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READER FINDS: Victoria Silvstedt Nip Slips, Ariana Grande Upskirt, Elisabetta Canalis Topless, and Much Much More…


Our first official Reader Finds of summer. This has sort of become an annual tradition wherein while reading through your mail, I grill some hot dogs and drink one too many beers and get in a fight with my Uncle over some kind of foreign policy matter neither of us really no anything about. Beer definitely makes you smarter and more engaged. As the weather heats up, so does the temperatures rise in the celebrity skin all of you send to me to return to all of you. I'm like the government, but even lazier.

This week's Reader Finds includes Victoria Silvstedt flashing nipples on European TV and Paulina Rubio see-through funbags in a sheer top (a double dose of thank you to EgoReader 'Benioff'), Kim Cattrall topless on the silver screen (loves me some Kim C. courtesy of 'Wes'), Emma Thompson going topless British style (thank you, governor goes out to 'Steve P.'), Swedish hottie Elsa Hosk topless for a jewelry campaign (love those Euro pimping shots via 'Toscano'), Eva Green topless in her epic Dreamers role (classically submitted by 'Jennifer'), Keeley Hazell topless in one of her rare film roles (oh, blessed Keeley by way of 'John'), Stacey Dash topless from her Clueless days (oh, my my my's handed over by 'Oliver'), Emily Blunt topless and driving me crazy (Emily's ta's contributed by 'Angel T.'), Greek hottie Maria Alexandrou topless in the sea (ode to a Grecian funbag via 'Panos' from, Luci Ford nip slip ala Bo Derek (eagle eyed by 'Travis'), wicked nekkid Jessie Andrews goodness (sampled wonderfully by 'Don Juan'), Hayley Williams apparent nip slip in concert (scouted faithfully by 'Mario G.'), Elisabeta Canalis topless modeling pictures (so very Italiana hot via 'Anzio'), Ariana Grande flashing upskirt in concert (sweet peek up the cheeks from 'Michael G.'), model Alex Hanson covered topless hot (kudos to 'Ben' for this Miami vice), Laura Giraudi crazy hot and barely covered body cray (pimped strong and hard by 'Allan'), Kaley Cuoco bra and busty TV caps (Kaley is always visual sunshine thanks to 'Ramsey'), Julianne Moore forever topless, forever hotness (veteran ginger boobies from the mind of 'Nick T.'), Thandie Newton topless and ever so dramatic (Thandie's candies provided by 'Eve'), and, last, but never least, underrated hottie Jennifer Akerman modeling pictures (I'm in lust thanks to 'Dennis').

READER FINDS: Cindy Crawford Nip Slip, Selena Gomez Camel Toe, A Ton of Orange is the New Black Topless, and Much Much More…


People often ask me what the Reader Finds email bag looks like. Well, it's made of black crushed velvet, sewn together by the virgin hands of girls who have never known sin. There's a red draw string to signify the blood sweat and tears that go into your contributions. Also, because red was the only color they had at the store. And, finally, it's perfumed regularly with the aroma of vanilla and sweat extracted from the purloined towels of hot female celebrities at the Equinox gym. The aroma alone could render you a drooling mumbling idiot. At least, that's my excuse. Well, let's open it up and see what we find...

(Credits to follow shortly, suffice it to say, this is damn awesome)

READER FINDS: Lily Allen Topless, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley See-Through, Jessica Pare Topless, and Much Much More


Summer's almost here, my friends. Which means swimming in modestly contaminated pools, gorging on charred meat, and girls trying out their new bikinis isn't far behind. And while each season brings with it it's very own set of happy time rituals, the communal gathering around the firepit of the faptastic is something we do here all year long. There is no single season for friendship and family. Something I like to think we are all here. Even if I'm the redheaded stepchild and you're the evil brother Chet who keeps beating on me and stealing my stuff. Ah, family. Now, onto the skin.

