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Maya Stepper Topless Treats! In Nature

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Tall and blonde and lovely euro model Maya Stepper is fast becoming the favorite of photographers who love to get tall and blonde and lovely, not to mention, naturally sweet teated, models into nature for shoots among the trees or rocks or shorelines of this blessed blue planet. She just photographs ever so well. Funbags most definitely included.

In this mini-pictorial for Treats Magazine, Maya shows off just the most compelling of tips of her hottie iceberg, an alluring Germanic woman with the kind of body that mean dream of, including myself, thrice last night, and once again just ten minutes ago during a power nap. I often ask myself if I could actually ever handle such a woman, then I remember that it’s really all I ever wanted in life and I cry and tell myself yes. I really am an emotional whirlwind around ridiculously hot topless women. I probably need to alter my medication away from light beer. Stellar wonderments, Maya. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jacques Weyers For Treats Magazine

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Shane Seng Topless Funbag Perfection For Treats!

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Sometimes I see a new face, a mesmerizing body, and one alluring photoshoot and all I can think is I can’t wait to share her with all of you. Her pictures obviously. The real Shane Seng, oh, man, I’d tell you I was working late and couldn’t make our Outback meetup. This lovely blonde lady is more than busting the stellar hot thermometer in this topless bit of visual wonderment for Treats magazine. Wowzer.

Sure, I don’t have the time to show you every single beautiful topless model to ever take her clothes off for a major periodical, but how I promise to try. Not everybody is an A-list celebrity just yet. But if the A-list were written, as it should be, on the level of how many tingles a passion inducing woman produces, Shane Seng would be on my first page. It’s a long book, so this is kind of big. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Amanda Pratt For Treats! Magazine


Mexican Model Alejandra Guilmant Topless On Top Of the City of Angeles

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Sticking with our crazy hot Latina theme. Banging hot sultry bodies with little to no clothes from our South of the Border en fuego imports. That’s not really a theme so much as a way of life.

Enter one of our favorites, Alejandra Guilmant, a Mexican model of some extensive sextastic credentials. We’ve seen Alejandra before in Esquire and in Playboy, now just flashing her bare goodness from various vantage points looking over my fair adopted home city. Every city really looks amazing when framed behind the silhouette of one ridiculously hot bodied nekkid Latina. I’d at least recommend every city give it a shot for their tourist brochures. Watch the visitors threefold over night. Just a suggestion. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Richard Bernardin For Treats! Magazine

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Ekaterina Zueva In Nothing But Jeans For Treats! Magazine

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Sultry vixen Ekaterina Zueva is all kinds of the sex in these sweaty pics for Treats! Magazine. Treats indeed, my friends. Ekaterina is wearing nothing but an open pair of jeans and she went ahead and didn’t bother with the shirt. Sometimes, she also just pulled those jeans off too to show off that gold star booty. Seriously, when we the last time you beheld such a work of art? But let’s not forget the glorious boobage she’s got going on. Ekaterina has some serious funbags, the kind you take out to a steak dinner instead of to Burger King. She looks a little bit like she’d be trouble but that it would be TOTALLY worth it. I do so like a woman that makes you work for the good stuff.

I’m a big fan of sexy women in tight jeans. One never knows what wonders lie beneath. In the case of Ekaterina the answer is a lot.

Photo Credit: Serge Lee For Treats! Magazine

Lydia Hearst Behind The Scenes Topless Extras Filled With Clowns and Slender Hot Bodied Goodness

Lydia Hearts Behind The Scenes Topless Extras From Treats Magazine
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Lydia Hearst continues to bemuse me with her heiress bodily type gifts. Now with the behind the scenes video of her recent Treats magazine shoot we have even more of her sweet female topless charms to review. The entire shoot got kind of circus weird, but there’s nothing three-ring circus about Lydia’s willingness to exhibit her full lady charms for the cameras. Not something often scene in the rich and famous among us. But, so happy for any and all exceptions.

In the future perfect world, all of our most alluring ladies will be preening topless with circus clowns. But until that time, we’ll have to pick and choose the boldest among us to create these visual wonderments. Lydia Hearst, you are a blessing of the boobtastic hardly in disguise. I toast you with my much enthusiasm and vigor. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats Magazine

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Lydia Hearst Topless Big Tops At The Circus, Still My Favorite Heiress

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We follow many heiresses and next gen celebrity offspring on this little blog of ours. Let’s face it, rich famous good looking people tend to make good looking progeny. Damn you, genetics. But Lydia Hearst, heir to the Hearst publishing fortune, really is one of our unsung heroes. The alt-model shows up about once every year or two in a new set of topless pictures in fashion and style magazines. Sort of at random, but never without satisfaction of the visual variety.

In her latest revelations in Treats magazine, the New York based bit of brunette lovely, peels back her top to reveal her absolutely perfect pair of pouty puppies. I alliterate when I get excited, excuse me. Look past all the art and style and feast your peeps upon a beautiful woman who also happens to be worth a cool $100 million. That shouldn’t matter, but it does to me as I need a woman to keep me in the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed. Granted, that can likely be achieved through about $500 worth of Groupons, but I wouldn’t mind a trip to the Mall of America at some point in my life. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine

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Alena Poses For An Asstastic Topless Treats Special

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I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be leering at the hot model who goes by Alena with my 3-D glasses. I own my own pair ever since watching Avatar eleven times in a row in the theaters. It was a really comfortable seat and you’re not necessarily going to want to keep borrowing glasses from the Westside kid with measles who wore them before you. All the better to see Alena and her fine female form in this wicked hot Treats magazine pictorial.

Simply sextastic, one fine funbaged girl, some really neat-o poses I dreamed about seeing women in since I was in grade school, and a few tricks of the colored lights and blammo! You have one memorably alluring bit of visual wonderment fresh for the ogling. I do so love beautiful women without their clothes on. No offense completely pointless multi-billion dollar women’s fashion industry, but you could go away tomorrow and the world would be a much better place. That’s harsh, but somebody has to be the grown up. Alena, call me. I’m in the book under Desperate. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Igor Oussenko For Treats Magazine

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