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Farrah Abraham Have Boobs Will Travel

With all the buzz about the Sydney Leathers sex tape today, let us not forget that sales wise, nobody in 2013 edition of the celebrity adult film category is likely to out-gross, so to speak, Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham. Since her big release in May, Farrah has been traveling the backroads of our nation promoting this and pimping that. In all cases, she’s using her Teen Mom body to get the word out about something important.

In this case, something to do with hookah and Crazy Horse III in Vegas. That’s as precise as I can get when I’m ogling Farrah Abraham’s extensive cleavage. I leave the heavy digging to others. Enjoy.

Farrah Abraham Topless Bikini Pictures For Your Exclusive Teen Mom Summer Visuals

Farrah Abraham Topless in a Bikini Beach Photoshoot
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Well, we might have reached to the close to the sun in trying to show you Kate Upton topless this week, but I’ll be damned if I’m sending you away this weekend without some completely bare topped exclusive celebrity boobs.

Enter Farrah Abraham. Teen Mom. You may have heard of her from such epic films as Backdoor Teen Mom and… well, that’s it so far. But you know the train has left that station and will be making many stops. But, today, on Egotastic!, that stop involves some completely revealing views of Farrah’s bodacious new funbags. Think of them as bumpers to bounce off of into your weekend. Or, you know, think of them in some more traditionally naughty manner. Your choice. I’m just your humble servant. Enjoy.

2 Random Minutes With Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham (VIDEO)

What's On Farrah's Mind?

If you saw my bucket list, it might quite surprise you. Forget things like climbing Kilimanjaro and traversing Greenland and even going into space, the things I love are meeting the girls we cover, or uncover, and nobody has been covered and uncovered this past week quite as much Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham.

So, we did an interview. It was fun. A little something I like to call 2 Random Minutes With. Just Farrah. Not me. Much better.

See Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah AbrahamAnd, while you’re at it. It’s time to see the full, unedited Backdoor Teen Mom video. I have many comments about the tape, but as a pure adult bit of entertainment, scenically, it’s definitely right up there. And, let’s be honest, you will not see celebrity backdoor but maybe once or twice in your lifetime, if you live long enough.

You can get Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom and all other celebrity sex tapes to watch for just a few shekels. Do it now. It’s better than your next sandwich. Enjoy.

Farrah Abraham Nekkid Sex Tape Screencaps

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There’s a little Teen Mom in all of us today. Or, reverse that perhaps. MTV Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has officially reached the pinnacle of professional achievement for MTV reality show alums, her own sex tape from Vivid, featuring Farrah and prodigious porn star James Deen re-creating several acts depicting how Farrah might have become a teen mom in the first place.

The sextape is called Farrah Abraham: Back Door Teen Mom. You can guess what that implies. Our friends at WWTDD are already pondering the public outrage if ‘backdoor’ doesn’t officially live up to its moniker.

And, well, here are some early looks, uncensored, at Farrah Abraham without her clothes on preparing for her big onscreen moment. Such an important day in a girls life. We’re told her dad helped negotiate the deal. Such a special family bonding moment.

(** We’re in talks with Vivid to bring you an early sneak peek at the film itself early next week. Hopefully also some DVD copies to give away. ** )

Alleged Nekkid Photos of MTV Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Leaked From Her Ex’s Twitter Feed

Is This a Nekkid MTV Teen Mom Jenelle Evans?
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I’m going to admit to you right now my shameful secret — I know dicksquat about MTV Teen Moms, the show, the girls, the various and sundry legal and criminal and emotional turmoil that seems to plague all of them as they fill the space in the MTV schedule between the 47 cumulative minutes of daily music video programming. But, my general sense is, they are all a big mess.

Jenelle Evans I remember because we featured her before and after boob job pictures this past Spring, I’m not exactly sure why we did, but at the time it made sense. Oh yeah, we do cover all celebrity skin. So, we are bound by moral covenant to present these photos of what really appears to be Jenelle Evans, of age, and quite nekkid by the lake, that EgoReader ‘Bobby’ says came straight from the Twitter feed of James Duffy, who I’m led to believe is Jenelle’s former boss/boyfriend of some sorts who she’s been battling for a long time now over what has to be stupid, annoying, and useless shit (just by the nature of all online battles, this must be so). We have no way of confirming any of this, so, take all facts here with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, for today, the spat seems to have resulted in nude photos of the not too shabby looking MTV Teen mom. Enjoy.

(Please, if you happen to know the down low or low down on Jenelle, no questions asked about how you do know, fill us in on the legitimacy of these photos.)

Teen Mom Leah Messer Bikini Pictures Hot Enough To Make Her a Teen Mom Again

Well, just saying, she is recently divorced after a six month stint at the marital game. You know how teens are these days, so fickle with marriage and getting knocked up and stuff. Crazy kids. Only this eighteen-year old MTV Teen Mom star is pretty hot. These Leah Messer bikini pictures from water park fun times a few days ago give some insight into how a young woman finds herself with child and with a contract from MTV for a show that basically finds troubled teen girls that don’t look half bad in swimsuits. It’s a nice combo for a craptastic show. As for me, I’ll let the talk of social stigma and the devolution of shame sit idle for another day while I ogle a barely legal teen mom in a bikini. Enjoy.

Teen Moms Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout Battle It Out in Sexy Bikini Candids

Outside of spending several years of my life worrying incessantly over the fact that I might accidentally create one, Teen Mom remains for me a television show that I hear everyone talking about, but I’m sort of worried about watching, for fear of Karmic retribution. However, little did I know, these teenaged bodily-precocious young ladies will occasionally don the teen-kinis and flash their younger-side MILF bodies. Teen Moms Farrah Abraham (brunette) and Maci Bookout (blonde) obliged our ogle-instincts with just such reveals this week. And… oh, mama.

I mean, I’m probably still not watching the show, sounds like too much fighting and tears and insanity, and I can get that all at home myself, but I am definitely putting Teen Mom on the Egotastic! radar.

(Be sure to checkout even more bikini photos of hot Teen Mom Farrah Abraham on Splashnewsonline, and, even another Teen Mom in bikini — and drinking beer — Jenelle Evans, in some fun candid photos on TMZ.)