Morena Baccarin on The O.C.

All you Firefly and Serenity fans will be happy to hear that Morena Baccarin (who played the character of super sexy space hooker Inara – see you really should get that DVD) is set to appear on several episodes of The O.C.. I’m exstatic since The O.C. and Firefly are two of my favourite shows, and since Morena is super sexy (as previously mentioned).

This will also mark a Firefly reunion, of sorts, since Melinda Clarke, aka Julie Cooper, guest starred in an episode of short-lived show, also playing a super sexy space hooker.

Man, you really need to get that DVD. Source: (via Whedonesque)

Joss Whedon Talks Serenity and Wonder Woman talked with Joss Whedon (the creator of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly/Serenity) about how he took his cancelled sci-fi TV series Firefly to the big screen as Serenity. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, this interview will be kinda spoilery, so you should really just hit the link below, and pick yourself up a copy of the Serenity DVD, which comes out tomorrow. He also talks a little about his work on the upcoming Wonder Woman film, though details are fairly few.

CS: Will you try to get “Goner” done first and then move onto “Wonder Woman”? How far are you into writing the movie?
Whedon: Oh, yeah. I’m deep into the script, but it’s unsure which will be first. It’s very possible that “Wonder Woman” will be first. When I finish the script for “Wonder Woman,” I then will have a chance to sit in front of the two different producers and then see what I do first.

CS: Do you have an actress in mind to play the Amazon warrior?
Whedon: No, I don’t.

For those of you who want more of the Firefly/Serenity franchise, Joss did have this to say about the his plans for the future of the ‘Verse:

CS: What’s going to happen with the “Serenity” franchise now? Are you just going to put it on the backburner?
Whedon: Yeah, you know, that’s pretty much it. It was hard to make and I’m very tired. I need some sleep, and then we’ll see if people are interested in more, than I have more say.

So you know what that means… Go buy the Serenity DVD now, and we might get more! The DVD is currently #2 on

Buy Serenity and Firefly on DVD:

Serenity DVD News

It’s only been a month since Serenity hit theatres, and sadly it’s already leaving those same theatres (and not even making it to many theatres in other countries). But fear not Browncoats, the Serenity DVD will be coming to stores faster than you can say “Shiny.” The release date for the DVD is December 20, 2005 – yes, just over two and a half months since it’s release in theatres. DVDAnswers has the full cover art (which has already encited an online petition to change the cover art – can’t nerds ever be happy?) and some nice screenshots of the DVD menus. The DVD is also available for pre-order, and is 30% off at

Serenity Now!

Today is the day. All you Firefly fans know what I’m talking about, but for those of you that don’t: Serenity hits theatres today!

Go see this movie. You will not regret it. You will, in fact, enjoy it. A lot. Seriously, I can’t wait. It is so going to rock.

Update: This movie so rocked!! Joss Whedon is beyond genius. Go see it. Then see it again. And maybe even again. I want Serenity to make way more than enough money to ensure sequels, and should we be so lucky, a return to TV of Firefly.

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Session 416: Serenity Viral Video

Serenity, the big screen continuation of the now defunct Firefly TV series, is coming to theatres soon (September 30, in fact), and I am very excited. Because I am a nerd. Honestly, though, do yourself a favour and watch the show. It’ only 14 episodes, and is on DVD now.

Anyway, as part of the marketing for the film, Joss Whedon recruited Summer Glau for some really cool, and creepy viral videos. If you know Firefly, you’ll definitely get a kick out of them. If you don’t, maybe it’ll peak your curiosity. And don’t forget about the Trailer, too.

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Summer Glau. Quite A Bit Cuter Than Usual.

If you don’t know who Summer Glau is, here’s a primer: she plays a troubled and gifted girl in the new Firefly spin-off movie “Serenity.” Playing a rather nutty girl in Firefly has meant that she never really seemed particularly attractive to me, so I was a little shocked to her looking so good at a recent premiere. Anyhoo, this is Summer Glau.

Serenity International Trailer

A new trailer for the Firefly spin-off film Serenity has been released, and you can check it out right here on Egotastic! This movie is going to kick so much ass!

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