Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Super Leggy While Shopping In LA

I have a theory as to why Taylor Swift has been in LA a lot instead of here with me in New York City. It is balls turning blue cold here right now and Taylor would have to not only cover her legs but wear multiple layers. It is a scientific fact that Taylor Swift has the hottest legs on the planet. She knows it too which is why she likes to always show off her legs and she can’t very well do that here. I don’t care how she has to make it happen as long as she never wears pants. If she’s got to migrate throughout the year like some kind of bird I would like to F, then so be it. I honestly don’t think she’d mind, in fact I think that’s her plan.

So, now I’ve got to plan a trip out to LA so I can continue…er…not stalking but trying to admire from afar.

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Taylor Swift Wears A Short Skirt To A Photography Studio In Hollywood

Pop princess and tall drink of water Taylor Swift was spotted leaving a photographer’s studio in Hollywood wearing a very short skirt. A skirt that short can only mean that Taylor’s most amazing features were on display: those legs. Good Lord above, those legs drive me crazy. I’ve said it before and I will undoubtedly say it again, that Taylor Swift has the best legs in the business. They are so long, firm, and silky smooth. As if that wasn’t enough of a gift from Taylor she also wore a shirt with a plunging neckline which made her ta-tas look incredible. They are like two perfect peaches rip off the tree. I keep trying to accidentally but on purpose run into her outside her place in New York but the sly minx has given me the slip.

I enjoy our little game of cat and mouse, Taylor. But one day, you will be mine. Not literally, but you know, in my head.

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Padma Lakshimi Bikini Surprise And Other Fine Things To Ogle


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Emily Ratajkowski in a see-through body suit? Don’t mind if I do. (Drunken Stepfather)

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Super Leggy Taylor Swift Heads To Ballet Class In NYC

In the annals of hotness history I predict that one day Taylor Swift will be regarded as having the all time greatest legs ever. They are like a mile long and are perfectly toned and silky smooth. They were looking particularly nice in this white dress ensemble she was sporting on her way to ballet practice. The knowledge that she’s doing ballet makes me very excited, mainly because it can only mean that her near perfect legs will get even better. Have you checked out a ballerina’s stems? At my college they used to house the girls of the Houston ballet in the dorms and my friends and I would find excuses to go to campus to check them out while they stretched and leaped in their tights. I wonder if I can audit Taylor’s class just so I can watch her?

But that would never work. I’m pretty sure tights don’t come in my size and if they do they shouldn’t.

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Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek Highlight Hotties at 2015 In-Style Golden Globes After Party

It seemed like everybody who was anybody outrageously hot stopped by the In-Style Golden Globes After-Party last night. It’s certainly the biggest of the bunch and most of the self-congratulating thespianic crowd plus a whole bunch of models and divas make their way to the party after the four hour ‘ain’t we awesome, peace out’ ceremony is over.

I’m talking Taylor Swift with her arm draped around Lorde like she was her date, Selena Gomez righteously hot, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sarah Hyland, Cara Delevingne, Hilary Duff, and a ton others looking all sparkly and shiny and cleavetastic. It’s eerily reminiscent of the parties I used to throw in high school, only with the addition of tons of ridiculously hot women. Okay, well, any women. Still, I had the best mixed tapes. I bet Lorde would’ve loved them. Enjoy.

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Taylor Swift Bare Midriff in the Bare Cold of Times Square on NYE

Taylor Swift braved the cold in New York’s Time Square to provide a strutting performance for revelers who would delight in a mini-Taylor Swift concert on New Year’s Eve. She really did have quite a spectacular past year, both professionally, and personally, as we watched her legs on nearly permanent display through all foru seasons.

Taylor doesn’t quite reach the exhibitionist threshold of her fellow pop stars when it comes to concert wardrobes, she’s a bit more reserved, which could be considered higher maintenance, but I just think about it as a greater challenge. Not that I would put myself through being her boyfriend, too many rungs on that ladder, but for a post-show NYE round of meaningless but memorable making of the sexy to show her exes she’s not as boring as they all say, I’d allow myself to be used in that manner. I am giving. Taylor Swift is receiving. We’re already a match. Enjoy.

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Taylor Swift Bare Midriff Hotness in a Cut-Out Dress at Z100′s Jingle Ball

Taylor Swift really is getting better looking. Not that my belusted, albeit perhaps difficult girlfriend not girlfriend was ever not pretty, but something is coming with maturity and work outs and just wanting to show off more that is causing the tall Taylor to reach new heights on my tingle meter. Yes, I have a tingle meter. I got it for Christmas 2011. Still works great though killer on the batteries.

Taylor showed off on the red carpet of the Z100 Radio Jingle Ball turn over the weekend. She performed later on and I’m sure her music was sufficiently moving, but it was her cut-out dress on the carpet that caused me to start foaming slightly, but noticeably, at the mouth. She is a looker. I’m aware of her reputation for writing not so complimentary songs about her exes, but I could easily live with ‘He boinked me 100 times then ditched me because he couldn’t handle the real me’ as the veiled line casting shade on me. Sacrifices must be made. Enjoy.

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