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More Taylor Swift See-Through And Cheeky Shots from Glamour

You know I’m a big Taylor Swift fan. Even if her music can be used to torture prisoners into giving up information, she remains that elusive, tall, blonde girl that I’ve been dreaming off since before my bobos dropped. Something about her that may be entirely unreal, but I don’t care. I spend half my waking hours and one hundred percent of my sleeping hours in fantasy land. I could do with fake for a while while exploring the tall long and lanky form of this worldwide pop sensation.

We spotted a couple more stellar photos from Taylor’s Glamour UK photoshoot that aren’t exactly racy, but for those of us Taylor dreamscape fans, we’ll have a good ole visual time. A little bit of skin, a little bit of cheeky smiles, it’s the most Taylor will give until a second date. Then maybe some ear lobe nibbling. Oh, a courting I will go. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Glamour UK

Taylor Swift See-Through Dress For Glamour UK

You know Taylor Swift doesn’t go for racy, so a slightly see-through dress for her in Glamour UK is about as newsworthy as this taller than the rest pop star may go. She’s particularly protective of her G-rated image, even though I suspect she gets rather naughty during private times. Okay, maybe that’s also a pipe dream, but boy, when I have that dream, she gets pretty damn crazy.

You can’t see any of Taylor’s goodies but I suppose for those of us who find ourselves inextricably drawn to this tall blonde skinny diva, her entire package is one big goody. What is the source of her allure? It really remains hard to put into words. Maybe some of us just dream of turning the good librarian bad, the innocent girls naughty, or the bespectacled nerd shy girl into one crazy making of the sex beast. The challenge. I’d put five minutes into it, then I do need a nap. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Glamour UK

Taylor Swift Is A Sexy Tease In Leggy Dress

Pop princess Taylor Swift was going out on the town showing off her greatest natural resource: her gorgeous legs. Seriously, folks I look at a lot of sexy women’s legs, both as part of my job and in my leisure time, and I can say without a doubt that Taylor has got the most shapely, toned, and long legs in the game today. What game is that? The famous people with hot body parts game, what else? If I were going to Frankenstein the perfect female, (not out of dead parts but like in Weird Science where I use a computer), I’d definitely want Taylor’s gams on my sexy creation. Or she could just look like Kelly LeBrock in 1985 like in the movie.

But I digress. I can’t wait for it to finish thawing out here in her adopted hometown of New York so that I can ogle Taylor in short shorts.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Taylor Swift Super Leggy While Shopping In LA

I have a theory as to why Taylor Swift has been in LA a lot instead of here with me in New York City. It is balls turning blue cold here right now and Taylor would have to not only cover her legs but wear multiple layers. It is a scientific fact that Taylor Swift has the hottest legs on the planet. She knows it too which is why she likes to always show off her legs and she can’t very well do that here. I don’t care how she has to make it happen as long as she never wears pants. If she’s got to migrate throughout the year like some kind of bird I would like to F, then so be it. I honestly don’t think she’d mind, in fact I think that’s her plan.

So, now I’ve got to plan a trip out to LA so I can continue…er…not stalking but trying to admire from afar.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/INF

Taylor Swift Wears A Short Skirt To A Photography Studio In Hollywood

Pop princess and tall drink of water Taylor Swift was spotted leaving a photographer’s studio in Hollywood wearing a very short skirt. A skirt that short can only mean that Taylor’s most amazing features were on display: those legs. Good Lord above, those legs drive me crazy. I’ve said it before and I will undoubtedly say it again, that Taylor Swift has the best legs in the business. They are so long, firm, and silky smooth. As if that wasn’t enough of a gift from Taylor she also wore a shirt with a plunging neckline which made her ta-tas look incredible. They are like two perfect peaches rip off the tree. I keep trying to accidentally but on purpose run into her outside her place in New York but the sly minx has given me the slip.

I enjoy our little game of cat and mouse, Taylor. But one day, you will be mine. Not literally, but you know, in my head.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Super Leggy Taylor Swift Heads To Ballet Class In NYC

In the annals of hotness history I predict that one day Taylor Swift will be regarded as having the all time greatest legs ever. They are like a mile long and are perfectly toned and silky smooth. They were looking particularly nice in this white dress ensemble she was sporting on her way to ballet practice. The knowledge that she’s doing ballet makes me very excited, mainly because it can only mean that her near perfect legs will get even better. Have you checked out a ballerina’s stems? At my college they used to house the girls of the Houston ballet in the dorms and my friends and I would find excuses to go to campus to check them out while they stretched and leaped in their tights. I wonder if I can audit Taylor’s class just so I can watch her?

But that would never work. I’m pretty sure tights don’t come in my size and if they do they shouldn’t.

Photo Credit: INF