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Cintia Dicker Covered Topless Behind the Scenes of Her Status Photoshoot (VIDEO)

You know by now our deep and abiding lust for all things ginger and Brazilian in the form of supermodel Cintia Dicker. The combo of the eyes, the outrageous body, and those freckles, well, it’s enough to drive us to madness. Or a one way plane ticket down to Brazil to beg her to let us play connect the dots with those freckles using nothing but a jar of orange clover honey and our primal instincts.

We previously saw Cintia in her Status magazine photos, now, journey with us if you will behind the scenes of her wicked hot covered topless photoshoot to experience an even great experience of her redheaded powers of the sextastic. Enjoy.

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Cintia Dicker Topless to Complete the Set of Sweet Sexy Status Magazine Pictures

Cintia Dicker Topless Photoshoot from Status Magazine in Brazil
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We do so love additional photos. They’re like the hot bastard child of outtakes.

When we came upon additional photos of Cintia Dicker, our belusted ginger Brazilian supermodel and her topless pictorial in Status magazine, well, we just had to share. I mean, after an appropriate amount of alone time with our thoughts and such.

The novelty of a freckled Brazilian hottie has long since worn off. Novelty has now become firmly entrenched hardcore lust. Check out Cintia and see if you feel the same. Enjoy.

Cintia Dicker Topless Peeks of Her Blessed Peaks for Status Magazine

Cintia Dicker Topless Photoshoot in Status Magazine Brazil
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When any one of our ginger hotties flashes skin, we get all freckled and fecund and desirous, and when it’s super hottie Brazilian red Cintia Dicker, double all of those feelings to the point of needing something to bite down on so we don’t swallow our tongues.

Cintia Dicker highlights this month’s Status magazine in her home country of Brazil with a, granted, overly stylized chick-fashion look, but there’s no denying this Germanic-in-Sudamericana model’s innate sextastic, or the sight of her beautiful bare boobtastic poking ou in one of what coincidentally happens to be our favorite picture in the pictorial. Go figure. Then, go leeer. It’s Cintia Dicker and she’s flashing. Enjoy.

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