The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is All Woman In Her Sextastic Music Video for The Client List (VIDEO)

Holy Hewitts!

Once again proving that hot bodies can turn content for women into must-see content for men, the curvaceous cocktease Jennifer Love Hewitt puts on a sextastic song and dance number for The Client List that any and all of those claiming to lust JLH simply must peruse not twice but thrice.

Yes, it’s a musical. I get it. But, check it out. And you’ll get it too. Enjoy.

(Thank you to EgoReader ‘Michael’ for the head’s up on Jennifer’s legs up.)

Jennifer Love Hewitt Bouncy Flouncy Running on Set of ‘Client List’

I’d have to confess to seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt and her massive mammaries jogging as one of my Top 10 R.E.M. time fantasy baselines. Of course, in the sleep state happy times, Jennifer is far less clothed as she was on the set of her Lifetime prostitute show, The Client List, where JLH sprinted across the production lot with her twin babies bouncing to and fro.

Now, it’s not exactly Jennifer running in her birthday suit across an Ensenada beach toward me, crying out, ‘Bill, please, I must mount you in the tide pool!’, but, reality never quite matches imagination. Still, jiggly wiggly is ever a treat when it involves our bubbly belusted Jennifer Love Hewitt. Enjoy.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Continues Her Cleavage and Desirability Show on the Set of ‘Client List’

I believe Jennifer Love Hewitt may be at the top of our list of good girls in Hollywood we’d most like to undress with the lights on in our staycation retreat at the Red Roof Inn. There’s something so wonderfully innocent, yet deep hot boobtastic banging about Jennifer Love Hewitt, who continues to marry the combo on the set of The Client List, a show you will never see in its entirety, just like you would never last too long with JLH the minute her top dropped, you’d be needing a towel and and an ice-pack.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, someday, someday soon, we’ve got to see those major league honkers let loose. Enjoy.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, You Definitely Have To Put On That Red Dress

And walk the streets for money, or just walk the streets, because our Jennifer Love Hewitt fantasies are plenty sparked just by seeing the busty Client List actress flitted about in her little red number of the set of her TV show.

Something about the bodacious body of hers we just want to unwrap like an onion, and as with an onion, we’d probably cry with each layer of clothing removed until we got the heart of the matter — a nekkid Jennifer Love Hewitt, dare to dream, thrice daily, preferably when you have some alone time, but, if need be, trust me, the guy in the next cubicle will understand some JLH infatuation. Enjoy.

Boob Tube Roundup Includes the Season Premiere of ‘True Blood’ and Alexis Bledel In Her Historical Underwear (VIDEO)

Kelly Overton Nekkid on True Blood
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Let’s not beat around the bush, there was little bush in this past week’s roundup of the small screen cable TV fare for mature audiences. Very little skin. In fact, when people ask us why we show Lena Dunham from Girls on here, even though she’s perhaps not prototypical Egotastic! celebrity material, it’s because we give her bold bonus points for getting nekkid on her own show, despite, you know, reminding me a bit of the first and last time I peeped the ladies in the locker room at Curves. We credit risk-taking women.

And, True Blood opened with a bit of a boobtastic whimper itself, Season Five kicking off last night without much of it’s noteworthy nekkidness, though it did feature a cool bit of butt shots of the covered topless Kelly Overton. We also got another bras-and-bedroom scene from the ever hot Alexis Bledel in Mad Men and more more cleavage from Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List. All in all, it was redeemable, but a 3 out of 10 on the faptastic scale. Enjoy.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Marais Fast Becoming Superstars in the Weekly Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Her Sexy Side on Client List
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Well, overall nekkidness was down heavily this weekend on the small screen, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t get yet another epic boobtastic making of the sexy scene from Jessica Marais in Magic City, with the hot brunette actress going all-out for yet another memorable showboater scene.

And Jennifer Love Hewitt, well, what can be said about JLH in her silly show The Client List other than this show is for chicks, but if you’re not drooling over her cleavage, you may not be a dude. Exaggerated for the point of emphasis. Enjoy.

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Boob Tube Roundup Includes Jennifer Love Hewitt Quite Bra and Panties Hot and Jessica Marias Quite Topless Hot (VIDEO)

Jennifer Love Hewitt Bra Scenes on The Client List
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Twas a fine weekend and week on the smaller screen that shows us larger boobtastic than the large screen these days, where you’d need a telescope and a time machine often to find a bare fun bag, but that’s a rant for another day. When I think about the female fineries on cable television this past several days, I’m extremely heartened by the fact that not a single one of these shows was even on the air just a year or so ago. A brand new fresh flesh-puppy pipeline of media goodness makes me smile.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes Jennifer Love Hewitt working what she’s got all over in The Client List, Jessica Marais flashing some utterly outstanding udders in Magic City, Oona Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie making the sexy in Game of Thrones, and a shoutout to Lena Dunham, who may not be in your top 10 lists, but she get raw and nekkid and funny to support her own show, Girls, and we must applaud her cajones, err, milkers. Enjoy.

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