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READER FINDS: Elizabeth Hurley Topless, Paz de la Huerta Nekkid, Kate Upton Boobtastic, and Much Much More…

Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Shoot in the Philippines 2011
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Oh, glorious last Friday before Black Friday when middle aged people will trample old people buying gifts for young people in perhaps the most perverted Circle of Life demonstration ever. I shall miss those of you who don’t make it ever so dearly. But, time marches on, heals all wounds, and names lame people to their Person of the Year edition. Thus, on this Friday, we turn out attention and optical lenses toward the velveteen pouch that contains this week’s content of reader submitted skin, flesh, and funbags. A little invention that since 1911 we’ve been calling, Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Kate Upton in her first big bikini shoot (oh, my my’s thanks to EgoReader ‘Brett’), Madonna topless in some of her stellar screen work (dramatic, no, topless, yes, via ‘Owen’), Chloe Sevigny nekkid in Purple (full Chloes courtesy of ‘Stag’), Jane March topless thespianic (lovely lovelies by way of ‘Marco’), Elizabeth Hurley topless in her beginning days (big hair and funtops sent by ‘Steven’), Edie Falco topless and revelatory (Falco peaches presented by ‘Damon’), India Reynolds topless in Zoo (India glorious views promoted by ‘Stacey’), wicked hot Morena Baccarin baring teats in Homeland (how I lust Morena, ‘Evan G.’ knows that), Abbie Cornish topless and fruitful (British besties tosses into the mix by ‘Merv’), Paz de la Huerta nekkid fun times (pleasantly prurient views by ‘David R.’), Evangeline Lily bra and panties screencaps (lost was I ere I saw Lily, from ‘Bruce’), Kate Beckinsale topless and inspiring (pre-MILF Kate still so beautiful, via ‘Ryan’), Swedish TV lovely Emma Zetterberg topless in Cafe magazine (tussen takk shout out to ‘Lusen’), Lucy Lui nip slip from Elementary (caught by so many of you I can’t count, thanks to all!), the blessedly hot Marion Cotillard just simply stunning (many obliges go out to ‘Jean-Yves’), Sophie Howard stunning topless selfies (I could sleep in those pillows, just outstanding ‘Regan’), Emma Frain topless with a topless buddy (buddy system perfected by ‘Jonathan’), and last but not least, Euro-lovely Valerie Kaprrinsky quite nekkid in a beautiful work of cinematic art (kudos to ‘Poppy’ for the throwback visual delights). I’m not going to sugar coat this. It’s a lot of nekkid celebrity flesh. If you can’t handle it, I’ll still respect you. Or not. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Rihanna Crazy Sexy Oily, Lily Allen Topless Oops, Elizabeth Olsen Topless And Much Much More…

Rihanna Sexy Esquire Screenshots 2014
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The apex of the week has been achieved. If apex means end, I can never remember. Here were are on a Friday. The tech team began drinking here at Egotastic! on Wednesday just to get a head start. One beer between them and their pretty much snookered for 72 hours. Their pale skinny bodies are uniquely unable to process alcohol. As for the rest of us here in the penthouse basement suite, we don’t touch a drop of the good stuff until we’ve carefully reviewed all the goodies in the goody bag known as Reader Finds. And this week’s bag has some goodies alright.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Rihanna greasy boobtastic in Esquire behind the scenes (thank you to EgoReader ‘Justin B’), Lily Allen funbags slipping out on British TV (kudos to ‘Marcus” for this treasure), Erin O’Brien ginger topped Jailbait (wow, luscious lovely stills from ‘Ben B.’), Rosanna Arquette topless in her hey day (hey days via ‘Kenny’), Sharon Hinnendael in not one, but two getting jiggy with topless girls fun parts (visual treats courtesy of ‘Eileen’), sisterly topless Lynette and Leigh Harris classic skinematic lust (dropped off kindly by ‘Sir Jest’), Virginia Madsen an unsung hero of the topless thespianics (delivered to the doorstep by ‘Francis’), Anne Hathaway quite topless in her early work (luscious Hathaways from the mind of ‘Devon’), Scarlett Johansson cleavage in Lucy (delightful melons thanks to ‘O-Bomb’), Gillian Jacobs topless perfect ta-ta’s (oh, what a visual day with help from ‘Ben O’), Mimi Rogers and her epic epic bare funbags (first wife of Cruise treats a la ‘Owen D.’), Marisa Tomei such underrated hottie bare tops (loves me some Tomei promoted by ‘Sullivan’), Elizabeth Olsen flashing her sweet teatly treats (the finest Olsen sister bare via ‘Steve H.’), Keira Knightly topless untouched in Interview magazine (submitted by so many of you god-fearing readers, thanks), Calvin Klein would be model Myla Delbasio nekkid modeling pics (she’s not “fat” Calvin, she’s perfect, much obliged to ‘David M.’), and last but not least, Gwendoline Christie statuesque and nekkid without her armor on (lovely addition by ‘Michael G.’). You can’t handle the tubes! Or can you? Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Amanda Seyfried Topless, Lucy Liu Moist Frontals, Scarlett Johansson Taunting Teasing, and Much Much More…

