Rita Ora

Rita Ora Braless See Through Funbag Peeks After Charli XCX Concert

There is much competition for hot body reveals among today’s leading young hot pop stars. Don’t think they aren’t checking out the various levels of exhibitionism put on by their friends, maybe, but definitely their peers and cohorts and even competitors for eyeballs and ticket sales. Miley and Rihanna really raised the bar to a new level a few short years ago and ever since, well, wow, it’s been a renaissance of skin reveals from the girls who sing the favorite songs of girls and young men trying to get with those girls.

Hence, when Rita Ora gets an invite to see Charli XCX in concert in London, you know she’s not going in sweats and a hoodie. Oh, no, my friend. There will be no undergarments involved. And if we’re lucky, as we were last night, the clothes will be see-through as well, providing the perfect peep at Rita’s blessedly hot teats under her barest of tops. Chilly London evenings be damned, these puppies need to come out and play. Consider this a sextastic peekaboo shot across the bow. The most revealing pop star title isn’t ever handed out, it’s merely a never ending game. Thankfully so. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Rita Ora Is Busty In A Bra Top For “The Voice” In London

Pop princess Rita Ora was looking all kinds of boobtacular for her appearance on The Voice in London. She was essentially just wearing a shiny bra top. The sheer magnitude of Rita’s ta-tas makes it difficult for any bra to keep her chest puppies from being tamed. She was basically popping out all over. There is some sidebooob as well as some serious cleav. It’s a good thing she was on British TV and not here in America. They show boobies on TV more than we do. I think that the ability to deal with toplessness is a mark of sophistication in a society. That is one way the Europeans have us beat. First time I was in Europe I remember seeing full frontal on a soda commercial.

We’ll catch up one day, but in the meantime we can stare at Rita’s boobage and dream of a brighter tomorrow.

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Rita Ora Bikini Showtime Imitating Beyonce’s 7-11 Video

Rita Ora is looking so mighty fine these days, having turned her earlier days letting it all hang out a bit body into one masterfully tight bikini showcase. So much so she got emboldened to imitate that silly Beyonce fractured motion video 7-11 where she sings about dice or going to get Ben & Jerry’s and Slim Jims at two in the morning. Most importantly, these songs are showcases for diva hot bodied goodness. And Rita Ora has the goodness.

I can’t believe how fortunate we are to live in a time when pop music is almost entirely defined by how crazy hot the performers are. Not just hot, but willing to show off their amazing bodies and grind around like Khan-era concubines. Forget the music, this entire production is off the charts. You can always mute the sound. The visuals are ever stunning. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Rita Ora Youtube

Rita Ora Cleavy Performance for 103.5 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2014

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Rita Ora Nipple Pokes and Cleavage For Jingle Balling in Philly

Philly might be the city of brotherly love, unless you’ve been to a Flyers game rooting for the opponent, naturally, but it also served as the latest stop in the Jingle Ball radio station concert tour making it the city of Rita Ora nipple pokes and cleavage last night. Rita has never shied away from tight and showy stage costumes, even more so since she got fully into the rigorous workout routines of her fellow pop stars and really toned up her fine female form. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And she did.

Pop music may be getting worse, or just plain always been bad, but the ladies belting it out and or lip synching it in concert sure are getting more faptastic and showy. Roll over Beethoven and all that. I think we’re finally found pop’s hot spot. Enjoy.

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Rita Ora Goes Full Raunch in Moscow Performance

Back in the Soviet days, it used to be huge when a Western rock band got permission to go play in Moscow and the world would come together for just one moment in the love of rock and roll. Now it’s Rita Ora flashing her can in riding up leotards on stage for everybody to understand the precise source of pop music fandom. I know, so much better now.

Rita took the stage and worked on pushing every single of her worked out body parts into stage forward to make sure the camera and the crowd got a healthy dose of booty and crotch and boobtastc and everything in between. It’s probably not as shocking to Russian audiences given that their little principate has become the center of world adult content production and distribution since the fall of the USSR, but I’m sure they appreciate a hot woman with a nice body shaking her rump nonetheless. Pazhalooysta. Enjoy.

Rita Ora Delivers Grade-A Cleavage to Radio One Teen Event

There are going to be silly teen music awards around the globe at any given time. And Rita Ora is going to do her damnedest to show up to as many as possible and win the red carpet with her her bodaciously exhibited bosom. She did a great job stealing many an award show here in the States with her diva funbags, now the Radio One Teen Music Awards in London town. And why not. She’s not exactly dressing trashy, just showy, in a way that teens, especially teen boys, can absolutely admire. I say that as a fully grown man with the maturity level and dreams of a teenaged boy. Trust me, I still know how they think.

Rita Ora’s music may not have caught my fancy to date, but her showy ways and hot body sure would encourage me to download her virtual self for a little holographic play time. Damn, when is technology going to get that Star Trek holo-deck good to go. I need to go camping with virtual Rita so we can be caught in a horrible rain storm and be forced to dry out our clothes over branches. I’d put out a ton of quarters and reserve that holodeck all afternoon. Rita, you are a stunner. Enjoy.