Scary Movie 5

Ashley Tisdale Also Looking Mighty Fine for Scary Movie 5

Talk about all grown up, Ashley Tisdale had it all grown up and going on at last night’s N.Y. premiere of Scary Movie 5. Sadly, no obvious shows of skin, but in a dress that can only be worn by a woman that works out as often and dedicated as the Tis, giving her one of the very best shorty bodies in all of Hollywood.

We’re not really sure what Ashley is up to these days. We don’t see her in film or TV or making babies or such. But every time we do see her, she looks like a million minxy dollars. And that’s the most important job of all. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Flashing Cleavage for Scary Movie 5

Lindsay Lohan is making the most of her 25th hour, about four more weeks, until she hits mandatory rehab in a facility that most of us would likely call a luxury vacation. But it won’t be luxurious for Lindsay who will have to scrap and scrape and bribe her way to get her fix. But that’s not for a few more weeks, and in the interim, Lindsay is having herself quite the time, including flashing some ginger cleave at the Scary Movie 5 premiere. This is Lindsay’s latest grand cinematic effort and she’s going to pimp it with a smile regardless of how fast the world around is collapsing.

While we truly hope Lindsay finds sobriety this time around, and makes her way back into some meaningful, if not more sextastic, commercial ventures in the future., well, we can’t hold our breath. So, for one day, we’ll just take her sweet cleavage on the red carpet. Enjoy.

Sequel Talk: What’s Up with ‘The Hangover 3′, ‘Hunger Games 2′, and ‘Scary Movie 5′

Hangover 3 is going to be the last movie in the franchise, so you can expect it to go with a bang. They’ve already announced that Heather Graham will be returning to join Phil, Alan, and Stu in their final adventure. Now they’re also bringing back the gorgeous Sasha Barrese to reprise her role as Tracy, who got married to Doug at the end of The Hangover. Barrese spent more of her screen time berrating Bradley Cooper about their whereabouts, so let’s hope she gets more action in The Hangover 3.

The casting news for Hunger Games: Catching Fire is continuing to pour in. With notable actors and actresses including Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jena Malone joining the original cast, the sequel is definitely shaping up pretty nicely. It seems like the casting people are making it a point to cast Finnick last, given the level of interest that fans have surrounding his character. However, two roles that have been cast are that of Cashmere and Seeder, which will  be played by Stephanie Leigh Schlund and Maria Howell, respectively.

Last but certainly not the least, we’ve got Scary Movie 5. A couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan will be joining the cast of the fifth movie of the not-so-scary comedy franchise. Now we just got wind that Terry Crews will be joining the odd duo in the duo. Aside from that, we’ve got more details on how things might end for LiLo and the winning Mr. Sheen (and when we say, we do mean, end).

Get the full scoop on each of these sequels by checking out the gallery!

Sequel Talk: What’s Up with ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’, ‘Scary Movie 5′, and ‘Dumb and Dumber 2′

People have been talking about The Hunger Games sequel ever since the first movie turned out to be such a huge hit. There are many reasons why Catching Fire is much-awaited, one of them being the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is set to return as the heroine, Katniss Everdeen. With production closing in, casting news for the movie has been rolling on consistently.

And because laughter is the best medicine, there is still a need for movies like Scary Movie 5 and Dumb and Dumber 2 that will give you many reasons to laugh, snort, and guffaw like there’s no tomorrow–provided they’re as good as their predecessors, that is.

Scary Movie 5 will hit theaters next April, with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan joining the cast. However, the fate of Dumb and Dumber 2 still hangs in the balance, and while previous reports indicate that it’s not going to get made, it looks like there’s still a chance that the sequel will still see the light of day.

We’ve got the latest news on these sequels in this edition of Sequel Talk. Check out the gallery above for the full scoop on each!