Amanda Seyfried Topless in Lovelace
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Hello blessed Friday. You are once again upon us. Arrived like icing on the cake of our week of showing off pies, as it were. Each and every final weekday I have the Brinks security men bring forth the velveteen wrapped satchel of Reader Finds for an orgy of the optically tremendously titillating. Oh, how I do so love Fridays. If I had a musical bone in my body, I’d write a song. Nay, my bone is dedicated entirely to the content unfolding herein.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Amanda Seyfried topless goodness in Lovelace (a revisit thanks to EgoReader ‘Denny’), Michelle Lewin wicked hot Instagram pics (muchas gracias to ‘Rob’ on the hottie Venezuelan), Lucy Liu flashing her bare moneymakers (much kudos to ‘Bill P.’), Annabeth Gish in a rare topless performance (blessings counted by ‘David M.’), Keira Knightly nipple pokes in skinema (lovely Keira headlights thanks to ‘Devon’), Scarlett Johansson teasy for Cosmo back in the day (lovely Scarjo’s via ‘Stacey’), Moira Kelly topless in a trifecta of ta-ta hits (well done trio performed by ‘Owen’), Jessica Grace Smith topless in Roman times (Vesuvius erupts thanks to ‘Donnie R.’), Enya Bakunova hot model nekkid goodness (beautiful girl, no clothes, dropped off by ‘David T.’), Karlie Kloss topless in Vogue (slender model goodness via ‘Steve’), Susan Sarandon topless in a skinema classic (whoa ta-ta’s provided by ‘Stunner’), Thandie Newton topless in the tub (thumping by ‘Drake’), Erika Eleniak topless in her best role ever (so grateful to the talented ‘Sal’), beautifully exotic Elizaveta Boyarskaya topless in her feature role (lovely lass leers courtesy of ‘Ruben’), Elizabeth Gillies deep cleavage shines (lovely chesty views from ‘Ellen E.’), Neta Garty topless in a screen role of her own (more foreign goblets from the mind of ‘Em F.’), Madonna topless in her Truth or Dare masterwork (flashback to funbags by adept ‘Allan’), Linda Fiorentino in early topless goodness (just sublime sextastic via ‘Colton’), Cortney Palm quite palm baring in Zombeavers (oh, that blessed film and boobtastic by ‘Quin’), and last but not least, the vastly underrated Juno Temple full frontal fruity filled fun. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Gwyneth Paltrow Topless, Behati Prinsloo Wicked Hot, Scarlett Johansson Near Boob Drop, and Much Much More…

