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Laura Vendervoort Leggy Sexy Ridiculously Blonde Alluring In Regard Magazine

Consider me a fan of baseball, apple pie, mom. Consider me willing to trade any of those away for a chance to be alone with Laura Vandervoort in a haunted house filled with zombies where she has only me to cling to for safety. Naturally, I would use her as my first line of defense, but I sacrificed her to the undead, I’m pretty sure I could convince her that rounds and rounds of sweaty messy and often disturbing love making was our only chance for survival. People laugh at me for thinking such things, but when the invasion happens, I’m the one who’s going to be prepared. And, hopefully, over Laura Vandervoort’s knee as she spanks me for the magazines she finds under my bed.

Featured in this innocent, but highly sextastic pictorial for Regard Magazine, Laura shows why the hottest among the species look incredibly passion inducing without even trying. She has so many skills. It’s like LeBron. He doesn’t need to go one-hundred percent to beat you in HORSE. If Laura ever turned on the full powers of her womanly ways, half the male population might crumple from complete and sudden muscle tone loss. What a way to go. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Regard Magazine

Jennette McCurdy Getting All Grow’d Up in Regard Magazine

I know the lust for our getting grown up Disney and Nick starlets runs deep in these parts, including most definitely the bubbly blonde Jennette McCurdy who you all write me many letters inquiring about, usually letters in crayon or Magic Marker.

Featured in the current Regard magazine, Jennette doesn’t exactly break as loose as we’d like her to be, or guess that she is in private, still this is most definitely a step in the right direction for the chesty blonde. We’re seeing more of Jennette being slightly naughty on social media of late. Now, more grown up photoshoots. What comes next is anybody’s guess, and, for many of you, an unwieldy dream. Enjoy.

Renee Olstead Returning to Red and Sextastic in Regard Magazine

While our formerly ginger secret lust crush, Renee Olstead, has not quite yet reverted back to her pure redheaded form, we’ll accept the pseudo-red and the hot bodied views of the sextastic singer and thespianic as she appears in Regard magazine this month.

We love Renee’s smile in her photo spreads as it allows us to desperately imagine that she’s thinking about us as she’s posing for the cameras. A stretch? Perhaps, but when it comes to the Egotastic! fantasy meter, Renee Olstead sends our thermometers well past the red and into bursting levels. Enjoy.

Cassie Scerbo Brings on the Heat in Regard Magazine

There are a bunch of underappreciated hot thespianic types who float below the A-list radar in Hollywood, but certainly deserve some serious ogling time. Hotties such as Cassie Scerbo, from the Make It or Break It TV show gymnast sweet sexy nonsense and flashing some of her youthful goodness in Regard magazine.

It’s probably not enough to make us watch her on television, but it is enough for us to spend a good thirty minutes on this Friday virtually undressing her the rest of the way. Enjoy.