This week's Reader Finds includes gloriously hot Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a see-through photoshoot of hotness (thank you kindly EgoReader 'Dustin'), Sharon Stone quite topless in Basic Instinct 2 (yeah, they made that and 'Bellamy' found it), Jessica Biel in a stunning James White photoshoot (goodness via 'Stan G.'), Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in their unforgettable lesbionics (a classic from the mind of 'Danny'), Mexi-adult star Kitten Natividad taking it all off (quite crazy, but nekkid from 'Loo'), Kaley Cuoco in that see-through tank top (luscious humps dropped off by 'Maria'), Carmen Brundler crazy hot in lingerie (somebody knows of our crush on Carmen, thanks 'Brandon'), Sherri Rose nekkid on the silver screen (90's throwback from 'Kev'), Sara Mitich topless in her more recent sequel (topless ta-ta's via 'Jaden'), Jaime Pressly highlighting her goodies (more classics from the mind of 'Sweetz'), Shannon Tweed showing off why Gene scooped her up (skinemax boobtastic provided by 'Freddy'), Allie Mason stunning in FHM Turkey (inspired in the least by 'Diego B.'), Kathryn Winnick cleavy hotness (promoted by the "Cronners'), Vanessa Hessler wicked alluring for Guess! (thank you kindly to 'Wheels'), Lucy Clarkson bare butt in Britain (cheeky treats from 'Anzio'), Miss Finland Sara Chafak looking sweet on Instagram (kudos to 'Markus' for pimping the home turf), Aussie soap star Lisa Gormley topless wardrobe malfunction (eye spied by the curious 'Mick'), Clare Lago model hot for ICON (spotted diligently by 'almendros'), delicious Joy Corrigan quite nekkid (contributed thoughtfully by 'Rob W.'), Miley Cyrus covered topless pimping Bangerz (somebody named 'Ian' has an eye for Miley), Jessica Pare topless on the big screen (lovely Mad Mammaries via 'Kent'), and last, but not least, Britty Lily Allen topless modeling for the heck of it (donated today by 'Dansk'). It's a lot to get through, but bear down, commit, achieve. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Heidi Klum Lingerie, Milla Jovovich Topless, Maggie Gyllenhaal Nekkid, and Much Much More


It's a known fact that I kiss the very first person who tells me that it's Friday. I mean, when it is actually Friday. I know your tricks garbage man Pete who keeps trying to fool me on Thursdays. There's no mistaking my giddiness on a day when I get to reach my hand into our bag of reader e-mails and loose assorted sticks of chewing gum and paper clips and extract the weekly treats. Now, we can't print everything you guys and even better, girls, send in. Sometimes it's been previously published, sometimes there are issues with the photos, and sometimes we just don't think selfies of your grandmother taking a bath are all that enticing. No offense, Jarls. But trust me when I say, we appreciate them all. Full chests, open tops can't lose. On to Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Jewel holding her ta-ta in TJ Scott's awesome In the Tub photobook (thank you to EgoReader 'Michael G.'), a camel toe from Princess Letizia, the about to be Queen of Spain (eagled-eyed by 'John B.'), a cleavy Instagram of Demi Rose, erstwhile model (kudos to 'Dinero M.'), Malena Costa topless beneath the sun (Spanish tetas courtesy of 'Chris'), Barbara Fialho topless and wicked hot (well, heck, also from 'Chris'), Heidi Klum way back machine lingerie (silky goodness from 'Ted'), Emily Blunt sextastic in photoshoot form (many kind expressions for 'Julie N.'), Adrianne Curry cleavetastic training (benevolent beauty from 'Ian'), Milla Jovovich topless with plenty of game (young Milla goodness from 'Flannery'), Kristina Tsvetkova topless from Institute Magazine (Russian model hotness via 'Jose'), Kate Winslet bedroom hot in Vanity Fair (underrated sextastic pimped by 'Devon'), Anna Nicole Smith topless in her brief dramatic career (distributed kindly by 'Serg'), Maggie Gyllenhaal nekkid stripped and searched (love them Maggie mams from 'Steven J.'), Amanda Donohoe topless on an island (beachy goodies courtesy of 'James'), Dawn Olivieri topless on the silver screen (lovely lady humps by 'Castle'), Elizabeth Hurley topless in her own pre-star turn (more model goodies dropped off by 'Diana'), Mariel Hemingway topless and ooh la la (lovely bubblies from 'Ron W.'), Anja Rubik topless shoot by Paolo Roversi (you know I dig Anja, thanks 'Lil'), Cora Keegan in a delicious nekkid shot (more hot skin thanks to 'Millford'), Michelle Pfeiffer momentarily topless onscreen (lovely 80's catch from 'Tomas'), Sherilyn Fenn and Kristy McNichol topless lovelies (I almost forgot about this skintastic moment from 'Rach'), lovely Eliza Cummings in bra and panties (visual blessings via 'Sam'), Katy Perry cleavy in concert (lovely yams from 'Darren'), and, last, but hardly least, a pair of pert young Melanie Griffith 70's ta-tas (just outstanding peep from 'Gene'). This might be too much, if too much celebrity sextastic were even possible. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Vanessa Hudgens Sextastic, Drew Barrymore Topless, Ariana Grande Upskirt, and Much Much More…


