Surf Magazine

Britt Maren Heats Up Surfing Magazine 2014 Swimsuit Issue

We first saw hottie model Britt Maren when she joined the league of awesomeness known as the Victoria’s Secret model stable last fall. She really has the entire package of alluring exotic looks, come hither facial expressions, and a body that makes you not even consider if that’s a strong idea before you plunge right in.

Featured in the swimsuit issue of Surfing magazine, Britt Maren shows why she’s a name you ought remember if you call yourself a hot girl bikini enthusiast. In various stages of bikini and swimwear wetness, hotness, and all around lust inducement, Britt Maren brings a ton of tools to the toolbox. And I think you know exactly where you keep that toolbox. That’s right. In your garage. Enjoy.

Vanessa Arias Drops Some Seriously Sextastic Soap Star Hotness for Chilanga Surf Magazine

We do love us our Mexican telenovelas. As you know, we got a guy who tilts our oversized roof antenna in the direction of the ancient Mayan temples to the South which provides us an unlimited set of Spanish language channels from which to consume our hottie-filled daytime dramas. The end result, well, a few lost IQ points, but, more importantly, an entire new set of crazy hot bitch-slapping Latina thespianics to drool over, including the likes of raven-haired hottie Vanessa Arias, who’ve seen flashing her bare necessities before.

Featured in the upcoming edition of Chilanga Surf magazine, Vanessa shows that she can be wicked hot with some of her clothes still on. And while we can not fully condone this practice of sextastic women wearing clothes, we can undoubtedly say that we would pay for the privilege of having Vanessa Arias slap up us with the side of her shoe just for being a very naughty doctor. Enjoy.