The Borgias

Weekly Boob Tube Roundup Includes Standout Topless from Natalia Tena in ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Alexis Bledel’ Bra Peeks in Mad Men (VIDEO)

Natalia Tena Topless in Game of Thrones
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There are a bunch of shows returning to our Boob Tube lineup soon, but in the meanwhile, we’re still getting noteworthy sextastic performances fron the likes of Natalia Tena who was a real standout in this past week’s episode of the almighty awesome Game of Thrones, flashing some devious topless wickedness that is not to be missed.

Joining Natalia this week in the Boob Tube perfect circles of honor are Gina McKee for a brief, but pointed bit of see-through wonderment in The Borgias and a surprising bit of bra flash (I know, not much, but there it is, basic cable) from Alexis Bledel, yep, that Alexis Bledel, guest appearing on Mad Men. Enjoy.

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Weekly Boob Tube Roundup Includes Natalie Dormer Topless and Jennifer Love Hewitt Bodacious Cleavage (VIDEO)

Natalie Dormer Topless Game of Thrones
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We got some new blood in the weekly boob tube lineup, the sinfully delicious bits of flesh and panties covered hot thespianics that fill our cable TV world; it’s sort of a like a refreshing cleanse for the pond with some new fish, and as an ogling fisherman, I couldn’t be happier.

This week’s small screen sextastic includes the return of Natalie Dormer of Tudors topless fame to an equally delicious skin filled role in Game of Thrones, Cherilyn Wilson making a whorish PG-13 appearance in Mad Men, Kellie Blaise all kinds of naughty in The Borgias, Lena Durham in the newly launches ‘super real’ show for girls, called, creatively, Girls, and Jennifer Love Hewitt earning Lifetime it’s first ever clip in these parts that I can remember, but her rack is worth it. Enjoy.

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Melia Kreiling Gets Bathtub Topless for ‘The Borgias’ (VIDEO)

Melia Kreiling Topless in The Borgias
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While the pickings were limited this past holiday weekend as far as the Boob Tube Roundup, we’d be remiss (and pissing off EgoReader ‘Scott M.’) if we did not share with you images of the delightfully topless Melia Kreiling in the Showtime historic-soap, The Borgias, where long time actor Jeremy Irons gets yet another crack at being a debauched older man around young hot nekkid flesh. Such is his lot in the dramatic world. I wish it were mine. Enjoy.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui Almost Topless In The Borgias (A Middling Victory from the Middle Ages) (VIDEO)

I lust Emmanuelle Chriqui as much as the next guy watching certain Entourage episodes over and over again in slow motion in his basement apartment, so I’m as cosmically outraged as the next guy over the fact that this super hot brunette simply does not get full-frontal onscreen, despite the virtual pleas of millions of men focusing their positive mental attitudes on just such a result. So, with Emmanuelle, we take what hotness we can get, including this sexy scene from the current episode of The Borgias, the internationally produced series running on Showtime in the U.S. about some insidious bastards during the Italian Renaissance that I know I studied about in a college class that I simply can not remember. I probably would’ve paid more attention in school had we studied the parts of the Renaissance where sextastic Emmanuelle Chriqui gets almost topless in a see-through nightgown for a wild sex scene. Yep, I could’ve munched a Slim Jim and kept the eyelids in the upright and locked position for that. Enjoy.

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