out all over Boob Tube Roundup. I even dig the blonde wig. That’s how much I’m into Elena.

Joining Elena in this week’s BTR are newomers Chasty Ballesteros in a rather memorable orally-delivered scene in Showtime’s Ray Donovan and some more late night looks at topless vampires courtesy of Bailey Noble in HBO’s True Blood, now in its sixth full season and going stronger than ever. Yep, the ladies of the small screen are taking over the block by sheer force of skin power. We bow down to the cathode ray tube. Enjoy.

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Anna Paquin Topless Again to Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Anna Paquin Topless Scene in True Blood
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I could watch Anna Paquin be nekkid all the time really. Something about that gap-toothed smile and her talk about being bisexual and just that little dip in her voice, not to mention her hotly recovered new mommy body. Yes, I think this could be a channel I would never turn off. Hence, Anna Paquin is headlining our Boob Tube Roundup.

Joining Anna in the BTR this week, which really is just comprised of the girls of True Blood, Deborah Ann Woll still won’t quite take her clothes off, but she still manages to pull off a rather sexy supernatural coupling that we just had to share. I’m not saying I’d want to be bitten by a vampire, but, if I had to be, you could do far worse than these two lovely lasses. Enjoy.

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Annina Ucatis Flashes Her Big Sisters on Big Brother (VIDEO)

Annina Ucatis Boobtastic Big Big Nekkid Screencaps
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Oh, enough of me already whining like your mom about how reality shows are so much better overseas. We still have the Doritos Taco here and that ought to be enough to fuel our national pride. What we need, according to EgoReader ‘Vaughn’ is a whole lot more of Annina Ucatis, who we featured before in one of our reality show rants. Annina is the very big star of Big Brother Germany, Season 9, for, let’s say, her love of taking showers and the things she was washing in the shower.

Annina is hard to miss when she steps out of the shower. I could literally feel my Big Brother awaking. Check her out and then call your local cable operator and complain about something. Maybe things will change here, someday. Enjoy.

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Taryn Manning Topless and Aimee Garcia Sexy Butt Highlight The Boob Tube Roundup, Part 2 (VIDEO)

Jessica Marais Topless in Magic City
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This week’s Boob Tube Roundup was so heavily loaded with celebrity skin, we had to split it up into two parts. Really, we had to, by order of Interpol. In part 2 today we get a solid long look at the bare top of Taryn Manning in Orange is the New Black from Netflix, Aimee Garcia in yet another Dexter making of the sexy scene, a couple boobtastic entries from Showtime’s new series Ray Donovan, and the delicious Jessica Marais so hot she’s fondling her own topless self in Starz second season of Magic City.

Is it an absolute must see. Well, only if you happen to like hot women mostly nekkid. If not, please move along. Enjoy.

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Anna Paquin Topless Epic Return to True Blood, Along With Her Supernatural Friends for the Boob Tube Roundup, Part 1 (VIDEO)

Anna Paquin Topless in True Blood
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There was much to be thankful for in the wide world of small screen skin this past week. So much so that we’re breaking this week’s Boob Tube Roundup into two parts. This first dedicated solely to the girls of True Blood, most notably, the post-baby return of Anna Paquin and her more than willingness to bare her top in making of the sexy scenes on the supernatural drama. She may flip off the paparazzi twice or thrice a week, but she when she gets to work, Anna knows exactly how to get to work. We applaud her.

As well as Deborah Ann Woll who gives us a brief glimpse of her bra top only body, and Stacy Haiduk who gets nekkid eating chicken. It’s a thing. A thing you must see. Anna is back! Enjoy.

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Anna Paquin Bra and Panties, Jessica Clark Full Frontal, and More Orange is the New Black in the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Catalina Rodriguez is Asstastic in Magic City
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Now we’re talking. A little something something from our friends who work in the small screen department at the major entertainment companies. Some fine actually worth watching TV shows that also happen to include some sextastic celebrity skin. I think we have the makings of a Boob Tube Roundup.

Once again, Anna Paquin is flashing her post-mommy refined body in bra and panties and some magical CGI powers in True Blood, along with co-star Jessica Clark flashing her full frontal goodness, though me thinks I spot a little muff-covering of an un-human like origin. Joining the girls of True Blood, Catalina Rodriguez in Magic City with one epic booty and Laverne Cox showing off her prison tops in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. It’s all good and happening in the BTR today. Enjoy.

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