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Nina Agdal Bikini Savage Hotness for Winter Time Pimping of Summer Fun

Danish delight Nina Agdal is just about the hottest thing going on the planet at this very moment. Ever since the day we first saw her in a bikini, we knew she’d rise like cream to the top of the sextastic hot body model cup. She’s just the complete package of allure, body, smile, booty, and all the other intangibles and oh, those tangibles, that go into become one of the world’s most sought after models.

Featured in the current campaign for Sauvage Swimwear, Nina shows how effortlessly she makes gentleman oglers effort to check out her bikini body goodness over and over again. I’m no lady, not in my waking hours, but I’d certainly be tempted to purchase whatever swimswear Nina was hawking if just but for the chance to look like her for a moment. Oh, the power. Enjoy.

P.S. Nina can’t stop working her wares. This week Bebe also released Nina Agdal in their ‘New Year’s Eve’ collection. Just so wicked hot!

Nina Agdal Ever So Hot in Sauvage Swimwear Shoot

I once hit a line drive in Little League, a scorching double down the right field line. My coach pulled me over after the inning and said, ‘That wasn’t a good hit, that was a GREAT hit’. Man, I was so proud that he was so proud even as his pride faded in my remaining 1 for 39 that season, ending with him advising me to take up a different sport. Still, I think about that moment as I gaze upon the rich visuals of Nina Agdal in a bikini. Nina doesn’t just look good in a bikini, she looks GREAT in a bikini. And don’t expect her sensational sextastic to fade like my own fleeting baseball career. She’s just getting started.

In these photos for the 2014 Sauvage Swimwear line, Nina shows the potential of a young Willie Mays, if Willie Mays had been a ridiculously hot Danish Delight swimsuit and lingerie model. Her future is ever so bright. I intend to drool over Nina Agdal all the way to her Hall of Fame induction. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal So Effin’ Hot for Sauvage Swimwear; My Pool Runneth Over

Danish delights switch to overload, thermometer is about to blow through the roof on this Nina Agdal visual, as the supremely sextastic young model works her bodily magic for Sauvage swimwear in a catalog photoshoot that can only be described as ‘internally painful, please, let me have some more’.

As much as we are generally against the new theme of more ornate bikinis and monokinis for women this year, well, hell, it doesn’t really matter with somebody as wickedly hot as Nina Agdal. She could be wearing a burqa and we’d imagine peeling away her woolen garments to reveal her treats below; thrown in a still skimpy simwsuit, a tan, the sun, the water, and, oh, my, raise periscope. Just so damn hot! Enjoy.