Bella Twins Nipple Pasties in the Ring
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It’s Halloween. It’s Friday. It’s time for me in my Victoria’s Secret costume so secret nobody knows I’m wearing it to open up the weekly Reader Finds email bag o’ plenty. It really is better than candy, because as they say, sex won’t rot your teeth. Well, not if you’re doing it right. Now that I think about it, hot celebrity skin really is the adult version of Halloween candy. You see the packaging, drool, rip it open, and take delight. And when you’re done, there’s an endless supply waiting. What a world.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the Bella Twins with pasties keeping them nipple decent (thanks to EgoReader ‘John’), Julia Stegner nekkid and preggo hot in Vogue (blessings from ‘David M.’), Candice Swanepoel screencapped in her hot GQ video (praise by to ‘Patrick’ for this find), Alyssa Milano topless in one of her classic skinematics (kudos to ‘Anthony B’ for contributing kindly), Scarlett Johansson near boob dress drop from the Golden Globes of yore (sweet find by detective ‘Steven B.’), Michelle Williams topless in one of her many onscreen such roles (lovely lovelies provided by ‘Nancy’), Michelle Lewin nekkid in Playboy Venezuela (this shout out to so many of you who have submitted this), V.S. model Alina Puscau topless (tossed into the mix by ‘Wheels’), Katherine LaPrel topless modeling cheeky pics (outstanding allure donated by ‘Griff’), Keri Russell super hot in Details (flashback hotness via ‘Owen’), Anna Paquin udderly revealing in early True Blood (love me some Paquin, thanks ‘David B.’), Gretchen Mol topless in skinematics (lovely Mols contributed by ‘Peter’), Kelly Brook topless in one of her classic flicks (oh, my Brook boobs only get hotter and hotter, kudos ‘Marcus’), Camilla Rutherford flashing her yams for the camera (pinch me I must be dreamings courtesy of ‘Wren’), Behati Prinsloo so hot in her husband’ music video (I’m jealous thanks to ‘Daniel’), Joely Richardson topless in some of her early boobtastic work (throwback awesome via ‘Blando’), Gwyneth Paltrow boobs in her lesser known topless work (ever so righteous contributions by ‘Mario C.’), Jessica Moore topless with perfect ta-ta’s (oh my oh my’s dealt by ‘Yuri’), Nataly Joe flashing funbags for the lenses (a new face and chest puppies per ‘William S.’), Stephanie Marie Capeling quite unclothed in Kingdom Come (outstanding body shots via ‘Theo’), Barbara Palvin lingerie extraordinaire for V.S. (silken lovelies tossed in by ‘Stoney’), and last but not least, a recall of Eva Green full frontal goodness in The Dreamers, a never gets old kind of situation (thanks for closing us out properly, ‘Stacey’). It’s a ton of flesh this week. I know you, I know you can handle it. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Maria Conchita Alonso Nekkid, AnnaLynne McCord Topless, Ali Larter Crazy Hot, and Much Much More…

Carlotta Champagne Hot and Nekkid as Leelo
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I wait for Fridays like parents of teenagers wait for them to check in when out with their cool friends at high school parties. Sometimes, I think Friday will never come, but then it does, and I thank the Good Lord and lie to myself that my child is the only one at the party not drinking or having unprotected sex. It puts a smile on my face always when I get the opportunity to open up the reader email bag and smell the fresh scent of vanilla mixed with hot celebrity flesh. That’s an aroma I really should bottle and sell at car washes.

This week’s Reader Finds includes previously unbeknownst to us bodacious model Carlotta Champagne (we can’t confirm that as her given Christian name, but we do still thank EgoReader ‘Jonathan’ for his pledge), Maria Conchita Alonso buck as in nekkid in her early film work (many kudos to ‘Stanner’), busty Mindy Robinson topless in Alpha House (lovely funions provided by ‘Derek’), Natasha Henstridge topless in her own thespianic turn (lovely lusties via ‘Bella’), British racktastic hottie Roxanne Pallett quite topless (the most pleasant of melons provided by ‘Patrick’), Hailey Clauson model wunderkind topless in shots (oh, me oh my oh’s brought to you by ‘Allan F.’) AnnaLynne McCord topless in one of her genius cinematic fares (McCord mams donated by ‘Classy’), Rose McGowan topless in the tub (always been a funbag faptastic, proven by ‘David R.’), Madeleine Stowe classically big screen topless (lovely lovelier and loveliests bequeathed by ‘Earl’), Astrid Berges-Frisbey and her Spanish tetas putting on an act (blessed Iberians via ‘Stu’), Clemence Poesy getting racy on TV (love me some Clemence, thanks ‘Donn’), Kate Winslet and Rachel Griffith topless in the 90′s (for your pre-millennium lust crushing, kudos ‘Ellen W.’), Brazilian model Gracie Hans long and lean and lovely and topless (surprised pleasantly by ‘David M.’), Amanda Peet topless in her bestest topless moment ever (digs me some Peet peaches, thanks ‘Owen’), Ali Larter crazy sextastic from Allure (Ali and I go way back, she just doesn’t know it, much obliged ‘Terence’), Karlie Kloss a tad bit slender but quite topless in black and white (lean reveals courtesy of ‘Franks’), Emily Ratajkowski busty behind the scenes of her new Cosmo shoot (Emily can do no wrong, shown by ‘Dell’), and last, but not least, Beach Bunny modeling Yara Khmidan showing you how the girls of Europe like to flash their bikinis. It’s almost too much, but I could never give you enough. Or vice versa. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Kelly Brook Topless, Nicole Kidman Nekkid, Emma Watson Super Fine and Much Much More…

