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Kat Dennings May Be the Perfect Spokeswoman for Boob Tube Revivals

Kat Dennings full-bodied boobtastic, anywhere, any time. Such globular delights (that might be ‘global’ not sure, but ‘globular’ just pops to mind when starting at her heaving bosom).

Check out Kat Dennings interview in Rolling Stone magazine this month discussing her mission to bring the sitcom back to TV.

Very Sexy Katy Cocktease Takes You Behind the Very Frustrating Scenes (VIDEO)

When Katy Cocktease and Rolling Stone get together, you just know there’s going to be a lot of almost-boobtastic going on. A couple days ago we showed you the photo pictorial from the magazine, now here’s the behind the scenes video from that shoot, stock full of Katy Cocktease teasing cleavage and her sexuality to within an inch of the money shot, while still of course making a ton of money. C’mon, Katy, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you’re going to use your body to make the rent, quit it with the double standards and flash us your double standards! (This wouldn’t be so frustrating if she weren’t so damn hot). Enjoy.

Check Out Katy Perry Behind the Scenes Photoshoot Video »

EARLY LOOK: Katy Cocktease Kitschy Cleavage Returns in Rolling Stone

We’ve seen less of Katy Cocktease lately than even her comedian husband Russell Brand. She’s been elusive. Maybe just pre-occupied with her worldwide blockbuster pop and costume tour. Maybe exhausted from working so hard to flash every inch of her skin save for the inches we most desire to see. Or, perhaps, she’s just working on a third chord for her next set of songs. In any case, one thing remains apparent — Katy Cocktease remains hot. A cleavetastic tease? Absolutely, but, still so sexy and still, we await her ultimate display of Perry’s puppies. Until such time, we shall soothe our savage ogles with a preview look at these Katy Cocktease pictures from the July edition of Rolling Stone magazine, where the singer looks amazing in her various kitschy costumes, and no doubt laments within the pages about the hardships of being rich and famous and hot. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn And Her Sexy Naughty Mouth in Rolling Stone Photoshoot (VIDEO)

The goddess of the geekboys, Olivia Munn shows off her sexy, and potty mouth side, in this behind the scenes video from her Rolling Stone magazine photoshoot. I lust Olivia Munn. I lust her a lot. And no, I don’t imagine her dressed as Princess Leia on the end of a chain. It’s more of a toddler leash. You know, give her a little room to roam, but not chance to bolt. Enjoy.

Watch the Video »

Katy Cocktease Flashes Her Juicy Melons for Rolling Stone (VIDEO)

I have this sneaking suspicion that if you go behind scenes on the behind the scenes Katy Cocktease photoshoot video for Rolling Stone, you’d still not find her nude. She’s like that nervous boy in middle school who showers in his clothes (I’m still in therapy over this). Still, who doesn’t want to see the sexy auto-tuned singer finally show off her melons, even if be just the sweet summer delight she’s wrapped her lips around and… okay, yeah, I’m jealous of a piece of fruit.

Watch the Video »

Katy Cocktease Nearly Topless in Rolling Stone Magazine

This is new: Katy Cocktease in Rolling Stone showing off almost all of her amazing boobs and body to get tons of media attention.

When that Katy Perry topless picture fake was flying around the Internet last month, I kept thinking that it wasn’t a Photoshop counterfeit so much as a symbol of the dreams and hopes of millions of people yearning to finally ogle this pseudo singer’s titties. I won’t rest until Egotastic! readers see full, complete, and unadulterated Katy Perry boobage. That’s my sacred vow.

Sexy Megan Fox Rolling Stones Outtakes

Personally, I like a girl you can have a proper conversation with. It doesn’t matter how hot she is, looks don’t last, and if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you’re going to need something to talk about. That being said, I wouldn’t mind spending a month with Megan Fox where she says absolutely nothing at all. Because lets face it, Megan Fox says some of the most retarded things, but she’s so ridiculously hot, as you can plainly see from these Rolling Stone magazine outtakes (not that you really needed more proof). I really think they should bring back silent movies. Just so we can look at Megan without having to hear her speak.

Lots and lots and lots more super hot Megan Fox pictures after the jump.