Rolling Stone magazine Posts:

Miley Cyrus Covered Topless Attention Getting in Rolling Stone

If you chose Miley Cyrus for your most shy and demure list in entertainment, meh, you just might hear the buzzing sound of an incorrect guess. Miley is on a 'look at me now' tour of pretty epic proportions. Between the concert performance, the awards shows, the music videos, the pictorials, and now her interview in Rolling Stone magazine, where Miley not only takes off most of her clothes once more, but also gets tattooed and screams about gender bias, well, it's all happening.

If Miley's goal was to make herself the most talked about pop star among the sky filled with stars, she has succeeded. Enjoy.

Can You See Jennifer Lawrence Bare Boobies In Her Rolling Stone Mag Shoot? (VIDEO)

Um, I know you're not supposed to, but, um, well, let's just say -- love that sheer white t-shirt on the most passion-inducing Jennifer Lawrence.

You must CSI this for yourself. I'm too busy gawking to do the work. Enjoy.

Credit: Rolling Stone magazine

Jennifer Lawrence Dazzles With Twin Magazine Cover Hotness

The Jennifer Lawrence loving world has been buzzing with oohs and aahs since the release of her Interview magazine cover earlier this week, which we were about to praise for its Jennifer Lawrence loving awesomeness, when along comes her Rolling Stone magazine cover and delivers a second dose of testicularly tingly Hunger Games goodness.

It's not that simply that we lust Jennifer Lawrence. Or that we want ever so badly to be her boyfriend. It's that we want to burrow between her bosom, build a nest, and never ever come out.

If Jennifer Lawrence fueled creepy dirty thoughts are a crime, lock me up now! Enjoy.