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READER FINDS: Miley Cyrus Topless, Tila Tequila Nekkid, Bridget Moynahan Topless, and Much Much More…


Editor's note: Some of the media previously associated with this post has been removed at the request of the photographer. Namely, the Miley Cyrus topless photo. Read into that as you wish as to the authenticity of that particular photo.

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Reader Finds is nothing if not controversial. When it began back in the turn of the last century, there were riots, broken windows, and many curse words that make no sense in our modern culture thrown about, like 'You're knuckles!'. See, no sense. Well, today, there's been a large number of you sending in this newly uncovered Miley Cyrus topless photo from her Brian Bowen Smith photoshoot, some of which photos appeared in Maxim magazine, though certainly never this topless image. At the time, our CSI community team thought it likely fraudulent, now, hmm, not so sure. It certainly looks like the little funbags of the pop diva in an outtake. So, I'd say, delight in it, but keep a grain of salt nearby.

This week's Reader Finds also includes Nina Agdal bikini cleavetastic in new Chilean beer ad (muchos gracias to EgoReader 'Pablo'), McKayla Maroney posing on a balance beam (many thanks to 'Richard'), Daisy Lowe sextastic in her crazy hot Greg Williams shoot (contributed by 'Ian K.'), AnnaSophia Robb wicked hot in portrait (delivered by 'Waxy'), Paulina Porizkova topless and skinny onscreen (kudos to 'Barry' for 90's film find), Salma Hayek topless in her classic Desperado (pure straight lust crafted by 'Leese'), Keeley Hazell topless in her teen debut days (crazy good Hazell hotness via 'Lovin'), Rachel Bilson featuring McKayla Maroney again on set (oh, what a threesome we could make, thank 'Tisch'), delicious Rachel McAdams in her undies in About Time (damn, I dig Rachel, thanks 'Ben'), Elizabeth Berkley boobtastic in Any Given Sunday (I'd forgotten about these goodies from 'Stephen'), French hottie Lea Seydoux topless in skinema (merci to a contributing 'Dave H.'), Anna Falchi mighty bare silver screen hooters (transmitted by 'Declan'), Tila Tequila nekkids in a streaming show of a few years back (before sex tapes existed delights by 'Decon'), Playmate Jessa Hinton cleavetastic selfie (DDang done by 'Scott'), Bridget Moynahan topless in a Jarl Alexandre Ale de Basseville photoshoot in black and white (the first Mrs. Brady's funbags, six points! from a whole bunch of you who sent this in including 'Rich'), Julie Delpy very French and topless onscreen (faptastic Frenchies from 'Amy F.') Madonna topless in Truth or Dare book outtakes (Material Girl mams via 'Carson T.'), Giada de Laurtentiis cleavetastic in a bikini (oh, girls who can cook with boobs, yum by 'Kreigs'), former Jenner girlfriend Bryana Holly topless modeling pictures (many thanks  to 'Chris' for the views), Lindsey Vonn peek-a-boo down blouse (Olympic sized props to 'Kevin'), Brooklyn Decker nip slip (delights courtesy of 'Tbest'), and last but certainly not least, Nadine Leopold, my new Austrian teen girlfriend flashing her panties (great windup from 'Snead'). Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Kate Upton Bikinis, Shailene Woodley Nipple Flash, Melanie Griffith Topless, and Much Much More


Well, hello 2014. Welcome to Egotastic! This is going to be a fine and furry (and or shaved) year indeed. I can feel it in me bones. Rusty, creaky, and creme-filled as they are. As evidence of this pending annum's greatness, our first Reader Finds of the new year. That weekly event where we all gather round the carbon-neutral and air resources board approved campfire to throw in our own sticks and branches of celebrity sextastic. Sometimes, we also sing John Cougar Mellencamp songs, but that's after a couple cocktails.

