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Carrie Fisher Backtracks on Her Return to ‘Star Wars’. Probably Just the Pills Talkin’

It seems like only yesterday we reported that Carrie Fisher gave an interview in which she said that she was definitely returning as Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode VII. Oh, wait, that was yesterday. Okay. And now, the actress's reps are already backtracking on her claim, telling CNN that Fisher 'was joking...Nothing has been announced.' Haha, high-larious joke, Carrie. I see you've kept that wit of yours after all these years.

Meanwhile, whether or not, Fisher can get her shit together in time to don the gold bikini, Bob Iger, CEO of Diseny, confirmed to the company's shareholders earlier this week that the House of Mouse is definitely developing 'some standalone movies' to take place within the Star Wars universe. I of course am still holding out hope for a Salacious B. Crumb flick. Fingers cross.

Princess Leia Hospitalized Following Bizarre Episode on Cruise Ship

According to TMZ, Princess Leia, aka Carrie Fisher, was hospitalized for her bi-polar disorder after the now-Disney Princess gave a strange and bizarre, slurred performance on a Caribbean cruise ship, the Holland America Eurodam, last week. Video surfaced of the show, with Fisher as the surprise 'celebrity' guest in which the Star Wars actress performed by 'slurring a couple off-key songs. Her dog even POOPS AND PEES on the stage while she's singing.' Her reps report that 'she went to the hospital briefly to adjust her medication and is feeling much better now.'

Whether or not her health will affect her purported return to the franchise with Episode VII, maybe between her medical condition and the sway of the boat, she had a flashback to performing on Jabba's pleasure palace cruise ship and just lost it. The video of Fisher performing on a cruise ship for some reason is below:

The Only Three ‘Star Wars’ Movies, Disney Should Be Thinking About Making Right Now

We've all been pretty caught up in the new adventures of Star Wars that are coming our way thanks to Jabba the Hutt's George Lucas's sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. There's been plenty of talk about a possible Yoda spin-off, a Han Solo one, maybe even a Boba Fett feature. And over the weekend there was even news of a possible Knights of the Old Republic possible feature. Though as of now the only confirmed film is JJ Abram's Episode VII. And hey, that's all great. But...

Over the weekend I was walking through Best Buy and they were playing the Blu-ray of Star War: A New Hope on their big HD TVs. And I may have sat down to watch the first few minutes. Next thing I know the Ewoks were saving the day and the janitor was turning off the lights in the building. And while I spent close to ten hours rewatching the original trilogy, I couldn't help but feel angry when I finally stood up. Did Han Solo really still not shoot first? Does the Sarlac Pit still have that stupid mouth now, totally making the cool idea of a living pit so not cool. And...and I'm sorry, did Darth Vader suddenly yell 'No!' before tossing the Emperor down to his death? Where the hell did that come from? So I want to ask Disney: Please, please, please re-release the original versions of Star Wars Episodes IV-VI. Read More » »

Mark Hamill Kinda Confirms He’s Returning to ‘Star Wars.’ No One Breathes a Sigh of Relief

I think ever since they announced that there'd be a new Star Wars trilogy beginning in 2015, everyone kind of assumed it would be about the offspring of Luke, Leia and Han. Especially since stories concerning the grandchildren of Anakin Skywalker already exist and have an interesting arc to them on their own, which you can read about here. So where does that leave the stars of the original? Well, we know now that Harrison Ford is apparently confirmed to step back into the black Corellian boots of Captain Han Solo, and they, that's fantastic. Ford has remained an A-list movie star since the late-70s and even though now in his seventies, he's still in shape and capable.

So where does that leave Luke and Leia. Well, time has really not been all that kind to Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. While they remain active with work (Hamill as a successful voice-over actor and Fisher as a screenwriter and author), there's a good reason they tend to remain off camera these days. I'm not saying that unless you're a paragon of beauty and youth you shouldn't be allowed to act, far from it, but these are some of the most iconic characters of all time and we remember them a certain way. It would almost do a disservice for them to suddenly be back in our lives as paunchy, bloated, craggly and sad. And with Hamill telling Entertainment Tonight that both he and Fisher are 'in the stage where they want us to go in and meet with Michael Arndt, who is the writer, and Kathleen Kennedy', that's a distinct possibility.  Read More » »

The Guy That Turned His Living Room into the Battle of Hoth is Probably More Stoked on ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Than You (VIDEO)

Hoth under the collar

The guy in the video above is either a serial killer with a lot of time on his hands or he's doing some kind of amazing Andy Kaufman bit that won't be revealed as a joke until long after we're all dead and gone. Either way, he's got some damn fine model-building skills (and bizarre socio-political opinions to discuss as well) as he's turned his living room into a Hoth diorama, creating with exquisite detail a replica of the early battle scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Check out all the amazing/insane detail (including force-wielding Darth Vader) in images here.


Say Hello to a ‘Confirmed’ Actor in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Complete with JJ Abrams-style Lens Flares!

Either by sleeping in a dumpster outside Kathleen Kennedy's house, or by summoning the power of Daisuke, the Japanese shrieking god of invisibility, to haunt the halls of Disney development offices and learn what he can, Latino Review has managed to out-scoop practically everyone on Star Wars Episode VII news since the new trilogy was first announced and now it looks like they've got a whopper. Whether it was the size of the paycheck or the amount of Curmudgeon Juice he was promised, Harrison Ford has finalized a deal to reprise his role as Han Solo in Episode VII.

We had reported back in November before any deals were in place that Ford went on record saying he was down to step back onto the bridge of Millenium Falcon for one more try at that ol' Kessel Run. This despite the fact that he'd spent the better part of the last twenty-five years ripping the role apart. Maybe it was because no one went to see Cowboys & Aliens or maybe because at 70-years-old, he thinks being washed out by lens flares takes ten years off his face, but something got him to change his mind and we couldn't be happier. Now JJ, please, please, I beg you. Let the man shoot first, for the love of God. And keep him away from any fridges.

William Shatner Isn’t Bitter At All About Not Being Included in ‘Star Trek’ When He Calls JJ Abrams a Pig (VIDEO)

Shatnered the bed

Well, no, he is. And although as you can see above he was most likely just kidding around, he's not entirely wrong. Sporting a snazzy new hairpiece haircut and giving an interview (which you can watch above) for an animated movie called Escape from Planet Earth, which apparently is a thing that exists, the Shat Man said that he believed JJ Abrams was a 'pig' for accepting directorial duties on Star Wars: Episode VII on top of having already taken over the Star Trek franchise. And you know what, for the first time since Shatner accepted the role of TJ Hooker, I agree with him.

Star Wars and Star Trek aren't supposed to be the same thing. That was sort of the whole point and also why nerds across the globe were able to leave their parents' basements and have arguments across a restaurant table with the dates they met on when they learn that they actually have the tenacity to choose Han Solo over Mr. Spock. Star Trek was never an action franchise. It was about the wonder of exploration and the slow burn of a chess match. The movies were, most of the time, social allegories for complicated times that needed simple metaphors. And even Wrath of Khan, which doesn't seem to be more than a revenge movie is, at heart, about mortality and the fear of growing old. Serious ish, y'all. Read More » »