Jordan Carver Covered Topless Screencaps
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There comes a time in a man’s life when he just needs to grab hold of what’s near and dear to him and shout, yes, today is the day I get to open the Reader email bag! It really is the day. Each Friday morning I unfurl the velveteen bag originally gifted to me by a fisherman in the North Sea and dump out the weekly bounty of letters from each and every one of you, or some of you, representing all of you, all filled with skin and sextastic and potential for joy. It’s my reverse Santa Clause, with a heavy does of a nekkid Mrs. Kringle.

This week’s Reader Finds includes our dear friend Jordan Carver covered topless and extra hot in video stills (thank you Egotastic! reader ‘Ben B.’), Emma Watson in one spicy hot photoshoot (blessings from ‘Devon’), Ione Skye topless in several onscreen appearances (ta-ta throwbacks courtesy of ‘Wendy’), Valeria Golino topless on the silver screen (beauty abounds thanks to ‘Owen F.’), Catalina Denis topless on the boob tube (dropped off by ‘Darian’), Monica Bellucci topless and as ever, wicked hot (thank you kindly to ‘Maestro’), Shannon Elizabeth topless and working it (big funion blessings from ‘Rob’), Danneel Harris topless and making the sexy (tender moments provided by ‘Danny H.’), Miranda Richardson flashing her awesome udders for skinematics (thoughtful puppies views from back in the day via ‘Marrion’), Nicole Kidman nekkid and thespianic (Down Under peeps delivered by ‘Noel’), Alyssa Sutherland topless in Vikings on TV (don’t miss these twin horns from ‘Stephen’), Cindy Crawford and her hot supermodel friends in see-through tops (yeah, you’ll like that thanks to ‘Evan R.’), Stacy Haiduk of Skinemax fame working her onscreen wares (lovelies dished out by ‘Les G.’), Kelly Brook topless in her Loaded spread (pun intended and offered up by ‘Frank D.’), Sigourney Weaver topless in the tub (daring bared wares thanks to ‘Klein’), Angelina Jolie topless in a less heralded role (udders of the hottie from ‘Daniel’), Sara Corrales wicked pole dancing in Soho (provided kindly by ‘David M.’), and last, but bodaciously not at all least, the boldly busty Lucie Wilde in some of her more adult work (eye spied by porn connoisseurs ‘Aaron B.’ and ‘Jon K.’).

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READER FINDS: Teri Hatcher Bare Boobtastic, Zippora Seven Topless, Gwyneth Paltrow Topless, and Much Much More…

Robin Sydney Topless in Masters of Horror
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We have reached the pinnacle of our weekly existence, that time we ask ourselves the all important question, hey, what the heck is in the email bag this week? Well, it’s important to me. I know I’d miss this tradition if it ever ended. Sort of like picking beets with my Aunt Helen every fall, though I’m pretty sure I don’t have an Aunt Helen and those things in the basement were not beets. Nevertheless, I cherish this particularly weekly custom for it brings me closer to you, you to me, and in a way where nobody gets Ebola or has to lie to their significant other. I do so love the weekly Reader Finds.

(Credits and listings to follow shortly, I really do just need a couple beers, promise…)