The Bella Twins

Bella Twins and Audrina Patridge Busting Out the Busty Hotness for Vegas Pimping

It’s getting to be serious pimping time in Sin City, heading toward Christmas and New Years when Las Vegas really goes big. So a couple of big guns were brought in the form of the outstanding Bella Twins who brought out their chesty goodness to promote the opening of the Sugar Factory in Town’s Square. I’m not sure what the Sugar Factory is, I just now I’d like to spend a day there with the Bella Twins developing lots of cavities.

The Bellagio hired Audrina Patridge to put on something low cut and slinky and leathery naughty and pimp one of their entertainment venues. Again, I have no idea what it was, I just know I want to spend the evening there with Audrina and see if leather really is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A second skin to unwrap. She did look quite good. I hope they got their money’s worth. Enjoy.

The Bella Twins Are Hot Pimping Their New Show

Hmm, I’m in New York this week. The Bella Twins are in New York this week. Could it be… oh, stop with the scandal mongering already. Don’t you think I’d be the first one to brag about any discreet indiscretions? Any sweetest taboos? Oh, yes, I would. Ever since I had my first kiss in fourth grade I’ve kissed and told. So, sadly, no, there’s no Bella-Egotastic sandwich taking place in the Big Apple. I’d know if there was, as I’d be crying.

The two hot brunette wrestling divas, fresh off of a nipple baring in-ring performance, are N.Y promoting their new wrestling show which premiered last night, and if it features the Bella having lots of wardrobe malfunctions, I predict it will do very well. There’s nothing finer than the sight of smoking sweet twins. Enjoy.