Katherine Webb in a Skintight Wetsuit, Now We’re Effin’ Talking!

I think we may have just peaked in our lust for Katherine Webb, the former Miss Alabama and current wet and bosomy contestant on the celebrity craptastic diving show, Splash. And you can thank Neoprene and water for that. Oh, and Katherine’s wicked hot body.

Now, there’s zero chance we’ll be watching this television show, save for cutting clips of Katherine diving, on the off chance the impact into the water entirely shreds her swimsuit. So, not much chance. But where lust dwells, hope springs eternal. Enjoy.

Katherine Webb In Ropes and Harness Opens Up So Many Possibilities

Belusted body-hottie Katherine Webb of Miss Alabama and SI Swimsuit found continues her practice for the pitiful network TV show Splash with a little work in the harness and trampoline, because, this is a serious diving competition after all.

And while we can easily imagine the benefits of a sextastic young co-ed strapped into a contraption that renders her weightless and completely at the mercy of her handler, well, actually, I don’t want to go past imagining that. Not right now. I think we have something special here. Enjoy.