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Paula Garcés (No, Not That Paula Garcés) Topless For Sweet Sudamericana Treats

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When Gretchen ran frantically into my office to tell me she’d seen pictures of Paula Garcés topless, well, all kinds of Harold and Kumar Colombian fantasy images ran through my head. Well, the bad news is, there is more than one hottie Colombian named Paula Garcés. The good news is, this other Paula, a younger Colombian model and fashion designer, is not so difficult to leer in her new photo pictorial from our friends at Soho magazine.

I wouldn’t call this a bait and switch so much as a bait and bate, if you look closely enough and long enough at these sextastic photos, you might get that lousy joke. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Bali Rodriguez Topless Beach Wonderments Drive Us Toward a Warm Weekend

Bali Rodriguez Topless Photoshoot from Soho Costa Rican Edition
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While it may not currently be 83 degrees and sunny where you live (hey ,we got bad traffic and no decent pizza, okay), there are other ways to warm the hearts, if not cockles, of all EgoReaders, the ever popular posting of an exotic sextastic topless celebrity from lands near and far to celebrity the end of the work week.

Bali Rodriguez is just no ordinary beauty. The Costa Rican model and actress featured in Soho Costa Rica magazine turns a beach into a beach party with just the tempting use of her stellar fine body barely covered, or even better, uncovered by her swimsuits, showing off some Central American latina heat that you can feel around all points of the wintry Northern Hemisphere this January.

Thank God It’s Funbags!

Catalina Londoño Topless Thespianic for Supremely Hot Colombian Actress Glory

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We love it when a Colombian actress gets nekkid for a good cause. Often times, that cause really is just the benefit of ogling mankind. And that is enough. But in the latest edition of Soho magazine, Catalina Londoño is taking it off in support of breast cancer awareness campaign, a cause we obviously support with all our being here at Egotastic!, and, the benefits of such benevolence are some wicked fine photos of the TV thespianic in much of her Sudamericana glory.

We call this win-win-win. Not even sure what the third ‘win’ is, but I have a feeling if you look close enough, you will find it. Enjoy.

Ana Lucia Dominguez Covered Topless for a Double Shot of Colombian Telenovela Gloriosa

Colombian soap starlet. Three words that evoke images of sultry, steamy, Latina goodness. And we are not the least bit let down as eye a twin-take of Ana Lucia Dominguez, Sudamericana telenovela actress who lends her seductive bodily wares to the lenses of Soho magazine in not one, but two separate eye-popping pictorials that remind us that our very first virtual Winnebago road trip road right through Colombia, wherein we gave our hearts, and many coins, to the savagely savory ladies thereabouts.

It’s not just that Ana Lucia Dominguez is tan and hot and dripping wet all over, it’s just that… actually, wait, that’s exactly it. And it’s spectacular. Enjoy.

Lina Tejeiro Gets Nekkid With Her Mom for Colombian Greatness

Lina Tejeiro is Nekkid with Her Mom in Soho Magazine
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Genius. It’s a word that gets tossed around far too loosely these days, but we’re ready to bestow it upon our friends at Soho magazine who have built a beautiful pictorial ‘Naked with My Mom’ around the delightfully curvaceous Colombian TV actress Lina Tejeiro, and, of course, her equally bodacious mama, in the pool, looking all kinds of MILFtastic.

Now, as you know from our recent revelatory banter about the hotness of twins, we find female family members photographed together to be something of an alluring sight, and after leering Lina and her mom here, I think we’re prepared to say sextastic nekkid mom and daughter trumps even twin sisters in that vaunted echelon. Enjoy.

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Andrea Guzman Topless Photos for the Smoking Hot Telenovela Starlet Win

Andrea Guzman Topless Photoshoot for SoHo September 2012
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Yes, yes, I get the letters from all of you with real jobs complaining about how you have no time for many hours a day watching Latin American soap operas. And do you know what I do with those letters? I print them and use them as coasters for the Tecates I sip as I watch even more telenovela hottie madness from my Barcalounger. We all have roles to play in this world.

And roles on TV, like Andrea Guzman, star of numerous Colombian bitch slapping afternoon fare, whose grandest role of all is flashing her sweet hot body on the pages of SoHo magazine. No abogados. No policia. No doctores. Just wicked hot Andrea Guzman body. La mas sexual. Disfruta.


Vaneza Palaez Golden Covered Nekkid Colombian Goddess Goodness

You know how your girl loves when you buy her shiny baubles and sparkly tokens of your affection? You promise to cover her in gold and she kind of believes you, because she wants to, until by the third anniversary you’re already on to ‘Red Robin dinner coupons’ tucked into a pre-written Hallmark greeting cards. But, I guess if you’re as hot as Colombian bikini model Vaneza Palaez, you get the actual covered in gold treatment, which is all this Sudamericana hottie is covered in her wicked sextastic sweetheart wears in her SoHo magazine pictorial.

Now, I’m not entirely sure that gold leaf paint is edible, but were I around Vaneza in such a get-up, you can trust that I would surely find out. Enjoy.