Ta-Ta Tuesdays Posts:

Summer St. Claire Topless Lingerie Striptease Heats Up the Joint on a Ta-Ta Tuesday


I look forward to the summer time each year if for no other reason than to have reason to check out the latest hottest photos from the seasonally named sextastic Summer St. Claire, who never disappoints, only excites, in her outrageously alluring lingerie striptease shows.

If only there were a similarly bodacious topless female form named Spring, Winter, and Fall, then we could have all of our equinox topless needs on topic. Still, endless Summer remains a very viable option, especially given the tingles the glamorous model is able to deliver with her fetching smile and that to-die-for body. I can imagine being its protector, if not inspector, or just fondler, in that order of preference. Bless you, Summer, and all the smiles you give the world. Enjoy.

Mei Yuki Topless in a Hotel Room for a Ta-Ta Tuesday Japanese Edition


Oh, how I do love my Easter explorations into the sextastic. So many fine women, so little time to share them all. But Japanese glamour model Mei Yuki most definitely deserves sharing. I can't imagine she wouldn't be on my office wall calendar if we had an Egotastic! Tokyo office, which we completely should so I can start writing off my geisha house visits abroad off on my taxes. Mei Yuki is seductive as she is ridiculously hot and boobtastic as she strips out of her little bits of lingerie. I'm left a little verklempt.

On Tuesdays we like to celebrate the bosoms that inspire us to be better men, or at least pretend to be better men. Fighting nature really is an impossible task, you merely need to fool it. Mei Yuki has a precious pair of Asian melons I'd surely love to sample in the summer. Where there's a will, there's likely a restraining order. That's been my experience. Though I try not to let it get me down. Enjoy.

Irishka A Topless Striptease a Thing of Beauty on a Ta-Ta Tuesday


Just the name Irishka A makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. More warm than fuzzy I suppose. But definitely some kind of temperature change. How can you not when eyeballing this wicked hot minx taking off her lingerie to reveal one crazy alluring female form? That's rhetorical I suppose. Sometimes girls induce so much passion in me, I get generally confused and unable to think. I often look to my dog with admiration at how he's able to rub up against a tree and make himself whole again.

On Tuesdays we honor and idolize some of the hottest sweetest boobtastic on the planet. If Irishka A isn't in that category, we need to audit our categories for sanity. Enjoy.

Mellisa Clarke Topless Selfies For the Ta-Ta Tuesday Au Natural Victory Looks Like This Campaign


If you've ever thought to yourself, man, it sure would be nice to see some slender alt-hotter takes some candid topless pictures of her fine female form and share it with the rest of the world. Well, today is perhaps you're lucky day. And mine. And a few million of our closest friends as the delightful and delicious Mellisa Clarke decided it was high team for tea time with just her outstanding lean lovely young lady form and a camera. The sentiment almost makes you want to melt. At least, this feels like melting.

Why not celebrate Tuesday in style with some out of this world hot peeks at the peachy perfect peaks of Mellisa Clarke. She thinks they're mighty fine, and I'm hardly going to argue with an alluring topless hottie. Enjoy.

Tatiana Vazquez Dances Her Topless Way Into Your Heart on a Ta-Ta Tuesday


Tatiana Vazquez is gaining some notoriety down Argentina way for her reputation as a dancer. Make of that title what you will, but the girl has gained enough Q rating that the good folks at H Para Hombres lads magazine decided it was time to feature Tatiana and her ta-ta's on the pages of their heralded periodical. I must say, she's worth a gander.

While we waver back and forth between the au natural and the slightly less, um, natural, there's no doubt that if you saw Tatiana dancing around your visual range, you'd crank your head in a not so orderly fashion and probably dislocate a few vertebrae. Just something about those blonde saucy Latinas with the curves of what just might be your best vacation memory ever. Tatiana, keep up the good work. Enjoy.

Nao Fujimoto Topless Japanese Treats Taste Ever So Sweet on a Ta-Ta Tuesday


Every time I come across another glamourous topless lovely from our Asian exploration, I wonder how I could have gone as long as I have without seeing such heavenly delights. It's not that Asian girls are any more special than any others, hotties from all lands are all God's hotties and I would gladly beg for private moments with all of them, it's just something tantalizingly exotic about these ladies that make me want to drop everything I'm not doing and hop a flight to Tokyo. Radiated sushi be damned, I'm after bigger fish.

The likes of Nao Fujimoto, who now fills my soul with her impressively taut nipples and one righteously award winning body she's baring for the lust of gentleman oglers across the globe. Ah, Japanese girls with curvy nekkid bodies, how you do inspire a soul to its handiwork. Enjoy.

Go Big Or Go Home: Tessa Fowler Topless Green Bikini Tease for a Ta-Ta Tuesday


Last week I had a lengthy discussion with my friend Donnie the Weasel over whether or not funbags could be too big. I didn't bring it up, Donnie did, but he also brought over the Coors Party Ball, so who am I to not let him have his say. Two grown men sitting around discussing whether or not boobs can be too large seems pretty damn weak, but a couple of three or nine Coors can help put an edge on an otherwise relatively lame conversation. My conclusion as always was that Donnie needs a real girlfriend and I need to stop drinking the same beer I drank in high school. Albeit, free beer remains forever the best brand.

I'll let you decide for your own-self if there is a too big as you lay your peeps upon the prominently plump chestal goodies on glamour model Tessa Fowler. We've somehow missed Tessa in the past, which is an achievement of dubious sorts given her ample and then some bosom. Personally, I've been chasing glorious hooters of all shapes and sizes my entire life and I don't intend to quit any time soon. I just love the ladies and their fantastic parts. What can I say, they complete me. Enjoy.