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READER FINDS: Maybe Rainey Qualley Topless, Shannen Doherty Definitely Topless, Nina Agdal Nipple Slip and Much Much More…


Well, hello there, Friday. Good day to you, kindest day of the week. You are more than just the foreplay to the weekend, you are my beloved second base. The home of all things soft and carressable. Each week we come together as a family unit on this particular day to share in our bounty and recall legends of the hunt. But mostly we just exchange a lot of celebrity nekkid photos, because hunting is way too much work.

This week's Reader Finds includes Elle Macpherson red hot in black and white (thank you to EgoReader 'Zen'), 80's throwback to Vanity topless onscreen (reach back from 'Robert'), Abbie Cornish sextastic for Esquire (bless you kind sir 'William'), Angelina Jolie topless in one of her memorably movie roles (sweet Angelina provided by 'Dave D.'), new to me Eun-woo Lee Topless in Moebius (quite a sweet sight via 'Omar'), Sharon Stone baring all back when so hot in Basic Instinct (all of Sharon brought to you by 'Melisse'), Jessica Biel covered topless in her epic Gear magazine shoot (more classics from the mind of 'Owen'), Nina Agdal flashing some nip and quite covered nekkid in SI photo by James Macari (special find from 'Rody'), a see-through boobtastic view of singer Chanel West Coast from her uncensored album art (thanks to a bunch of you who sent this in), more wet and sextastic photos of Hailee Lautenbach (thanks once again to 'Jimmy D.'), Johanna Lundback quite breathtaking topless (tossed onboard by 'Chris'), some delicious see-throughs of Lucy Mecklenburgh (thank you kindly 'Kurtis'), Andy MacDowell's daughter Rainey Qualley maybe topless, it's topless, maybe her from indie Found Upper Footage (thanks to Internet sleuth 'Dan B.' for this possibility), Jessica Brown Findlay topless in not Downton Abbey (kudos to 'Erica' for a lovely bit of ta-ta's), Shannen Doherty topless from 90210 days (wayback machine to topless mammaries by 'Daniel'), a double dose of Tanya Roberts topless from her heyday (hey, it's super hot Tanya thanks to 'Devon'), purported nekkid photos of German national team volleyballer, Saksia Hippe (oh, let it be real from 'Maria' in Deutschland), one nekkid painted Chilean music festival queen swimming (weird but gracious thanks to 'Lucas'), Orlando Bloom girlfriend Nora Arnezeder topless on the silver screen (bless you sweet 'Sarah'), and last, but never least, Reese Witherspoon cleavetastic fifteen years ago now at the Cruel Intentions movie premiere, dang (way to close out strong 'Robin'). Breathe it all in, can you smell the sextastic? Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Elle Macpherson Topless, Kelly Brook Topless, Farrah Fawcett Topless, and Much Much More…


May all your days be as good as Friday. Nobody ever says that, but they should. Sure, we're probably going to be flooded out of our lodgings here in Southern California where over an inch of rain could sweep us away like unprepared Noahs. But so long as we get in one more communal gathering to share in our skin-filled celebrity goods, I could go out to the deep blue a happy man