You people are the gift that keeps on giving. I'd like to thank you, and if by chance you're reading this at a place of work, your boss for paying you for the privilege of spending time with us each day (you'd better be coming daily). And, naturally, for the many of your who gladly share a bit of your own skintastic treasures with the entire community so that each week we may sound the trumpets of Asgard and unfurl the bounty of the weekly Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Yara Khmidan all kinds of hot modeling (blessings to EgoReader 'Glenn' who knows of my new found lust), Canadian model Bianca Beauchamp quite nekkid and full frontal (thanks to 'Maynard'), a double dose of Chloe Bennet camel toe and hot Instagram pics (respectfully submitted by 'Carl'), Genevieve Morton topless goodness (kudos to the findings of 'Chris'), Samantha Janus topless on the British tele (much obliged to 'Karl J.'), Heathyr Hoffman wearing just a little ta-ta tape (fetish find courtesy of 'Ron W.'), Rebecca Creskoff topless in Hung (love them Creskoffs via 'Tanya'), Bella Thorne in a saucy photoshoot (lovely visuals from 'Damon G.'), Vanessa Hudgens leggy sweet and alluring (minxy wonderment dropped off by 'Eric'), Mimi Rogers full-frontal bare curves (winner winner funbag dinner via 'Owen'), Tamara Tunie topless on the silver screen (lovely bits provided by 'Dashel'), Elizabeth Hurley chesty bare peaches on film (ooh la las by way of 'Jason T.'), Drew Barrymore topless in her own dramatic role (oh, Gertie, gets me every time, thanks 'Buck'), Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea flashing upskirts at the Billboard Awards (sweet panties-clad find from 'Frohman'), Cortney Palm quite nekkid in the shower (skinematics transmitted by 'Sweetz'), Amber Heard flashing her own perfect funbags (yet more skinema from the mind of 'Peter'), Nabilla Bennatia see-through top in Cannes (from the dearest 'Anon'), Sonja Bennett topless in one very dirty sounding movie (eagle-eyed by the good 'Grace'), Lady Gaga showing off her wares for Mariano Vivanco (weird, but provocative offering from 'Stan'), Freida Pinto looking forever and ever more hot (photoshoot speared by 'Jose F.'), Rebecca De Mornay exhibiting her dramatic perty udders (thank you kindly to 'Jeff'), and Noelle Evans in her own topless turn (ta-ta's spotted by 'Dempster'). Now, don't you feel much better. I know I do. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Amber Heard Lingerie Sextastic, Cindy Crawford Nekkid, Juno Temple Topless and Much Much More…


