‘Titanfall’ Turns a Year Old, Offers All DLC for Free

Titanfall Anniversary

When gamers are bitching about DLC (which is freaking always), one of the major bugbears is the cost. It’s all fine and dandy if we’re getting something substantial, like a freshly-made hunk of campaign or the like, but that’s often not the case. Premium pricing for Street Fighter costumes or Call of Duty weapon skins? Nuts to that.

There’s a market for this cosmetic stuff too, true enough. If you want to buy yourself a garish pink assault rifle that looks like something Elton John would carry into combat, you have at it. I myself had to get my hands on Vega’s even-camper-than-usual flowery outfit, and I regret nothing. Generally, though, this sort of thing sucks.

But fear not. On the good side of DLC news, here comes Titanfall. It does still exist, and it turned a year old this week. To celebrate, Respawn and EA are offering all of the game’s downloadable extras for free. You can get yourself one of those dreaded season passes for zero dollars, right now. If, y’know, Titanfall is still a thing for you, or this is enough to tempt you back.

There’s no word on how long this offer will last, so haul ass to get it now if you fancy.

More on this, and the contents of the DLC packs, at the game’s official site.

New ‘Titanfall’ DLC Brings Another Slice of Mechtastic Badassery (VIDEO)

Titanfall Frontier's Edge
More of this madness? Sure.

With Destiny inbound, Titanfall has to get its shit together. It doesn’t want to die a death. A big ol’ metal-y, parkour-y death.

Was May’s Expedition DLC pack enough to lure you back into the Titans’ clutches? Or did it simply keep your love affair with the big ol’ mech dudes going? Are you not assed either way? Whatever the case, Expedition brought dynamic game modes, maps, the so-dramatically-named-you’ll-shit-your-pants Marked For Death… the usual business you’ll expect from an FPS expansion.

If these are the kinds of shenanigans you like then hold on to your crotch, because the Frontier’s Edge DLC is on its way to Titanfall. It’s another fairly standard issue offering, as you’ll see from IGN’s lowdown above. Three new maps are included, with what sounds like a fancy-ass beach resort (Haven) among them.

No release date has been disclosed yet, but we’ll see if this is worthy of ten of your Earth dollars soon.

Latest ‘Titanfall’ Update Brings ‘Marked For Death’ Mode and More Badass Mechtastic Than Ever

In the wake of E3, with Destiny and such splattered all over our eyeballs, we need somewhere to turn. We need to get our fix of spacetacular shooting before September 9.

Yo, Titanfall! You, like, already exist and everything! Why not get your shit together and bring us a fancy new DLC-lite? Spoiler: they just did.

Respawn have announced the fourth update for the FPS, enigmatically coming ‘soon.’ It’s not as expansive an addition as the Expedition DLC pack, but for the price of zero cash-dollars we’ll make do. Let’s see what’s on offer.

Firstly, this marks the beginning of Titanfall’s featured game modes. New playlists will be rotated, and so available for a limited time. The first of these is the so-dramatically-named-you-may-shit Marked For Death mode. At E3, IGN reported that this new mode of play ‘made Titanfall feel like a whole new game,’ so we’re on board.

Elsewhere in the update, you’ll find new Titan-specific burn cards, further customization options and different announcer voices. Hit the link for more on this.

The Making of the ‘Titanfall’ Expedition DLC- Dinosaurs in a Swamp? (VIDEO)

Titanfall Trailer Header
It's not even ALMOST as badass as this shot.

Titanfall’s Expedition DLC pack is inbound. Much of its contents have been announced; it’s the usual spangly-new-maps sort of affair we all knew it would be. But even so, some crucial questions remain. Questions such as, is that a mother-effin’ dinosaur I can hear in the background?

This clip takes an odd approach to this newfangled ‘trailer’ thing. There’s no actiontacular bullet-based violence, or explosions, or, y’know, gameplay at all. We’re being unconventional, and taking a look at the creation of the Swampland map. Apparently.

Which means a whole lot of wireframe weirdness. Marvel as less-than-thrilling lego brick-y trees and such metamorphose into Titanfall’s latest battleground. Our thoughts? With the general concept and scale of this map, it’d be great if some kind of neutral monster thing lurked in the woods, to chew on the asses of either team’s soldiery.

And, as we say, to judge by those ominous roars, there could well be a dinosaur involved. Do T-Rexes shit in the woods? Let’s hope so.

The Mythbusters Break ‘Titanfall’ With Badassery and High Explosives (VIDEO)

Titanfall IGN
Some fancy, explodey tricks there.

We’ve been getting our Titanfall on for almost two months now, and we’re getting pretty darn adept at it. When it comes to stomping tiny man-face into the asphalt in big ol’ angry mechs, we know our shit.

Or so we thought. Turns out, there’s all manner of rumors/theories/assorted BS about the game. There are conspiracy theories everywhere. Remember the Lara Croft boobtastic that was allegedly hidden away in Tomb Raider 2? It’s like that, but far less arousing for our younger selves (stop judging, at that point piss-poor pixelated triangle tits were the only kind we’d ever seen).

So, anywho, back to the point. In the name of ACTUAL SCIENCE, DefendTheHouse have tried out some of these claims for themselves. Can you really eject to safety while falling off the map? Do you run faster when adorned with specter camo? Can you destroy the evac ship after it’s escaped to space, like a callous badass with no effs to give? You’ll have to check out the clip above.

Via Kotaku.

PAX 2014: ‘Titanfall’ DLC, Customization and Fancy-Ass Emblems (VIDEO)

Titanfall Trailer Header
Watch Video

Now that the show’s over and there’s… nothing more to see here, it’s time to take stock. To feast our eyes, ears and balls on some of the biggest gaming revelations from PAX. Next up, the tease for Titanfall’s first DLC.

The pack has been dubbed Expedition, and is to include three new maps. These are Swampland (the jungle-y, zip-vine-y one), Runoff (the pipe-y, construction-y, watery one) and Wargames (the based-on-the-training-sim-from-the-tutorial-y one). Each of these promise some devious hidey holes, some unpredictable wall-running routes for getaways and/or pursuits, and everything else you’d demand from a Titanfall map. Furious giant robots of pummeling death supplied as standard.

Elsewhere at the show, Respawn spoke of some other miscellaneous updates coming to the game. These include a new mode, Wingman LTS, which will be a 2v2 variant of Last Titan Standing. Further customization options are also coming soon, with new emblems and such to add to our Titans. The above clip also promises a new wave of burn cards focused on the Titans’ abilities. Take a look.

Look out for the Expedition DLC next month.

Via Titanfall Legends.

IGN’s ‘Best Way to Play’ Shows us the Mystical Ways of ‘Titanfall’ Ass-Kickery (VIDEO)

Titanfall IGN
Well, we couldn't do THAT before. Guide us, IGN!

Titanfall is a step beyond the usual FPS carnage. After all, it’s 2014, and simple bullets flying around our gonads just don’t thrill us any more. What we needed –apparently– was an extra dose of parkourin’, giant-mech-mountin’ madness.

Each match is a futuristic wall-jumping extravaganza. The whole thing reminds us of Tom Cruise gymnastically evading PreCrime, up the side of that shit-stained Minority Report tower block. And so, with this unprecedented sense of freedom comes a similar sense of just what the balls is going on?

It’s a lot to take in, even for seasoned FPS-ers. But don’t let all this newfangled gravity defying get to you. The latest episode of IGN’s Best Way to Play series brings us thirteen simple tips to help your Titanfall performance. Take a look at the most competitive weapons, the best moments to bring the burn card pain and the weak spots of those chunky-ass Titans in the clip above.