This week's Reader Finds includes Sofia Vergara sextastic modeling (thank you to EgoReader 'Bella'), our new favorite fitness model Michelle Lewin wearing little more than tape (quite a find from 'Styme'), Latina thespianic Ingrid Rubio topless on screen (kudos to 'Stan'), Brooklyn Decker steamy cleavy in her S.I. Legends shoot (wicked heat by 'Francis'), Farrah Fawcett classic topless caps (topless Angel provided by 'Owen'), some rare bikini shots of Melissa Joan Hart from Sabrina (sweet find by 'Dey'), Lea Seydoux model hotness (transmitted by 'Dave P.'), Elle Macpherson topless as a hot teen model (whoa baby via 'Steven'), Kelly Brook topless in Piranha 3D (Kelly never looked fine thanks to 'Steff'), Alexis Knapp topless on the silver screen (knappalicious sent by 'Worked'), Lisa Bonet topless in scary Angel Heart (Cosby daughter goodies by 'Damien'), Mary Louise Parker topless in classic film role (more old school ta-ta's from 'Frenchie'), Cerina Vincent flashing her impressive pair (lo and behold by 'Timm'), Natasha Richardson topless acting (thank you kindly to dear 'Wendell'), Shania Twain in one crazy hot portrait session (Shania lust prepped by 'Doobie'), Lucie Wilde being super naughty hot (gratitude to 'harashkupo'), Justin Bieber video girl hottie Cailin Russo topless candids (blessings from 'Joe'), Kate Lynn Bock see-through modeling pic (sweetness, ever so sweetly dropped off by 'Scott'), Kate Upton maybe a nipple slip in her SI photoshoot (I'm not super sure, but a ton of you sent this in, thanks), a nip sip of SI hottie model Gigi Hadid (many thanks to 'Jess D' for another great find), and, oh, yeah, there was this naughty that seems to be our new object d'lust Valentina Matteucci having her way with her topless self. I can't verify, but I know you'd like to try. Thank you to a whole mess of you who sent in various variations of this wicked adult clip which you can see here (**NSFW LINK WARNING). Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Vida Guerra Bare Asstastic, Anastasia Ashley Tender Nips, Winter Olympics Nekkid Athletes, and Much Much More…


I think of Friday as my girlfriend. That is, if I treat Friday super nice, it won't throw a lamp at my head when I ask if I can bring Saturday into the bedroom with us. It truly is my favorite day of the week, and not just because it's a solid excuse for afternoon cocktails. But because it's the day we all get together to share our most fondest of skin-filled celebrity surprises to share with one another. A little tradition that began back in 1904 known informally as Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Lizzy Caplan reduxed and topless from MoS (thank you kindly EgoReader 'Devon'), Elizabeth Olsen in much clearer shots of her funbags in Oldboy (way to go 'Jose'), Greta Gerwig ta-ta's on screen (via the helpful 'Doug'), Kristen Connolly topless from HoC (delivered by 'Lady Eve'), Erin Fee in a delicious natural shoot (kudos to 'Parnell'), Jennifer Garner working her stuff in a sextastic mommy shoot (thanks much to 'Evers'), Lea Seydoux even more topless modeling goodness (Frenchie skin provided by 'James'), Vida Guerra flashing her amazing bum in lingerie (wowzer handed over by 'Tom H.'), Scarlett Johansson looking hottie glamorous (transmitted by 'Steven'), Halle Berry famously flashing her berries (sweets provided by 'Daniel'), Kelly McGillis topless from the 80's (flashback finery from the mind of 'Hub'), Amy Locane similarly flashing her top on film (those were the days, lent to us by 'Jim T.'), Alexis Knapp and Megan Stevenson exhibiting their wares on the silver screen (sweet holy moleys done did by 'Francis'), Brooklyn Decker steamy caps from Esquire (smoking hotness thrown in by 'Rochelle'), Bryana Holly undressed in a killer black and white photoshoot (loveliness provided by 'Squall'), Debby Ryan deliciously busty in a promo shot (oh, my, oh, my delivered by 'Aaron'), Abigail Clancy nip slip at Fashion Week (hello Clancy nip, thanks to 'Steve P.'), Snowboarding champ Isabella Labock in the German bunny magazine (many thanks to 'lh'), Kate Mara MAYBE topless in a shot of a photograph in HoC (totally unconfirmed by definiely dream worthy Kate teats provided by a million and one of you, thank you all), the hot-bodied and happily named Helga Lovekaty showing off her goodness (many gracias to 'Mike'), crazy hot model Hailee Lautenbach with so much potential (referred hapoily by 'Jimmy D.'), Samantha Hoopes nip slip at SI Afterparty this week (nice Instagram catch by 'Andrew'), a couple better looks at the Kendall Jenner see-through runway pics (thanks again to a ton of you who sent in various versions of Kendall nips), Simon Cowell's baby mama Lauren Silverman upskirt on vacation (peekaboo picture provided by 'David S.'), purported full-frontal of Slovenian skier Tina Maze (submitted by yet another friendly 'James T.'), some hot topless shots of Italian beauty Valentina Matteucci (bless you, 'Jamie'), and one very nice peek at the nips of Anastasia Ashley from her SI shoot (virulently promoted by 'Chestman'). This is a mouthful, two handfuls, and perhaps at least one left foot worth of celebrity skin, but do try to get through it all. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Xenia Deli Topless, Danica Patrick Nip Slip, Kelly Brook Nekkid and Much Much More…