There was so much tender lusting skintastic in the reader email bag today, I near had to use a stepladder just to get to the top letters. Every Friday I feel like Santa toward Christmas, only he has to actually make stuff for everybody who whines about wanting a new toy, we do the reverse here, we whine and you guys send us the hottest of toys. I'm not exactly sure how we ever got so blessed, but I'll assume it's in exchange for something really horrible in a past life, like being a venomous snake or a Kardashian. Either way, we never look a gift horse in the mouth, not when she looks like these ladies we have to share today in a little something we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes hottie to trot topless pics of Estella Warren (thank you to EgoReader 'Steven M'), alt brunette hottie Mellisa Clarke in the bubble bath (blessings from 'Keith'), the smoking hot stylings of Noelia Rios (received from the hands of 'Sam P.'), Emily Didonato quite hot and topless (tossed in our yard by 'Chris'), the long legs of Stephanie McMahon (submitted by 'WWEFAN' go figure), Cindy Crawford quite nekkid hot shot by Herb Ritts (jointly transmitted by 'Will S.' and 'Bob J.'), Kat Sheridan topless on the silvery screen (more tidings from 'Benoit'), January Jones hot lingerie in GQ (lovely lovelies via 'Tony'), Amber Heard black and white lingerie goodness (hottie in a wig peeks from 'Stacey'), young Jane March topless in The Lover (ooh la las from 'Smoker'), Asian actress Gangsuji topless and dramatic (Eastern goodies by way of 'Alex T.'), Monica Bellucci in even more topless cinematics (Monica oh Monica contributed by 'Owen'), Mimi Rogers more topless drama (yams of glory provided by 'Dennis C.'), Mini Anden bra hottie in Chuck (big feelings for Mini thanks to 'Gleez'),  Sherrie Rose and Melissa Behr nekkid and fooling around in film roles (lovely ladies touching by 'Eric'), Juno Temple with her own frontal berries (much obliged to 'Corey D.'), our new young friend Luma Grothe in bikini test Polaroids (sweet find from 'Francis'), a double dose of Mena Suvari topless skinematics (she does play the naughty one so well, thanks 'Will R.'), Mindy Robinson fabulous bare funbags (submitted kindly by 'Rose'), Sharon Stone in a more recent role flashing her new hooters (eagle-eyed spied by 'Derek'), Demi Moore severe chest pokies in a commercial (throwback find by 'Early'), and our lovely little Aussie model Zippora Seven with her clothes off once more (sweet teat treats from 'Kimmy'). Now, that is a handful of hotness that tastes good both going down and coming out. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Brooklyn Decker Topless Hot, Karlie Kloss Topless, Lindsay Lohan Fresh Upskirt Lip Slip, and Much Much More…


Well, hello there Friday. Only the best day of the week, like a good friend who comes with a cold six pack of beer and a pizza and says, hey, buddy, should I invite some supermodels over to share the grub with us? Yes, that describes my favorite day of the week when I get to open up the reader email bag and see what revealing goodies Santa's helpers have cobbled together to pass out to all the boys and girls. You never disappoint me, so it's my privilege each week to share with you the weekly Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Brooklyn Decker in not one, but dos wicked hot photoshoot classics (thank you to EgoReader 'Ben'), Penelope Cruz and her epic funbags topless on screen (muchas gracias para ta-ta's to 'Evan B.'), Laura Keller quite chesty exposed on film (kudos to 'S.P.' for this find), a new enhanced look at Katie Holmes memorable topless moment ('Peter' also digs Katie's puppies), Karlie Kloss model topless in Muse magazine (Windy City born goodies by way of 'Owen'), Michelle Johnson ta-ta throwback from Blame It On Rio (oh, man, such wonderful thespianic yams via 'Sessions'), Lindsay Lohan little bit of black panties lip slip upskirt (I think this is fairly recent lippage from 'Andrew B.'), Odette Annable formerly Yustman in sweet covered topless photos (whoa hotnesss delivered by 'Tom C.'), Joanna Krupa and Marta Krupa bikini hot for Ralph magazine (sisterly lovelies from 'Stan'), Jacinda Barrett beautiful bodacious and topless (nice natties from 'Nancy'), Greta Scacchi topless in 80's cinema (lovely Greta handed over by 'Garces'), Arielle Dombasle with some memorable mammaries (there's nothing wrong with hot girls with perfect yams, thanks 'Derek G.'), Kristin Scott Thomas showing off her Scott and Thomas (full frontal memories via 'Michael'), Kate Upton cleavy for Skullcandy (yummy Kate donated by 'Sweetz'), more Penelope Cruz sweet teat treats (I can't get enough of P.C, thanks 'Len A.'), Carla Gugino in her fiery Esquire shoot (underrated hotness sent in by 'Thomas'), a young Demi Moore modeling quite hotly (love the young throwbacks from 'Gwen'), Clemence Poesy topless on the silver screen (French styled chestal goodness via 'Limon'), Debbie St. Pierre sweet sextastic modeling shots (lovely find from 'Francis'), Jennifer Lopez bikini shot from Pirelli and a look at J-Lo cameltoe (double down reveals transmitted by 'Mike T.'), a redux of Lady Gaga nekkid in V Magazine (lady up and down chucked into our yard by 'Stone'), and Sophie Howard inimitably topless hotness poolside (faptastic udders discovered by 'Les').