Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi Flashes Cleavage from The Chest at ‘Bullet to the Head’ Premiere

We’ve missed Persian hottie Sarah Shahi since her L-Word days. Yes, she’s moved on to some other silly shows, but it’s just not the same, because we’ve really missed her sweet sweet body most of all, which, thankfully, she was giving a semi-decent taste of in New York for the Bullet to the Head premiere, the action flick starring Sylvester Stallone and a ton-load of HGH.

Sarah has delighted us many times over the years with her acting style, which we almost kind of actually paid attention to, even as we were leering her up and down, forward and back. Hey, human instinct is a very powerful force. I say this knowing you are ogling Sarah’s boob peeks as we speak. Enjoy.

Holy Hot Blooded! Sarah Shahi Betters Men’s Health By Way of Improved Vascular Circulation

Talk about getting the old blood to a boil, Sarah Shahi delivers a double-pic delivery of libido blowing proportions in the current edition of Men’s Health magazine that I suppose is intended to either inspire men to exercising greatness, or to make them sink into their comfy chair for an hour long REM-sleep dream about sharing a post-workout sauna with the sextastic Sarah Shahi. Either way I suppose is a benevolent outcome. Talk about a ridiculously hot celeb who delivers a solid dose of awesome in every appearance, Sarah Shahi remains vastly underrated. Enjoy.

Sarah Shahi Bikini Pictures Summer Hot Even in the Middle of Winter

Okay, technically I guess it’s still Fall, never quite understood how cold December doesn’t quality as Winter, but all of that is beside the point when the super hot bodied Sarah Shahi of The L-Word gets into a tiny little bikini to fritter along Santa Monica beach.

My, oh, my, how I’d love to be the fake lesbian in her orbit. I don’t care if it was about 52-degrees yesterday along the coastline, that outstanding rump of hers warms the cockles like nobody’s business. What a nice visual blessing in an otherwise cold and wintry (autumnally) day. Enjoy.