This week's Reader Finds includes Kate Upton bikini glory hotness from The Other Woman trailer (thank you to EgoReader 'Zev' for this luscious affair), a renewed leer at Bianca Kajlich in her topless performance last year (blessings from 'Bob D.'), Nikki Ziering memorably funbags exposure (melons courtesy of 'Owen'), another ogle at Paula Patton topless in 2 Guns (redux goodness from 'Jeremy'), a throwback to Melanie Griffith topless lingerie looks from the 80's (wayback hotness from 'Erin'), Joan Severance in another topless skinematic event (good tidings from 'Benny'), thespianic Marine Vacth exposing her delicious teats (thank you kindly, good 'Daniel'), Naturi Naughton topless goodness (teat treats via 'Nate F.'), Brooklyn Decker  infamously showy GQ photoshoot (one of my faves from 'Dave'), Emily Ratajkowski barely covering her hot boobtastic (oh, Emily delivered by 'Stoney'), Fanny Francois in a crazy hot lingerie shoot (such sweet female forms by way of 'Tonya'), Tilda Swinton topless on the big screen (Tilda ta-ta's handed over by 'Nelly'), Shailene Woodley quickly flashing nipple in her new film (eagle-eyed by 'JR'),  Natalie Dormer topless in Rush (inspired by 'Tony C.') Emily Ratajkowski again, this time quite topless (ooh la la by way of 'Katy'), Miley Cyrus grabbing her own ta's in a candid (muchas gracias to 'Jose Luis' from FB), Helen Mirren bare in one wacky movie (spotted specifically by 'Layne'), Kayslee Collins topless modeling pics (from her devotee, 'MSG'), and Sascha Read super cleavy in lingerie (from her superfan 'Trey'). Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Rachel Weisz Topless, Kim Basinger Topless, Kate Moss Topless, and Much Much More…


The last Reader's Find of 2013. Spill some hot skin out for the homies. Strike that, add some more sextastic sharing for those who know 2014 will be even better than this past year in terms of hot celebrity showoffs. It's bound to be. So let's gather round the communal campfire one last time in Lucky '13 for the sharing of the smoking hot ladies with little to no clothes on, a little weekly treat that marches forward ever bigger than before.

This week's Reader Finds includes Rachel Weisz young and topless onscreen (thank you EgoReader 'Amy'), Amber Heard ever so hot and topless (bless you 'Owen E.'), the inimitable Jenny Agutter topless in 70's cinema (throwback, British style from 'Harv'),, Charlotte Springer bouncy topless in Nuts screencaps (boobtastic from 'Steven'), Helen Mirren topless in the infamous Caligula (great dame tops via 'Aaron D.'), Elisabetta Fantone beautiful buxom bareness in Havana 57 (nice funbags from the mind of 'Stacy P.'), Joan Severance in the late 80s flick (we are very welcome 'Davis'), Katee Sackhoff deliciously bare topped momentarily in Riddick (oh so sweetness from 'Justin'), Kim Basinger topless and see-through in her iconic film performance (whoa baby that's hotness dropped off by 'Les'), Alicia Sorell topless in The Sopranos (blessed funbags from 'Peter G.'), Nicole Fox nekkid in Redlands (some sweet teats from 'Master C.'), Jennifer Beals and Mia Kirshner in L Word topless making of the sexy (lesbionics provided by 'Stoney'), Courtnie Quinlan in a Page 3 photoshoot (big chest treats from 'Dave H.'), Kate Moss nekkid in Love magazine (frontals via 'Isaac'), Vicky Xipolitakis sexy in see-through social media pics (muchas kudos for 'Deyon'), Christy Carlson Romano nekkid before the mirror (a classic bit of chestness by way of 'Anthony'),, Charlotte Louisa Moran topless modeling (a favorite girl of 'Harry'), Rosie Jones clothes on, still crazy hot (blessed be Rosie and 'Don G.'), Karen Gillan see-through top in a fashion runway (Pondalicious dropped off by 'Leven'), and Juliette Binoche topless perfect hooters onscreen (way back goodness). So much to enjoy.

READER FINDS: Lady Gaga Topless, Brooklyn Decker Topless, Gina Gershon Topless, and Much Much More…


There's so much wonderful celebrity skin in this week's Reader Finds, I actually found myself in need of a handkerchief. No, for my eyes. I welled up with happy tears like when the dog you loved made it out of the mine before the explosion, only this is our favorite ladies of past and present baring tremendously hot bodies, so far more important. Oh, there I go again, gushing. No, with tears. Don't be crude.

