See-Through Top Posts:

Carmen Electra See-Through Top Makes for Some Nipple Baring Good Times

There's sheer dresses, and then there's just sheer delight. I guess both were in play last night as the veteran hot Carmen Electra went out to play in Hollywood in a rather see-through dress top. Sheer material, bright paparazzi lights, no bra, it all made for one majestic peek at the alluring peaks of this still crazy hot actress and dancer.

Carmen was blessed with those special genes to give her decades and decades of lust inducing powers. Rather than stow away her talents, she's kind enough to share them often with the general public, looking better than she has really in years. Quite an amazing sight those perfect chest puppies so bold and proud to be let off the leash for an evening. I feel a howl coming on. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Flashes Her Braless Hotness in a Shimmering Manner

Joanna Krupa is a very put together woman. A hottie who isn't missing many details when she hits the scene to make a scene. So I'm quite sure she realizes she wasn't wearing any undergarments, at least up top, maybe the bottom, beneath her sheer and shimmering dress out in Hollywood. I for one could not be happier.

Yes, I'm slightly biased toward Joanna because of the obvious sexual attraction she felt toward me when we met a couple a weeks ago. A force so powerful she was clearly unable to speak it, let alone show it in any way whatsoever. But she certainly is a looker of the highest order. A blonde model of perfection who I dream of skinny dipping with in a very tiny bathtub. No bras required there either. Enjoy.

P.S. We didn't miss out on Joanna earlier in the day having lunch with her Houswife buddy, Joyce Giraud who almost fell out of her own top.

Katrina Bowden Bra-Revealing Sheer Dress Gives Me the Happy Tingles

I guess if my karma were at full strength, blonde hottie Katrina Bowden might've forget to wear a bra to the Entertainment Weekly SAG Awards pre-party. But, she remembered, much to my chagrin. Her sheer and body hugging dress left little to the imagination (and yet so much to the imagination) at the event, flashing her slender but wicked sextastic female form right to the top of the Hollywood party heap.

Silly bra ruined much, but it can't take away from the lust we've felt for Katrina Bowden since first feasting peeps on her on 30 Rock several years ago now. Just one of the best TV characters ever by sheer force of hotness. Bless you, Katrina, but curse your bra! Enjoy.

Anais Zanotti Wet and Wild See-Through Boobtastic Tank Top in Miami

We've come to have rather fond feelings for French model and skydiving stuntwoman Anais Zanotti since she took up residence at the unofficial College of Miami Beach Booty Shows and provides us outstanding visuals along the South Florida shore weekly these days. Over Christmas, Anais went classic wet t-shirt for the gentleman oglers in the area, flashing her sweet teat treats through her sheer tank top for both the sun and the sons of man to behold.

It was truly a Christmas kind of peeping miracle. Well, maybe not a miracle, but I'm pretty sure I heard the angels sing. Okay, so maybe that was just a bunch of guys whistling. Still, it was majestic. Behold the funbags! Enjoy.

Rihanna Loves Sheer Dresses and Fishnet Stockings (So Do We!)

Rihanna is perhaps the reigning queen of all things sheer and see-through top. We've always suspect the Bajan diva prefers no top at all, but if she must conform to some convention, the sheerest of tops that reveal her braless wonderments beneath it shall be.

Just in case you weren't bemused, Rihanna threw in some fishnet stockings for good fetish measure. I really do admire her fashion sense. It's how I would dress women if, I mean, when, I rule the world. Enjoy.

Micaela Schaefer Cut-Out Sheer Dress Is Most Clothes She’s Worn In Months (And It’s Not Much)

Micaela Schaefer is my favorite kind of gal. She really has little use for clothing. I'm sure she has an innate desire to shop, like most, but when she does it's generally tiny tops, revealing bottoms, or as she did for this Fragrance launch in Germany, a dress with not very much material.

The first step is making sure you have the body to pull this kind of dress off. I'm going to go ahead and certify Micaela in that regard after a thirty-minute up and down scan over her boobtastic revealing form. The second step is the ability to be mostly nekkid in public and smile like you're a royal without a care in the world. That's another check for Micaela. The third step is to call me discreetly to come help you pull your little wardrobe out of various places it might be clinging. Nobody's yet to reach that third step, but I keep my cellphone charged 24x7 just in case. Enjoy.

Alyssa Miller See-Through Sultry Sextastic for Galore

Alyssa Miller truly is an under-appreciated beautiful wonderful thing. Maybe it's because she doesn't work as much as some of her counterparts, she's not producing shoots every single week. But this rare L.A. native model leaves me feeling quite native every time she reveals her dark featured hotness in front of the cameras. You throw in some see-through sextastic goodness by way of Galore magazine, and everybody and their dad should be imagining Alyssa Miller in the still darkness of their evening repose.

Obviously, that's just a suggestion. If you wish to leave more Alyssa just for me, I'm good with that as well. I am a man of girthy appetites. And, Alyssa, just one sweet looking dish. Enjoy.