Sam Edelman Posts:

Kate Upton Playful on the Beach With Boobs and Buttockals

Kate Upton makes any photoshoot a fun photoshoot. She could be shooting a commerical for home mortgage refinancing and give financially underwater homeowners a boner. It's true. Trust me, I've imagined it.

On the chilly beach over the weekend in a Sam Edelman commercial shoot, Kate got down to unbuttoning her top and flashing her bra covered cleavage, a healthy amount of legs and booty, and all-around looked like a curvaceous playful kitten in the sand. I guess this is why she gets paid the big bucks while when I roll around in the sand at the beach half-dressed, parents run for the parking lot while covering their children's eyes. Kate Upton, we need to beach together some time soon. Enjoy.

Kate Upton Black and White and Hot All Over for Sam Edelman

I don't exactly know who Sam Edelman is, I think something to do with shoes. But I do know that having his name stamped below some wicked hot black and white photos of Kate Upton means I want him to be my friend. Introduce me to Kate perhaps, over drinks, or bowling, or bowling and drinks where I can really impress Kate with my 130 scoring average and my ability to drink a Long Island Iced Tea entirely through my nose.

It may or may not work, but when I wind up spitting up on Kate, maybe she'll let me watch her change her top. File this under horrible horrible plans for getting lucky. Kate Upton doth inspire. Enjoy.