This week's Reader Finds includes Ana Beatriz Barros red hot in a Fabio Bartlett photoshoot (thanks to EgoReader 'Dylan'), Lady Gaga upside down in a performance art piece (applause to 'Ray D.' on this unusual escapade), Brooklyn Decker topless in her epic Mark Squires shoot (many gracias to 'Arnando' for revisiting this classic), newcomer glamour model Kirstie Patterson flashing her amazing melons (tallyhos from 'Ian'), Uma Thurman topless in her most dangerous liaison to date (classic young Uma from 'Owby'), the now pregnant Teresa Palmer quite topless in Restraint (Aussie goodness from 'Rita H.'), Miranda Kerr sextastic behind the scenes of her latest Cosmo shoot (uber-MILFiness via 'Contrado'), a Latina model named Maria that just had to be shared (had to by the insistent 'Steve L.'), Chloe Sevigny in one of her first of many topless roles (ta's don't cry by 'Iggy'), Nicole Beharie topless in Shame (many thanks to 'Jake'), Carey Mulligan one-upsmanship by being nekkid in the same film (holy tacos by 'Anon'), Candice Swanepoel nekkid from a temporarily posted Instagram photo (can not verify, but a bunch of you sent this in, thanks to all), Kesha nipple peek in new Pitbull video (nice eagle eyes by 'Choppy'), Cynthia Myers, Miss December '68 with some amazing funbags (reliving the moment is 'Darren'), telenovela star Michelle Vieth nekkid in her scandalous sex  tape from 2000 (a few sent this in including Ego veteran 'Jess D.'), Lucy Mecklenburgh covered topless in her 2014 calendar (transmitted by 'Chris'), Kate Winslet topless and getting it on in Little Children (Kate's precious pups sent by 'Raymund'), Kaley Cuoco busty in her pink bra (TV still hotness from 'Thomas'), Elisha Cuthbert memorable striptease (thrown over the fence by 'Evan'), Gina Gershon topless (wow, another wayback machine expose from 'Tiger'), sweet young Paulina Porizkova in a might fine bikini (hot body donated by 'Sweet J.'), Micaela Schaefer nekkid in the streets (more more Micaela from 'Stacey'), Penelope Cruz in another fine topless skinematic (such chesty hotness from 'Dub'), Miranda Kerr again, but this time nekkid in her Russell James photoshoot (black and white mammaries from 'Shawn'), Jenny McClain and her powerful punchy top (bodacious DD's contributed by 'Roman'), and Katee Sackhoff in a leggy new pictorial (gams of fineness from 'Stefon'). It's more than a barrel of laughs, it's a bushel of bare babes. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jessica Hart Topless, Noomi Rapace Nekkid, Jennifer Garner Crazy Hot, and Much Much More


What a week it has been in the world of the fine and faptastic celebrity hotties. The whirlwind of emotions I feel in any given week is often hard to handle. I wish we lived in a more civil time when men could punch the crap out of each other to cover their real human feelings. Alas, we don't, but there's still booze, and the kindness of simply the best audience since Al Gore invented this thing we call the Internet. And each Friday the audience gets together like a rogue ocean wave removing the bikini top off an unsuspecting hottie to produce something we like to call Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Sophie Howard young and scrumptious and topless (thank you to EgoReader 'Jason'), Jennifer Garner in a smoking hot James White photoshoot almost a decade old now (kudos to 'Brian B.'), the under-appreciated Gina Gershon looking wicked herself in a Daniela Federici shoot (pleasant surprises by way of 'Como'), A.J. Michalka and Aly Michalka in a recent sweltering bikini photoshoot (sisterly visual delights provided by 'Teresa'), Cindy Crawford young and topless (whoa, way back contribution from 'Damon'), Elizabeth Olsen topless in Martha Marcy May Marlene (a second look at her twin peaks from 'Owen'), Stacey Dash topless on the silver screen (dash away dash away spirit via 'Edmund'), Julianne Nicholson full frontal nekkid in her own quite moving picture (just so much goodness  from 'T.O.'), Jessica Alba amazing body show in Good Luck Chuck (Alba anything anytime sextastic sent by 'Justin'), thespian delight Shari Shattuck in her onscreen topless performance (ta-ta's provided by 'Deina'), Noomi Rapace nekkid lesbionics in one smoking righteous cinematic moment (Sapphic sushi slamming from the mind of 'Danielle'), Nicollette Sheridan flashing her hot body in lingerie in a silly film (silly hotness distributed by 'Ochoa'), Colombian hottie Alma Rodriguez topless in Soho magazine (sultry Latina goodness via 'Dez'), again with Jennifer Garner and a niplslip on set (seems at least semi-legit to quit from 'Mike'), Jessica Hart topless photos of various hot kinds (contributed thoughtfully by 'Chris'), quite fetching topless Scheana Marie from her turn in Femme Fatales (eagle-eyed by EgoReader 'Bob'), glamourous globe revealer Sam Bowden schoolgirl striptease (oh, naughty thing donated by 'Syllo'), and finally, some wicked hot photos of Bulgarian models from our photographer friend and long-time reader Kiril Stanoev. Just perfectly naughty nice work. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Elvira Topless, Jaime Pressly Topless, Jennifer Love Hewitt Wet T-Shirt, and Much Much More…


The weather outside might be frightful, but in the mail room at Egotastic! where we sort through the weekly contributions from the web's most educated readers, the mood is quite delightful. Yet another week of outstanding evidence of the broad and expansive nature of the love for all things sextastic celebrity, both past and present. I feel like one of those underdogs in the movie where by the end, even the bully jocks are rhythmically clapping to see him finally do a pull up or something. I get choked up sometimes thinking about it.