A friend of mine recently said he felt bad for people who spend the whole week waiting for the weekend because they must hate their jobs. He's a less intelligent friend. That's like saying just because you can't wait for dessert, you didn't like the meal. I dig what I do here five days a week, but I must admit, I do look forward to Fridays, the beginning of the respite, and the chance not to have to use the communal toilet for my midday cleanse. There is perhaps no greater feeling for a man than returning to his home throne. And Friday also brings my very favorite post of the week, our weekly Reader Finds in which you, the scientifically proven most intelligent entertainment site audience on the web reach into your own cookie jars to share a sweet wafer with the digisphere on here. I feel jubilant at these times.

This week's Reader Finds includes Kate Moss quite topless from i-D magazine (thank you to EgoReader 'Daniel' for getting us started), Aida Becheanu nekkid in a Lukas Dvorak photoshoot (many deserving thanks to 'Anon'), Alice Dwyer topless on the silver screen (delivered herein by 'Steve F.'), a redux of Katie Holmes topless in her boobtastic thriller (we could never grow weary of Holmes bits from 'Darren'), Kate Dickie quite topless in Filth (hot and naughty via 'Evan'), Lea Seydoux topless in Marie Claire (spotted deftly by 'Joanna C.'), ginger hottie Deborah Ann Woll looking might fine in a Tyler Shields photoshoot (redheaded goodness provided by 'O.W'), Miranda Kerr topless in a black and white Chris Colls shoot (Aussie sextastic via 'Len'), Kelly Brook nekkid and bloody from Exhibition magazine (whoa Kelly by way of 'Eddie'), Keira Knightley topless in the boudoir (lovely lean lass goodness transmitted by 'Franz'), Nickie and Sandra baring tops on Big Brother Denmark this season (Danish teats handed over by 'Root'), Josephine Decker nekkid in the moving pictures (submitted by happy 'Harrison'), Kelly McDonald topless in her big Irish drug flick (the lifes of Reilly dropped off by 'Derek'), Beverly D'Angelo and Ellen's girl Portia de Rossi topless in Women in Film (multigenerational mams via 'Tobin'), Claudia Schiffer hot in Vogue Germany (mmm, Schiffer sextastic from 'Linda'), my future wife Edita Vilkeviciute topless in one crazy arthouse short (teats of the future Mrs. thrown over the fence by 'Diggs'), Xenia Deli topless hotness in music video (treasure among treasures via 'Ethan'), Naomi Watts bare boobtastic onscreen (I do so love Naomi, many thanks to 'Russ B.'), shots I believe that ran a long time ago in Hustler of Sheryl Crow nekkid changing (kudos on this archival arrangement from 'Nightwolf'), Karen Gillan bare buttockals (see cheek meat via 'ilvlinz'), Laura Vandervoort hot bottom in Bitten (many appreciative thanks for 'Bill S.', not me), Danica Patrick accidentally baring nip in a selfie from an SI photoshoot (kudos to a man known only as 'D'), Elizabeth McGovern topless in not one, but two classic films (another nod to 'Nightwolf'), and last, but not at all least, a covered topless selfie from Kendall Jenner on Instagram (thank you kindly, EgoReader 'Joe'). Now, that is a handful of celebrity skin. Dang. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Diane Lane Topless, Laura Linney Topless, Jenna Marbles Nip Slip, and Much Much More


