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The Sky Certainly Crashes Down in ‘Honest Trailers: Skyfall’ (VIDEO)

Honestly, Mr. Bond?

If you've followed this site at all then you know Bond, and Skyfall in particular, are my bread and butter. There wasn't a movie I was looking forward to more all of last year (unless you count that Carly Rae Jepsen sex tape which was all just a sham) and when I finally sat down and watched it on the big screen, I thought I'd discovered a perfect movie. And then Screenjunkies had to come out with another Honest Trailers episode all about Skyfall and ruin that for me.

They make a lot of really good points. Man, for a movie with such great talent involved behind the camera, it's kind of ridiculous that they missed so many God damn plot holes. But like they say, hey it's still better than Quantum of Solace.

Steven Spielberg Offered To Direct A James Bond Film But Was Turned Down! Here Are 5 Other Bond Movies That Almost Happened

This season has been great for anyone who is a fan of James Bond or anyone whose favorite U.S. President was number sixteen himself, Abe Lincoln as both Skyfall and Lincoln have opened within weeks of each other. But did you know there was a moment in history when they could have collided? There was once a time when Steven Spielberg didn't control Hollywood (AI notwithstanding). I know, it seems crazy, right? But no, he was simply a director for hire and even though he had the brash confidence of a high school quarterback, it didn't mean that he always got his own way.

While out promoting Lincoln, Spielberg made it clear that he always wanted to direct his own Bond film and went so far as to meet with the head honcho of Eon productions himself. "I went to Cubby Broccoli and I asked if I could do one and he: 'No'." What a cretin!

Instead, Spielberg went on to make the Indiana Jones series, so at least we can be grateful for that. What a Spielberg Bond movie would've looked like is anyone's guess (though now it would probably star Shia Labeouf and contain a fridge being nuked). Anyway, here are 5 other Bond movies that were almost made!

One Word Movie Reviews: SKYFALL


‘Skyfall’ Is Out. So Are There Any Other Movies to Even Care About for the Rest of the Year? Oh, There Are?

Skyfall is upon us! Daniel Craig's James Bond is now a firm favorite amongst the 007 army and whilst he may have replaced his martini with a Heineken we can still find room to love him.

But with the English gent now taking up almost every screen in our multiplexes, what other movies are there left for us to get excited over in 2012? Don't know? Don't fret! Check out this list of upcoming spectacles that will soon be in cinemas across the US, around 20% of which might end up being pretty good.

It Was the Best of Bond, It Was the Worst of Bond. We Rate Every 007 Flick Ever

For over fifty years, James Bond has been saving the world from megalomaniac media moguls, Caribbean drug kingpins, one-eyed anarchists and unfortunately some North Korean guy who turned himself into a white Australian diamond merchant. But this thursday, Bond meets perhaps his greatest foe in the 23rd movie of the series...Javier Bardem's blond hair.

With just a few days left before Skyfall hits U.S. shores, the film has already been heralded as the film that will carry the franchise on for another decade at least in early reviews that have so positive that it seems almost a guarantee that #23 will be the #1 007 film in many's hearts for a long time to come. And apparently this is not just because of Bérénice Marlohe. But until we all get to mancrush out on Daniel Craig  in action at the end of the week, we've rated the best and worst of every James Bond movie ever! Read More » »

Is Idris Elba Going To Be The First Black Bond? Here Are 5 Other 007 Incarnations That Nearly Made It To The Big Screen

Idris Elba, who is mostly known for scaring the living hell out of us as Stringer Bell in HBO's astounding drama The Wire, has been rumoured to have held discussions over starring as James Bond in a future 007 movie.

Of course, this would make Idris the first black Bond to ever grace the screen, which for some reason people seem to be making a big deal about. But did you know that Wesley Snipes was at one point considered for the role? Which would have made him not only the first black Bond, but also the first American one.

For the time being though we'll just have to make do with Daniel Craig but it's fun to think about how Elba might play the classy British spy. Here are 5 other actors who you probably didn't realise almost played J.B.

If Sam Mendes Thinks Filming “Skyfall” Was Exhausting He Should Look At These Other Traumatic Film Shoots

Sam Mendes might have been fulfilling a childhood fantasy by directing his own James Bond movie over the last few months, but that doesn't mean he can't have a moan about it too!

"It's been a fantastic experience, but it's been completely exhausting", stated the American Beauty director when talking about filming Skyfall. 

But was it really that bad Mr. Mendes? Maybe he should have been on one of these 5 sets instead? Then he'd really know what it was like to work under pressure. Film directors, they're just babies at heart.