This week's Reader Finds includes our new favorite model hottie L.Shima topless and wicked alluring (many thanks to EgoReader 'Dan P.' for guiding our minds), Cassandra Peterson, better known as Elivra, topless back in the day (whoa kudos to 'Miles'), another clear look at Jaime Pressly topless in her epic film role (transmitted kindly by 'Evan G.'), South African sextastic Jay Antsey topless in Sleeper's Wake (by way of happy 'Elena'), Jacqui Holland bloody hot and topless (goriffic stills from 'Owen'), way back machine to Pam Grier floppy topless in the 70's (kickass Grier from the PC of 'Dave H.'), Jennifer Lopez hot boxer outtakes from V magazine (sultry sweaty goodness from 'Mary C.'), Irina Shayk BTS of her Beach Bunny shoot (hot Russian body goodness delivered by 'Trenny'), Jennifer Love Hewitt in wet t-shirt stills from The Client List (holy moly rackaroni via 'Tom H.'), Linda Blair topless from her legendary Oui magazine spread (classic sexorcism shots from 'P.P.'), Marcielle Bagetti topless Santa's helper hotness in Bella da Semana (sent by the giving soul of 'Kerry'), and, last but not least, from our friends at Girls Gone Wild, a lesbionic Sapphic lustful look at Charlie Sheen's new girlfriend, Brett Rossi. She is all that and a ham sandwich as my grandfather used to say. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jennifer Lopez Covered Topless, Zooey Deschanel Topless, Rose McGowan Dancing Nekkid, and Much Much More…


I know many of you are in line at Target and Walmart stores today to ensure that for only fifteen hours of time, you can save fifty bucks on a back massager slash happy time tool for the wife, but for those of you who have stuck it out today for your fix of all things sextastic skin-filled celebrity, boy have your fellow readers come through for you today. It's an honor and a privilege to share them with you today, even as my burps taste like turkey and Wild Turkey.

This week's Reader Finds includes Abigail Breslin not quite barely legal but soaking in a tub for Tyler Shields (thank you kindly EgoReader 'Jake'), Jennifer Lopez covered topless and faptastic in her forties (dually submitted by 'Walt' and 'Maarten'), Shannon Elizabeth American Pie higher def redux (we never grow weary of Shannon's double dippers, thanks 'Glenn'), Bijou Phillips au natural topless in Bully (wild child funbags via 'Marcie'), Tara Reid topless on the silver screen in Body Shots (from a time long ago, by 'Devon'), Danica Thrall topless in lingerie (submitted willfully by 'C.J.'), Zooey Deschanel, Ms. Cute and Spunky, quite topless in the pool (blessings from 'Wobbler'), Carice Van Houten flashing her hooters for theatrics (transmitted from the mind of 'Rico'), Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh topless in Single White Hotties (I modified that, but still love from 'Stasha'), Ellen Page in red undies flashing booty in deleted movie scene (kudos to 'Will G.' for that find), Megan Fox downright sexy in moving pictures (Foxy photos sent by 'Owen'), Penelope Cruz topless in Spanish flick (Cruz-tastics provided by 'Stephanie'), Charlotte Gainsbourg nekkid in Nymphomaniac (wowzer von Triers dropped on our stoop by 'Randall'), Rita Ora hella chesty in Rob Cable photoshoot (loves me some Rita, thanks 'Ronnie'), Denise Crosby topless in the wayback machine (80's skin delivered by 'Jack'), Tulisa Contostavlos flashing pink panties (delicious peeks from 'Terry D.'), Kelly McGillis nekkid Sapphic fun (whoa baby scissor kissing by 'Les'), Emily Ratajkowski showing off in a bikini (Emily, my moon and sun, from 'Altered'), and, last, but not least, a double dip of Monica Bellucci, first nekkid in the movies and then covered topless preggo in Vanity Fair (from the benevolent hands of 'Skyler' and 'Benjamin' respectively). Enjoy.