Blessed be the mother of all days, Friday, the maidenhead of the week if you will, which births us into the weekend of recreation, restoration, and for approximately 84% of you, masturbation. It's okay, you're not going to hell. Not for that at least. Especially not today when we celebrate the communal spirit that runs deep in the Egotastic! neighborhood, the gathering together for the sharing of the social honeypot we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Diane Lane topless veteran hotness in a deleted scene from Unfaithful (thank you kindly to EgoReader 'Buck'), French styled Juliette Binoche topless in her prime on the silver screen (kudos to the early 90's capture from 'Glenn'), Tom Cruise's first wife Mimi Rogers flashing full frontal in skinema grandeur (tossed into our yard by 'Grady'), Natasha Poly getting Frenchy topless (blessings from 'Ian'), Alexandra Daddario leggy hotness in a new photoshoot (somebody named 'Ben B.' knows we have a major Daddario crush), Laura Linney in a wicked fine topless performance (transmitted by 'Denev'), classic throwback to 70's full frontal Susan Blakely (whoa bushy happy days from 'Steve G.'), Candice Swanepoel nekkid in a Russell James shoot (deliciousness by way of 'Fran'), yummy Caitlin Wynters topless goodness in Loaded (delivered to our doorstep by 'David P.'), the sultry Karen Carreno in early day bikini modeling pics (vavoom delivered by 'Owen'), Paris Hilton nip slip before the Grammys (a Barbie nip view from 'Anon'), Samantha Hoopes Guess lingerie model goodness (thank you much to 'Danielle'), Lizzy Brochere getting it on for the screen (gratefulness to 'Raoul D.'),  the ever so slightest of nip slips from Jenna Mourney aka Jenna Marbles (eagled eyed by '@Wit'), Chrissy Teigen full on nip slip in bikini photoshoot (lovely find by 'Todd'), late 70's Christie Brinkley flashing some serious bush (discovered by the beaver-focused 'Kurtis'), Barbara Palvin nip slip backstage (kudos goes out to 'Heinz'), Brazilian babe Fabiana Semprebom topless modeling pic (quick and pleasant find from 'Chris'), Paz de la Huerta bloody unclothed for Nurse 3D promo pics (cinematic discovery from 'Cazuela'), and last, but never least, Pamela Anderson in topless stills from her extended musical interlude in Barbwire (blonde bombshell boobtastic provided by 'Dean'). Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Anne Vyalitsina Topess, Kristen Stewart See-Through Bottom, Maybe Lindsey Duke Nekkid, and Much Much More…


Could it possibly be we've not only come to the end of the week, but also to the end of January of the year of the sextastic 2014. Time really does fly when you're using your mind power appropriately to leer at ridiculously hot mostly undressed women. It beats paperwork by a good margin. As is our custom, on Friday mornings, or afternoons if those mornings be a bit clouded with stupor, we open up the Egotastic! mailbag to see what treasures all of you are dying to share with, well, all of you. It's a magical circle of sharing we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Aimee Teegarden bikini goodness (thanks to EgoReader ''Stan' for this delightful sight), Candice Swanepoel topless can never be wrong (handed off by 'Tony D.'), Daisy Lowe topless in I-D magazine (ooh, Lowe goodness from 'Devon'), Kristine Rose topless on the silver screen (thank you kindly to 'Rose'), Emily Watson nekkid on camera early in her career (distributed gracefully by 'Charlie'), Weronika Rosati  topless and hot in the canceled series Luck (ta-ta goodness provided by 'Len G.'), Kristen Stewart in a see-through dress bottom (transmitted warmly by 'Andrew B.'), Laura Vandervoort sideboob on SyFy (eagle-eyed by 'Bill S.'), the inimitable Rosie Jones topless in a Ketchup photoshoot (mmm good via 'Steve H.'), Tiffani Amber Thiessen old school wet and see-through (jolt of the 90210 from 'Jules'), the delicious Candice Boucher flashing her funbags (candy's canes dropped off by 'Stu'), throwback to Carrie Fisher in her Princess Leia days bikini for Rolling Stone (never ceased to be amazed, kudos to 'Danny'), cyber hottie Leanna Decker flashing her gorgeous puppies (what a wonderful gift from 'Tish'), Italian pageant queen Martina Colombari topless modeling hotness (views of this sextastic sent by 'Regos'), Martina Rajic quite smoking hot and topless (bless you kindly, 'Morgan'), Lara Stone topless in her own I-D shoot (gap-toothed hot body via 'Ronald'), Marija Grujic wicked hot in The Men Magazine (sultry views handed over by 'Len'), Paz de la Huerta somehow being not nekkid on camera (weirdly enticing bits from 'Stoney'), Anne Vyalitsina topless in Elle France (beautiful betties caught by 'Chris'), Cannuckian sweetheart Danielle Knudson topless modeling pic (uncovered by both 'Tony' and 'Chris' simultaneous like), Leah Renee flashing her more than worthy bare cans (submitted humbly by 'Tom'), sweet and sultry Laura Giraudi topless delights (gracias to sr. 'Chris'), and last, but maybe not least, what may or may not be UCF QB Blake Bortle's hot model girlfriend, Lindsey Duke, in a leaked nekkid selfie (thanks to the folks at krustysox for that head's up -- though again, unconfirmed still quite so). Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Rachel McAdams Topless, Jena Malone Nekkid, Rumer Willis Lesbionics, and Much Much More…


