Thank God It's Funbags Posts:

Thank God It’s Funbags! Yuria Satomi Kimono Striptease Makes Me So Damn Happy


Oh, wet and rainy I care now. For Friday afternoon is here. I will travel by boat is need be to the land of recreation and mostly lazy enchantment known as the weekend. But I will not travel there alone. For I will carry the epic hot thoughts of Japanese glamour model Yuria Satomi deep within my bosom. Well, actually, her bosom deep within my heart. Actually, it's not my heart either, but you get the idea.

Yuria is one stellar find on our Asian tour of, well, super hot Asian girls lining the walls of teen Asian boys who are figuring out how to become men. They are some lucky bastards thanks to the likes of Yuria Satomi and how she works her kimono off to wicked hot body perfection. On Fridays, we celebrate all that is decent and holy in the holy moly hot and swollen department. Yuria Satomi is something else, isn't she? Thank God It's Funbags!

Thank God It’s Funbags! The Gloriously Hot India Reynolds Strips Down in the Boudoir for Hot Bodied Perfection


If by chance you be looking to end your week on the solace and succor of a supremely hot woman with amazing funbags, then have I got the answer for you. India Reynolds must  be heaven sent, because I prayed for ... I can't remember the rest of that line and I lost my train of thought watching this rather sextacular striptease on the part of the Britty brunette babe. I think it's her smile, or everything beneath, that is driving me absolutely crazy.

On Fridays, we offer up gratitude to the best of the boobtastic that fills out hearts with warmth and our shorts with even more warmth. India Reynolds not only fits that bill, she rubs it all over herself with an alluring smile. That body of hers is simply to die for, but please live, such that one day she might show up at your door and ask you to scratch her back, starting with the front. Thank God It's Funbags!

Thank God It’s Funbags! Elsa Hosk Topless Dark and All Grow’d Up Hotness


We usually tend to the lighter side of heavy funbags on Fridays, but today being the beginning of the Winter Olympics, I was thinking something Swedish. After all, this is the every four years when the Swedes get to remind us of their snow sporting juggernaut. I might be thinking of the Finns actually, but never you mind. To kick it all off we have a peek at a wickedly dark and Swedish-morose view of typically blonde hottie model Elsa Hosk in a stellar photoshoot for Andreas Kock.

Elsa is all about the peekaboo and ravishing reveals in this memorable visual wonderment. Take hot Swedish female form, remove clothes, and then do anything and you pretty much have a winning combination. On a Friday, we give special thanks for such sweet teat treats. Thank God It's Funbags!

Thank God It’s Funbags! Kurara Horie Topless in a Little Red Bikini for Weekend Dreams


Well, hello, Kurara Horie, where have you been all my life. That's not a real question and I'll save the indignity of this ridiculously hot Japanese glamour model giggling coquettishly even as she punches me in the bobobs. But Kurara is a solid response to those of you who've asked to see the more natural melons on the precious hot ladies more often. Sure, we love the funbags in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes I know many of you long to see girls who look just like the girls you can't possibly have had back in high school. For you, here's Kurara, who is beyond high school years, so congratulations to me, I will not be going to prison, much to the chagrin of most of my family who have long standing bets on such matters.

On Fridays, we give thanks and close out the week with a celebration dance of all things soft and dangling and ever so perfectly tuned for soothing of our savage inner beasts. Kurara Horie more than hits the perfect notes in her little red bikini and outright crazy hot pose-down. Thank God It's Funbags!

Thank God It’s Funbags! Chanelle Hayes Black Lingerie Striptease for the Perfect Undressed Occasion


I have this recurring dream where someday I have a son and he gets to that age when he comes to me and asks if there's anything more important in life than a perfectly fine pair of funbags on a gorgeous woman. Then I laugh and punch him in the shoulder. Not hard enough to be abusive, but just hard enough to let him know I don't appreciate ignorance.

As we reach the culmination of our week, we celebrate the very essence of blissful visual exhibitions of the chesty variety. Chanelle Hayes adds to her repertoire of just such stunning wonderments with her new black lingerie topless pictorial in Nuts magazine. When I see, nay, leer for hours upon, the fineries of girls like Chanelle, I feel my world coming into balance and my chakra getting all tingly. It's how I know we're all going to be okay. The future looks grand. Am I exaggerating on behalf of the power of the boobtastic? I am not, my son. Thank God It's Funbags!

Thank God It’s Funbags! Sabine, Joey, Rosie, and Melissa Get Together for a Topless Office Party


Oh blessed final day of the workweek, you have arrived like a cold frosty beverage on a sweaty hot day. The perfect capper to a week of pretend labor and overhyped sighs. As always, I do hope the week on Egotastic! helps you get through your daily grind with a bit of a smile and perhaps a happy tingle or two. Of course, I am helped in my efforts by the hotness likes of Joey Fisher, Melissa Debling, Rosie Jones, and Sabine Jemeljanova, who all got topless at the Nuts magazine office for some visual wonderments. It's the office I always imagined Id work in, you know, act like I wasn't staring as four wickedly sextastic women began to unrobe around me while my insides were melting. I'm blessed to have something not too dissimilar. Minus Rosie, Joey, Melissa, and Sabina. Alas.

On Fridays we give thanks to the beautiful bevy of boobtastic babes that grace our hearts and minds each and every day we have the opportunity to breathe and to ogle. These four ladies just make the world that much sweeter. A wonderful contribution indeed. Thank God It's Funbags!

Thank God It’s Funbags! Sophie Reade Unleashes Her Beautiful Beasts for Endless Sweet Dreams


Whoa, baby. When the gloriously glamorous Sophie Reade decides to swing her udders unencumbered by undergarments, my very world begins to shake and shudder. That actually might be me, not my world, but you get the point. Her fabulously ripe melons are a true thing of beauty in the new Nuts magazine, the two bookends to what I envision as the most delightful 'me' sandwich ever constructed.

We've collectively made it to the end of the first full week of the new year. That wasn't so bad was it? While this weekend promises to be filled with football, for for some of us, using our own urine to escape becoming part of the frozen landscape like a wooly mammoth stuck in time,  Today, we are celebrating with some of the finest motorboating dreamliners on the planet. Bless you, Sophie Reade. Thank God It's Funbags!