Spring Breakers

Eight Weeks Til ‘Spring Breakers’ and the Wicked Hot Teasy Promo Pics Keep Rolling In

Outside of Katy Cocktease, perhaps the longest slow-hand of this past year has been provided by the leaks and peeks provided by the publicity-minded folks promoting the Spring Breakers movie, finally releasing in the U.S. in about eight weeks time.

Not that we’re complaining, not with the seemingly endless sextastic pics of film stars Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Korine, the fabulous bikini foursome, gushing out, in striking comparison to our own sentiments upon seeing such photos, well, dammit, we’re ready for the movie. And we say that knowing full well the movie can’t possibly live up to the expectations we have in our mind. Enjoy.

Forget the Groundhog, the ‘Spring Breakers’ Trailer Tells us that Winter Will End Early This Year (VIDEO)

Spring Breakers
Can I come with?

Eight words: Vanessa Hudgens. Ashley Benson. Selena Gomez. Rachel Korine.

You’re welcome.

Spring Breakers Update: I’m Still Not Going to Survive the Wait!

Not a chance I live to see this.

Will I Be Able to Wait Two More Months to See ‘Spring Breakers’?


Selena Gomez Leopard Skin Cleavetastic in Full Promotional Shoot for Spring Breakers

We gushed (that’s a combo of lusted and drooled) over the site of Selena Gomez late last Friday night in her Toronto International Film Festival photocall for Spring Breakers, in her low cut leopard top flashing her pumped up boobtastic cleavage. I say ‘we gushed’, but more personally speaking, I was pretty much a spastic mess upon the floor seeing my belusted Latina diva showing so much chestal region, and, now, more more more in this full set of promotional photos for Spring Breakers of Selena in the same outfit, daring you to join her in the jungle of hot humid passion.

Meanwhile, back in L.A, somebody stole the license plates off of Selena’s teen lezzie boyfriend’s Fisker Karma, rendering the Boy Blunder without a ride for the weekend. Now, who would’ve done such a dastardly deed?  Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Low Cut Leopard Top Madness at Spring Breakers Photocall in Toronto

Holy… just when we were set to set sail into a weekend of Myers Rum and eggnog bliss, Selena Gomez suddenly pops up, literally, at a Spring Breakers photocall in Toronto, pushing up and flashing a daring bit of sultry young Latina cleavage, and we just had to share.

As these four girls get around the globe promoting Spring Breakers, we can only hope, as girls have a tendency to do, that a little catty competition breaks out as to who can out-reveal who on the next red carpet. That would be a very fun games where we are certain winners. So, check out Selena Gomez cleavage, and don’t forget, 2 parts Myer’s, 1 part eggnog. Enjoy.

Spring Breakers Venice Photocall Sees Vanessa, Ashley, Rachel, and Selena In Clothes (But Still Super Hot!)

We’ve not really seen this Faptastic Foursome from Spring Breakers in clothing before, but when the bikini girls get dolled up for their movie promotional event at the Venice Film Festival, well, they all still look more than desirable and delicious.

Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Korine, like four hot dolls on the red carpet, with the tease of good things to come in their now highly anticipated film release this winter. Really and truly this is one of the roughest cinematic pre-release teases we can ever remember. And speaking of pre-release… enjoy.