Thank God It’s Funbags

Thank God It’s Funbags! Leanna Decker Removes Her Bikini Top and Scrambles Her Own Damn Yummy Yolks

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Some people have written me to say it’s not amusing when I tell you guys I’d shank you in the showers for a chance at nookie time with so-and-so hottie. You have to realize when I say that, it’s really just a joke. I mean, except for Leanna Decker, naturally. I would crack a RC Cola bottle and take out your spleen if I could but have ten minutes to nibble the spleen area on this blessedly unreal ginger hottie. Please don’t blame me for following my feelings.

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Leanna is an absolutely winner in the Playboy digital circles where she is routinely handed awards, trophies, and many many phone numbers. I’m sure she tears most of them up. Leanna, memorize mine. It’s 1-800-HORNDOG. I always answer before the first ring is even finished. Not that I’d want you to stop massaging your own epic funbags just to give me a ring, so maybe go handsfree with the blue tooth. We can talk dirty. I typically go five hours before taking a pause. Experience. Let’s do this, my ginger busty lust crush. Thank God It’s Funbags.

Photo Credit: PlayboyPlus

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Kate Compton Topless In The Desert With Just A Gun And In-N-Out Burgers

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If there’s two things I love, it’s hot nekkid women and In-N-Out Burger. It is in that order, thank you very much. For those of you who also love guns, you’ll be triply pleased with L.A. model Kate Compton who appears to be stranded out in the desert with not many clothes on, and just two double-doubles and a handgun to keep her nourished and safe. I’d take these as my sole outdoor living supplies if Kate is part of the deal. My survivalist skills would easily fail me when the first winter freeze hit, but at least when rescuers find my diary, it’ll be packed with the erotic and almost unimaginable pleasures Kate and I had before she killed me for food. It could be worse.

On Fridays we like to especially celebrate the precious lovely bits of flesh and female goodness that make this world worth visiting. Kate Comtpon and those tasty burgers of her leave my mouth watering. I wonder how many bullets she has in that gun. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Photo Credit: Adam Mont

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Frida Sofia Guzman Topless Con Flores for The Mexican Bunny

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Frida Sofia Guzman is the party girl daughter of famed Mexican musician Alejandra Guzman, one of Mexico’s most popular recording artists of the past few decades. I can’t speak to the music, but I can tell you she’s pretty good at making super hot daughters. Super hot daughters that pose for Playboy Mexico, as her mom did just over 20 years ago. Though her mom’s pictorial was far more demure, no bare topless photos of any kind. So, not quite as memorable.

On Fridays we love to love those beautiful fleshy orbs that make our existence on this planet so much more tolerable, in fact, quite delightful really. It’s simply good feelings packed into two perfect display cases. Frida Sofia Guzman might be causing some angst in her showbiz family by posing nekkid in Playboy, but that’s nothing compared to the angst I’m feeling in my… yeah, well, let’s not all get arrested. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Photo Credit: Playboy Mexico

Thank God It’s Funbags! Lili Brillanti Topless In Playboy Mexico For En Fuego Feelings of Feliz

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Well, hola and buenas dias my lovely brunette Latina hottie from down Mexico way. Lili Brillanti is a telenovela veteran and morning show hostess quite popular south of the border, though it would be fair to say her heavenly body and ridiculously sweet racktastic might have something to do with her favorability ratings. Lili has before posed in lingerie and seductive stylings, but for the Mexican edition of the bunny magazine, she went full flashing of the funbags and we couldn’t be happier.

On Fridays we like to celebrate the bounciest and the most inspiring of those twin special orbs that make men go crazy in their brain parts. Lili Brillanti not only delivers on the melon-ious sweetness, her all over intense allure will make you beg for more. Just do that part under your breath. Trust me, you can get a bad rep in your office if you start pleading to your monitor out loud. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Photo Credit: Playboy Mexico

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Jodie Gasson Strips Topless Out Of Her Brown Bodysuit



Hello Friday afternoon. Yep, I’m yabba dabba doo looking right at you. Oh, the trouble I shall get into this weekend. In between getting my picture taken with a mall santa and knitting stockings for the mantle, I will be out of control! But, if you’re like me, nothing soothes those male primal urges like the sight of the heavenly bosomy Jodie Gasson stripping out of her bodysuit for scrumptious udder goodness.

As you know, science and my own intuition have proven that hot lady tubes are the only known means of creating peace on earth and just a touch of goodwill to men. Nobody can be angry when motorboating a fluffy set of mam pies. It’s simply not possible. Proving this statement is my life’s endeavor. One I’m proud to share with you, well, with you and the wicked sextastic Jodie Gasson, with a lean toward more Jodie and less you, if I’m being totally honest. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Photo Credit: Jodie Gasson

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Miss Bum Bum Indianara Carvalho Topless for Revista Sexy


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You start mixing in words like Miss Bum Bum, topless, and a magazine south of the border simply known as Sexy, and you have my full and undivided attention. Not a single teacher K-12 was ever able to accomplish that feat. Though to be fair, none of them were world class asstastic models who stripped naked on the beach for photo shoots. Not that I know of at least, perhaps Ms. Harwell, she was a looker.

Indianara Carvalho knows exactly what to do with her new found booty fame. Show off her thumper and her other delicious parts so that even more of the manfolk and Sapphic leaning lovers of the Sudamericana ladies grow extremely fond of her. She’s certainly at the top of my list when asking for places to bunk during the 2016 Olympics down Rio way. Indianara, I’m quiet as a mouse, even while you have you way with me, I’ll just muffle quietly on the bandana you stuff in my mouth. I’m a good house guest that way. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Photo Credit: GSI

Thank God It’s Funbags! Ancilla Tilia Topless Blonde Dutch Teat Treats For Pure Soothing

Ancilla Tilia Topless Blonde Hotness
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If you’re like me, you’ve had a long week. And this is before one single present for Christmas has been purchased or you’ve figured out the excuse to tell Aunt Helen her marshmallow yams make you want to vomit. In short, next week will be longer. But there’s no problem so profound, no conundrum so vexing, that it can’t be assuaged greatly by one fine blonde woman and her stellar bare melons. You may laugh. I truly believe this.

So many of you went heels over head for Dutch hottie actress and model Ancilla Tilia last week, but only EgoReader ‘David M.’ has the season of giving spirit to provide some of his favorite faptastic examples of Ancilla’s truly fine and bodacious bosom work. Oh, my. I’m feeling better already. I’m not prepared to say sweet delicious teats can entirely replace football and beer, but I am prepared to say that trifecta is how I imagine heaven. Thank God It’s Funbags!