Playstation Vita’s ‘Near’ Software: Gather Info You Never Knew You Wanted. And Still Don’t

We’ve looked at Playstation Vita’s AR games, and the crazy brand of witchcraft that powers them. It’s time to explore another of the console’s offerings. Near is a free piece of software, pre-installed on the system, and an impressive one at that.

Playstation Vita NearIt’s a similar concept to 3DS’s Streetpass function. Users can put the console on standby while out and about, and automatically share information with other owners they happened to pass. Their charming little avatar, or Mii, will flit onto your 3DS, and vice versa (At this point, I like to imagine the recipient scanning the local area for the ridiculously-bewigged transvestite they just passed, as my Mii is currently sporting Princess Peach’s crown and flowing blonde locks). Near, then, is much like Streetpass. If Streetpass has been working out obsessively, and is now hugely beefed up and infinitely more impressive than before. Streetpass could now kick your ass effortlessly.

When Near is activated and updated, it’ll present you with a simple graph-like map. This will show the avatar of each player in range, and how far from you they are. It’s not entirely clear what this range is, but you’ll get a ‘65 people playing nearby’ notification which is reassuring all the same. Selecting an avatar will show you a list of that person’s recently played games. You can choose to pry further at this point for more details. You’ll get a comparison of their play habits with your own, a list of their collected trophies, and the opportunity to add them to your friends list. Presumably before the police arrive to issue you with a restraining order, this is where your cyberspying ends.


Playstation Vita’s AR Games: A Tiny Diver Leaps Triumphantly Into Your Coffee Cup In Cliff Diving

Playstation Vita has finally arrived in shops worldwide this week. Provided in the box is a set of AR Play Cards, which are used with some simple games to show off Sony’s take on augmented reality. As with the 3DS’s similar offerings, they’re a great introduction to the console, and showcase for the tech. The first of these is Cliff Diving, available for free on PSN now.

Cliff Diving features the reckless and often painful-looking exploits of Diver Dan. You place one of the provided AR Play Cards on a table, desk, floor or hopefully more imaginative location, and a diving board will spring from it. It will be accompanied by a target body of water (which will become more difficult to access as the levels progress) and the tiny Dan himself.


DCU Online Set to Release Third DLC Package

After the success of their first two DLC packages (Fight for the light and Lightning Strikes) Sony is preparing to release a third package titled, “The Battle for Earth” for their MMO; DC Universe Online. The Battle for Earth is looking to be the most exciting, action packed DLC yet with a whole batch of new goodies including a new Earth power set, new open world content, new duos, two new raids, and a new alert.

Oh and it’s so much better in full detail: