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Gabi Levinnt Topless Hot Brazilian Biker Chick, Yeah, That’s a New Year’s Treat

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Do you happen to like curvaceous tatted alluring Brazilian women on motorcycles? I think I just heard the word ‘yes’ uttered in seventeen different languages. How can you not be tempted by the thought of Gabi Levinnt and her bodacious body riding your hog. Yes, that’s a horrible pun, but it in no way should take away from the raw feelings of rumbling power that only a motorcycle and a woman with stellar round funbags can provide. Sexy magazine indeed.

On this final day of 2014, I’m flashing back to some of my earliest memories of the sextastic, including the biker girls who used to invade my neighborhood as a child. Oh, how they both frightened and tempted me with their unchecked tongues and leather clad racks. Nothing much has changed. I could still use a good woman in leather to turn me into a man, then blow smoke in my face and make me thank her for the privilege. I’m calling you right now, Gabi Levinnt. Let’s ride bikes! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sexy Magazine, Brazil

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Humpday Huzzah! Dieine Eider Topless with Fully Developed Hotness in Sexy Magazine

Dieine Eider Topless Photoshoot in Sexy Magazine
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I’m sticking with my Brazilians today. With the lovely ladies of Sudamericana, everything seems to be coming up sextastic today. Including Dieine Eider in a topless candy-filled pictorial with Sexy magazine. The perfect accompaniment to a middle of the week celebration of all things round and proud and needing of a polish.

As all eyes turn to Brazil for the World Cup and the subsequent Olympics, all hearts will turn toward bodacious Brazilian woman, both the hot exports we have come to know well, in addition to the homegrown gals who have stayed at home, and expect them to be flocking back home for these worldwide events. It should be a treat to ogle. Huzzah!

Aline Bernardes Topless Sudamericana Promotions for the World Cup

Aline Bernardes Topless in Sexy Magazine
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A couple weeks ago we saw hottie Brazilian model Aline Bernardes posing outside the under-construction soccer stadium serving as the host location for the upcoming 2014 World Cup. Now, we actually get to see her taking off her top to focus the attention of the world which awaits the biggest event in international sports every four years.

Featured in Sexy magazine, Aline Bernardes shows the precise recipe for what it would take to finally get soccer to become a relevant sport in the U.S. Hot, sextastic, topless women flashing their curves up and down the pitch. It’s that simple. Until that time, the sport will always be seen as a low-scoring, plodding, back and forth affair with dudes not allowed to use their hands for no apparent reason. Add boobs, and you shoot past basketball. Just saying. Enjoy.

Anamara Barreira Topless Goodness for Another Big Brother Alumni Victory

Anamara Barreira Topless Photoshoot for Sexy Magazine June 2013
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Long time readers of Egotastic! know exactly how I feel about reality shows like Big Brother being oh so much better overseas where there are no FCCs and Puritanical ad sponsors demanding the elimination of sexual content from their television shows. And, relatedly, the show contestants often go on to bigger, bolder, and far more nekkid magazine pictorial pursuits following their TV show exposure. It’s truly a foreign concept we drastically need to adopt here in the U.S. to be competitive once more in the world sextastic celebrity market.

But, for now, I will gladly take in the topless fun time visuals of Brazil Big Brother contestant Anamara Barreira featured in the current edition of her local land’s Sexy magazine. Anamara Barreira is a girl I’d let call me Big Brother in some very awkward, but truly hot romance time we’d spend together discovering each other’s true limits. I have none, so mostly we’d be exploring Anamara’s. And with the ridiculously hot body she brings to the party, I’m truly hoping she’s one who accepts a dare. Enjoy.

Kamilla Covas Gets Nekkid for Your Amusement in Killer Sexy Photoshoot (VIDEO)

Kamilla Covas Topless in an Amusement Park in Sexy Magazine November 2012
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Unless you’re a Brazilian or a man completely and totally obsessed with Brazilian women such as everybody in this office, you may not have heard about Sudamericana dancer and model Kamilla Covas, but time to get acquainted.

In her new photoshoot for Sexy magazine, just about the best and more direct name ever for periodical, Kamilla starts taking her clothes off at an amusement park, which technically makes it a super amusement park, and reveals her slightly altered, but entirely hard not to leer at bare sultry body. It’s an E-ticket ride as the kids used to say, like 30 years ago. Enjoy.

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Monique Amin Moves from Big Brother Scandal to Topless Pictorial in Sexy Magazine


Well, not only is Big Brother far steamier and sexier overseas, but it’s also quite huge, nowhere more so than in Brazil, where it’s one of the nation’s most popular recurring reality shows, it’s contestants becoming instant celebrities and the the talk of gossip rags.

Perhaps the biggest Big Brother Brazil scandal ever took place earlier this year when super hottie contestant Monique Amin appeared to be sexually assaulted (by way of being drunk and passed out) by another Big Brother house member, all live and shown on television as it happened. Huh. Well, it done did. Police investigated and the dude was kicked off the show, but as far as I can tell, he never got really charged.

But, the relevant point to our interests is that it turned Monique into an even more popular name in the news, which ultimately, and naturally, led to her pictorial in the local lad’s magazine, Sexy, featuring the finest in Sudamericana celebrity women.  And fine and showing her wares Monique is indeed. See that now, she turned lemons into lemonade, and I can even see the pour spout. Enjoy.


Larissa Riquelme Nekkid Pictures in Motion Are Muy Muy Sexy (VIDEO)

Larissa Riquelme Nekkid Hot in Sexy Magazine BTS Video
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What can be said of the Paraguayan mighty soccer fan with the mighty hot body, Larissa Riquelme, that can be said with full words, and not just the guttural utterances that might overtake the speech of any man (or lovely ogling woman) that lays their peepers upon her fine nekkid form in this video from behind the scenes of her Sexy magazine photoshoot. I’m not exactly sure we can actually move past ‘wow’ and ‘yay’ and ‘me want’ to anything sophisticated enough to actually charm a lady out of her clothes. Thankfully, the delicious Larissa is already without her clothes on, so maybe we can just skip that step.

Larissa Riquelme continues to be one of our favorite discoveries in our Sudamericana adventures; just pure sexy curvy sultry Latina goodness. Enjoy.

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