Treats magazine Posts:

Tereza Kacerova Topless Trailer Park Hotness for Treats


Hot Czech model in L.A. shooting a topless pictorial for Treats magazine in her panties in a trailer park? Um, yes, sign me up for a couple orders of that.

Tereza Kacerova gets wicked hot and sextastically topless in this delicious bit of visual wonderment. Just imagine how nice it would be coming home to your own downscale living quarters each evening if Tereza was hanging outside her trailer fooling around with her top so that her impressively fine funbags could be kissed by the afternoon sun? Yep, I might go home sober as well at times. The Czech girls are making quite a name for themselves this week, and doing so in just the right kind of wardrobes. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Keir Alexa Wohlman Is Long and Lean and Tall and Topless in Russell James Shoot for Treats


If you happen to love sultry Miami models who stand nearly six feet tall in their stocking feet, preening, bending, and posing topless for some epically alluring camera work, then you just might lust Keir Alexa Wohlman, featured in this new Russell James pictorial for Treats magazine. Keir is just wicked hot and long and lean and all kinds of passion inducing. I'm not even going to get into her perfect nipples, because I could write a 40-page essay on my love of Keir's gumdrops.

On Wednesday's we like to celebrate the hump of the work week with some of the finest ladies on the planet getting nekkid for your prurient entertainment. Hey, it's that or my Uncle Stu's magic act, which, by the way, he's now legally allowed to perform again at children's birthday parties. I'm assuming you'll take the former. I'd take Keir Wohlman all day long. So hot! Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Paula Bulczynska Topless Goodies for Treats Magazine


Thanks to EgoReader 'Tony C.' among others who directed our peeps toward the stunning hot topless goodness that is Paula Bulczynska, a Polish sensation of a sextastic model featured in this stunning Dennison Bertram pictorial of her in the current edition of Treats magazine.

On Fridays we like to close out the week by opening our eyes to the best and the most bodacious among our female planetary denizen. Poland has been stepping it up big time of late in the World Cup of Hottie Exports, so I'm not surprised by the rise of Paula Bulczynska to the Egotastic! limelight. Oh, the limelights I'd love to direct on Paula. Just so damn hot! Thank God It's Funbags!

Dylan Penn Covered Nekkid and Wicked Hot in Treats

Celebrity photographer Tony Duran knows how to take a picture. Dylan Penn knows how to look incredibly sextastic in a photo. Treats magazine loves the show off girls in hardly any clothing at all. Put them all together and you get the perfect storm of hotness by way of Sean Penn's modeling daughter in the upcoming edition of Treats. I guess the term coming out party has been used for a couple of Dylan Penn's more provocatively posed pictorials already, but this one seems to be coming out just a little bit further, if you know what I'm saying, and I rarely do most of the time.

I'm not sure if Dylan will actually make it  in the world of high fashion, but I feel rather confident that she'll do well in the world of nearly no fashion during shoots. She is a thing of beauty. I can't wait to see even more. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Nekkid Classic Black and White Goodness (VIDEO)


Somebody noticed that the blessed Steve Shaw topless photoshoot video of the even more blessed Emily Ratajkowski that causes us to harm ourselves with pleasure was removed by YouTube, hence, we were Emily-Shawless on our site. Horrible. Just horrible.

To rectify that situation, and to further seal my suck-up status with the crazy hot Emily Ratajkowski, here's a fuller, deeper, longer look at the extended cut of the Treats! magazine shoot of Emily by Steve Shaw. It really is one of my favorite things in the entire world next to peanut brittle and modern medicine. I realize that not everybody lusts day and night for Emily as I do, but I also realize some might even more than I. In which case, get ready, because I'm coming for you while you slumber. Enjoy.

Bryana Holly Is Nearly Flashing Her Full Beach Girls in Treats

Bryana Holly is  model who  I loved who I had to give up for a while because she was dating Brody Jenner and my feelings got all confused and plus she stopped doing hot modeling for a while, in favor of Instagramming romantic pictures. Thankfully, she dumped Brody and is now in Treats magazine showing off much of her own treats, though sadly using contortions and hand-bra to see what has earned her many a worthy leer in the past.

Bryana is one of those girls who you forget about, then remember, then think about while Journey is playing on the radio and you/re locked in your bedroom late at night, then maybe forget about again, but then appears almost nekkid in a magazine so time to get the Journey on again. It's not that confusing once you go through the full cycle a few times. Enjoy.

Lauren Brown Topless Treats in Fashionably Forward Display


When our friends at Treats! magazine mentioned they had a wonderfully fashion forward pictorial to share, I reminded them that my interest in fashion begins and ends with how quickly sextastic women can remove them from their bodies. Then they mentioned Lauren Brown and this being a topless photoshoot and, well, they do know my weak spots.

Lauren Brown is one of those Ford models you've probably not heard of before, but who's face and body is speckled all throughout women's magazines and advertisements and lots of artsy stuff that sails through my brain like Columbus on speed. But in this shoot by photographer Kesler Tran, well, I've slowed things down a bit to ogling speed, absorbing all that I understand. So, yeah, primarily Lauren's bare fun parts. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Enjoy.