Each Friday we gather around the Egotastic! eco-friendly and carbon-neutral faux-log burning campfire to share our triumphs and sorrows of the past week, chew on some homemade beef jerky that Hank bought in the store but pretends he makes at home, and open up the reader mail to see what riches it reveals. It's like a Christmas of sextastic skin each and every week, if Santa had a permanent hard-on and a penchant for celebrity knockers. Which, in fact, he might.

This week's Reader Finds includes French actress and Presidential affair d'jour, Julie Gayet, topless and poking (many thanks to EgoReader 'Martin'), former Miss Kentucky Whittney Allen looking model hot (kudos to 'Vivian' for this discovery), Katy Cocktease see-through goodness in an Asian magazine (sent literally by 'nobody'), a bit of a lip slip we missed on Anais Zanotti (eagle-eyed by 'Mash'), a better look at the bare lady nest of Alexandra Daddario in that epic scene from True Detective (eye-spied by the little eyes of both 'Stan' and 'Arthur'), even more potential misses by us of an underwear-less Carmen Electra (potential bare upskirt caught by both 'Bobbie' and 'Kurt'), another sweet look at classic Alyssa Milano in her most topless embrace ( submitted passionately by 'Sarah'), Anne Hathaway in her best topless feature to date (images of Anne's puppies via 'Dave P.'), Emma Greenwell quite topless in the third season of Shameless ('Bryan' must know of my Greenwell lust), Russian model Mirgaeva Galinka looking might fine in Twitpics (inspired by 'Luis' who is her biggest fan), a redux of Lizzy Caplan and her faptastic funbags (blessing sent from 'Scott'), Ali Larter in her younger days looking swimsuit fine (throwback Larter provided by 'Devon'), Moldovan hottie Xenia Deli quite nekkid in Lovecat magazine (oh, my oh my, via 'Sloane'), Christina Hendricks doing her thing during a classy sexy photoshoot (my love of Joanne shall never fade thanks to 'Sweep'), Jena Malone quite nekkid in S Magazine (always a treat to see Jenna's all-overs, from 'Ryan'), Rachel McAdams topless in her best performance ever (good topless tidings from 'Evan C.'), Sarah Silverman covered topless in Susan 313 (comedic almost transmitted by 'Ems'), Thandie Newton topless on the silver screen (muchas gracias to 'Steve'), Taylor Cole and Rumer Willis making out for the love of acting (humbly handed off by 'Benny'), Helen Hunt full frontal veteran goodness (three points of light submitted by 'Ed G.'), Ludvine Sagnier French styled topless work (courtesy of 'Amanda'), Abigail Clancy looking uber-fine in a Frank White photoshoot (oh, Clancy, from the mind of 'Pish'), Ashleigh Jade in lingerie for Kandy magazine (sizzle alert provided by 'Wenz'), Nikkala Stott topless sweet delicious goodness (my heart is racing thanks to 'Brie'), the striking Tatiana Gil covered topless hotness in Soho (one of the most alluring women in the world via 'Street'), Shakira sextastc promo of her latest music video (midget allure from 'Dan'), and last, but most definitely not in any way least, blonde Brazilian bombshell Yasmin Assis topless outdoors (whoa babies dropped off by 'Michael'). It is almost too much, and yet, never enough! Enjoy.