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Lina Tejeiro Gets Nekkid With Her Mom for Colombian Greatness


Genius. It's a word that gets tossed around far too loosely these days, but we're ready to bestow it upon our friends at Soho magazine who have built a beautiful pictorial 'Naked with My Mom' around the delightfully curvaceous Colombian TV actress Lina Tejeiro, and, of course, her equally bodacious mama, in the pool, looking all kinds of MILFtastic.

Now, as you know from our recent revelatory banter about the hotness of twins, we find female family members photographed together to be something of an alluring sight, and after leering Lina and her mom here, I think we're prepared to say sextastic nekkid mom and daughter trumps even twin sisters in that vaunted echelon. Enjoy.

Andrea Guzman Topless Photos for the Smoking Hot Telenovela Starlet Win


Yes, yes, I get the letters from all of you with real jobs complaining about how you have no time for many hours a day watching Latin American soap operas. And do you know what I do with those letters? I print them and use them as coasters for the Tecates I sip as I watch even more telenovela hottie madness from my Barcalounger. We all have roles to play in this world.

And roles on TV, like Andrea Guzman, star of numerous Colombian bitch slapping afternoon fare, whose grandest role of all is flashing her sweet hot body on the pages of SoHo magazine. No abogados. No policia. No doctores. Just wicked hot Andrea Guzman body. La mas sexual. Disfruta.

Vaneza Palaez Golden Covered Nekkid Colombian Goddess Goodness

You know how your girl loves when you buy her shiny baubles and sparkly tokens of your affection? You promise to cover her in gold and she kind of believes you, because she wants to, until by the third anniversary you're already on to 'Red Robin dinner coupons' tucked into a pre-written Hallmark greeting cards. But, I guess if you're as hot as Colombian bikini model Vaneza Palaez, you get the actual covered in gold treatment, which is all this Sudamericana hottie is covered in her wicked sextastic sweetheart wears in her SoHo magazine pictorial.

Now, I'm not entirely sure that gold leaf paint is edible, but were I around Vaneza in such a get-up, you can trust that I would surely find out. Enjoy.

Ana Sofia Henao Lingerie Pictures for Memorable Blonde Latina Hotness

Copa Libertadores
It's big in South America too. See it in PES 2013 Read More »

As a general rule, all girls named Ana Sofia is going to be hot. Seriously, just say the name and you're left picturing an exotic beauty, someone along the lines of Colombia beauty Ana Sofia Henao, a pure specimen of the sextastic, and ultimate supermodel from Sudamericana, offering up her body to pimp some little bits of lingerie for catalog and for SoHo magazine.

The unnatural and unholy and ultimately boner inducing alliance of blonde and sultry Latina goodness is really too much, when you throw in a ridiculously sweet body, it's not even close to fair. I can not ever saying 'no' to a woman like Ana Sofia, other than in the course of begging her not to stop whatever it is she's doing. Enjoy.

Elianis Garrido Topless Hot and Bothered for Colombian Glory


Don't even get me started on how badly I want to run the mini-cams on the Big Brother house sets abroad, including the house that hosted Colombian TV personality Elianis Garrido, who has, naturally, been involved in various local illicit romances and gossip in her native Sudamericana.

But, more importantly, the good folks at SoHo magazine have captured Elianis Garrido in all her nekkid and topless goodness and it is goodness indeed. Oh, that body. Just Latina sultry hotness wet in the shower. Dios mio! Enjoy.

Angela Figueroa Nekkid for Olympic Athlete Steeplechase Reveals


It was only a matter of time before we had a 2012 Olympic athlete getting nekkid for a photoshoot.

Granted, Colombia's 3000M Steeplechase entrant, Angela Figueroa, kind of petered out in the qualifying heats, then again, maybe with a gold medal around her neck she wouldn't have allowed herself to be shown in her full Olympic glory on the pages of SoHo magazine where she exhibits the body it takes to compete at world class levels.

Think of this as the Sudamericana version of the ESPN Hot Bodies issue, only, you know, more Latina and topless and fun. Enjoy.

Tatiana Gil Topless Sweaty Boxer Ridiculous Hotness in SoHo


Wow, just wow.

You may recall Tatiana Gil as one of the finalists in last year's Egotastic! Hotness Awards for most amazingly sextastic Sudamericanas, as the Colombian super-hot model stole your hearts and lower organs in one wicked hot photoshoot that you simply couldn't shake. Now, try shaking this.

Tatiana Gil sweaty and smoking hot in a new topless photoshoot from our friends at SoHo magazine, wherein Tatiana flashes her pugilistic skills right alongside her amazing looks and a body that deserves to be world champion. You will see Tatiana's name again at the 2012 edition of the Hotness Awards, I do guarantee. Enjoy.