Isla Fisher, Sofia Vergara, Amy Adams, And Other Hotties at the 2014 SAG Awards

While you were watching football, there were about a half dozen more Hollywood Award shows. In the very least, guys get to spread their tux costs across numerous appearances I suppose. And, far more importantly, we get to see our sextastic ladies of celebrity strutting their finest wares on the crimson carpet. It truly is the great upside to this season of self-congratulations.

Thespianics take the SAG Awards quite seriously as that is the Guild of your theatrical types. It’s their own cohorts voting on who among them emotes the finest, and everybody who is anybody in the acting world attends, including, most leer-worthy, ginger hottie Isla Fisher, her ginger peer Amy Adams, Sofia Vergara who never doesn’t look outrageously hot on the carpet, Ariel Winter rather busty, Morena Baccarin so fine, Maria Menounos ever delicious, and Michelle Dockery, slender but spectacular. Then a bunch of awards were handed out, agents were thanked, and people who cry for a living cried. It was special. Enjoy.

We Waited Hours for a Jennifer Lawrence Upskirt That Never Came (But We Still Want Her Badly!)

I know, you think life is all fun and games here at Egotastic! but we do engage in some very serious, very hard work here, at times, on occasion, once in a while, like twice a month, for a few minutes. And one of those times was this weekend watching Jennifer Lawrence preciously and hotly perched in a shorter skirt on a director’s chair at the SAG-AFTRA event following a screening of her new film, Silver Linings Playbook.

We waited and waited and waited but young sextastic Jennifer with some powerful legs and some powerful will never did uncross her legs, never gave us a closer glimpse of her heavenly areas. Alas. We were able to console ourselves with her inherent smoking hotness and dreams of good times to come. And there will be more good times, because sextastic can not be contained forever. Enjoy.