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Thank God It’s Funbags! Kassidi Is Bronzed And Topless For Treats Magazine

Kassidi By Kesler Tran For Treats Magazine
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We’ve reached that time of the week again. I do believe our first, make that second time in 2015. I was hungover during the first. I’m not going to lie. That is the only trait I share with Superman. As always, we like to celebrate Friday with some beautiful specimen of the finer gender, most especially so when she is celebrating her body on our behalf without so many clothes.

Meet Kassidi, one smoking hot sultry model featured in the current edition of the utterly excellently named Treats magazine. If you happen to go mental for hot bronzed girls like myself, well, then you too probably keep a can of bronzer spray by your bed as well. You never know when a pale lass might need an instant bronzing before happy happy fun time. Also, you’ll adore Kassidi in the way that men adore women who are crazy hot and have extraordinary bodies. Yes, I know you know. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Photo Credit: Kesler Tran For Treats Magazine

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Natalie Morris Topless Classic Hotness for Treats


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I’m really kind of a people person. You might not know it from my ‘Keep Out’ signs or the way I growl like a pit bull facing the neutering knife when confronted with people seeking to interact. But when it comes to extremely attractive women, I’m more than open to socializing. And I find no better way to meet this delightful demographic than through wonderfully shot topless photos in publications promoting the beauty of woman such a Treats magazine.

So, hello, Natalie Morris. Natalie might be familiar to those of you who closely follow the modeling scene, especially here in Los Angeles. Okay, so it’s one of my hobbies. So much more fun than Lego building. No offense, Master Nerds. Natalie makes her Egotastic! introduction by showing off her classic beauty in combination with her neo-classic funbags, both of which are a spectacular entrance to the cathedral of the celebrity sextastic. Welcome, Natalie. Linger awhile. We have soft cheeses. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats Magazine

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Nicole Trunfio Topless Teats Ridiculously Hot in a Magazine Called Treats

Nicole Trunfio Topless in Treats Magazine November 2014
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My friend Barney Bustamante told me as a kid if you want to get with the girls, you need to learn a little poetry. That was Plan B actually. Plan A was being handsome and the captain of the football team. Plan B seemed lame, but so much more attainable. Oh, the lackluster verses I would pen for Aussie model hottie Nicole Trunfio, she of the long lean hotness variety now on display in Treats magazine.

How happy am I to see one of my favorite Down Under exquisite beauties flashing her glorious funbags in Treats? Oh, there’s no known scale of measurement for such feelings. But it can best be expressed in the audible call of the Spring robin upon learning a mate will allow him to make some eggs in his lady. Best analogy I got. It’s horrible. Enjoy.

Nicole Meyer Topless Frothy Shoreline Sextastic for Treats

Nicole Meyer Ultra Sexy Topless Beach Shoot for Treats 2014
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If you happen to have delighted in South African hottie Nicole Meyer and her lingerie and swimsuit modeling work over the past year, you’ll truly revel when her swimsuit comes off and her ridiculously hot body is covered by nary more than the surging tide. It doesn’t get much better than sultry nekkid Mermaids on the shore.

Treats magazine knows how to treat a lady to the kindest visual wonderment exposure ever. Not that starting with the outrageously hot tools Nicole Meyer brings to work needs much further editing. But you do need the right sunlight, a Neptune like command over the waves, and somebody to tell Nicole, oh, baby, don’t move your booty, we’ve got to snap it looking just like that… perfect! Enjoy.

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Derryn Lester Topless Shoot for Treats

Derryn Lester Topless Shoot for Treats
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The ever beautiful Derryn Lester let it all hang out in this topless photoshoot for Treats magazine. She is on a beach and can’t stand to wear her bathing suit anymore. So, she takes it off and shows the camera her lovely perky boobies. She’s got those pert little ta-tas with the slightly upturned nips. I always find these kinds of knockers endearing, like I want to buy them some cake before I motorboat them. She’s also got quite the firm looking derriere. I would very much like to give it a playful smack, but that’s how people get sent to jail. Some of the photos are in black and white to show that they are classy. I frankly don’t care what color they are in as long as the girl in the pics is as hot as Derryn.

This is a good way to end the day, wouldn’t you say?

Andrea Yurko Is a Tall Topless Drink of Water in Treats Magazine

Andrea Yurko Topless Hotel Shoot by Alex Freund in Treats
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If you happen to like your brunettes tall and sultry and topless, you’re going to love this Alex Freund pictorial of Andrea Yurko for Treats magazine. The nearly six foot tall fashion model gets all kinds of boudoir alluring for the cameras in an exhibition of the svelte lithesome lady form. I was drooling just hearing about this shoot. Now I’m full on in need of an emergency medical technician to restart my junk.

Every time I stare into the eyes, and ridiculously hot body, of a female siren, I feel my soul getting a little happier. It’s like a warming sensation that starts at the toes and goes all the way to the top with some memorable stops in between. Women like Andrea Yurko remind me that no matter how complicated life can get, or troublesome the world, pure blessed relief is ever only one evening of lingerie and dimmed lights away. Andrea, call me, let’s warm each other’s souls. Enjoy.

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Mathilde Goehler Topless Nekkid Danish Model Treats

Mathilde Gohler Topless for Treats Magazine September 2014
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There can be only one Danish Delight, that would be Nina Agdal. But there are many Danish delicious lingerie models sporting the Nordic signs of lust inducement such as Mathilde Goehler who exudes the sextastic through every nook and cranny of her memorable model body. You know the European girls have no trouble with nudity, and neither do we, the gentlemen oglers of all nations, who can now peep kindly upon Mathilde hotness in the current edition of Treats magazine.

I know how the poetic among us are inspired by laughter, the visual artists inspired by rainbows. Well hot nekkid women are my laughter and rainbows. Girls like Mathilde inspire me daily, not so much to do anything productive or worthwhile, but mostly to spend some alone time in the water closet imagining our third date. The one where I don’t have to impress by using my Sizzler coupons and we get right down to the nookie. Mathilde, you are a thing of beauty and then some. Enjoy.