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READER FINDS: Brooklyn Decker Topless Hot, Karlie Kloss Topless, Lindsay Lohan Fresh Upskirt Lip Slip, and Much Much More…


Well, hello there Friday. Only the best day of the week, like a good friend who comes with a cold six pack of beer and a pizza and says, hey, buddy, should I invite some supermodels over to share the grub with us? Yes, that describes my favorite day of the week when I get to open up the reader email bag and see what revealing goodies Santa's helpers have cobbled together to pass out to all the boys and girls. You never disappoint me, so it's my privilege each week to share with you the weekly Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Brooklyn Decker in not one, but dos wicked hot photoshoot classics (thank you to EgoReader 'Ben'), Penelope Cruz and her epic funbags topless on screen (muchas gracias para ta-ta's to 'Evan B.'), Laura Keller quite chesty exposed on film (kudos to 'S.P.' for this find), a new enhanced look at Katie Holmes memorable topless moment ('Peter' also digs Katie's puppies), Karlie Kloss model topless in Muse magazine (Windy City born goodies by way of 'Owen'), Michelle Johnson ta-ta throwback from Blame It On Rio (oh, man, such wonderful thespianic yams via 'Sessions'), Lindsay Lohan little bit of black panties lip slip upskirt (I think this is fairly recent lippage from 'Andrew B.'), Odette Annable formerly Yustman in sweet covered topless photos (whoa hotnesss delivered by 'Tom C.'), Joanna Krupa and Marta Krupa bikini hot for Ralph magazine (sisterly lovelies from 'Stan'), Jacinda Barrett beautiful bodacious and topless (nice natties from 'Nancy'), Greta Scacchi topless in 80's cinema (lovely Greta handed over by 'Garces'), Arielle Dombasle with some memorable mammaries (there's nothing wrong with hot girls with perfect yams, thanks 'Derek G.'), Kristin Scott Thomas showing off her Scott and Thomas (full frontal memories via 'Michael'), Kate Upton cleavy for Skullcandy (yummy Kate donated by 'Sweetz'), more Penelope Cruz sweet teat treats (I can't get enough of P.C, thanks 'Len A.'), Carla Gugino in her fiery Esquire shoot (underrated hotness sent in by 'Thomas'), a young Demi Moore modeling quite hotly (love the young throwbacks from 'Gwen'), Clemence Poesy topless on the silver screen (French styled chestal goodness via 'Limon'), Debbie St. Pierre sweet sextastic modeling shots (lovely find from 'Francis'), Jennifer Lopez bikini shot from Pirelli and a look at J-Lo cameltoe (double down reveals transmitted by 'Mike T.'), a redux of Lady Gaga nekkid in V Magazine (lady up and down chucked into our yard by 'Stone'), and Sophie Howard inimitably topless hotness poolside (faptastic udders discovered by 'Les').

READER FINDS: Jessica Pare Topless, Kate Upton Bikini, McKayla Maroney Asstastic, and Much Much More


It is my pleasure each Friday to open up the reader email bag, let out a little of the odiferous contained within because we don't clean out the email bag all that often, and reach my hand in for the jewels that lay beneath. A plethora of precious gems in the form of sextastic celebrity skin of today and yesteryear both. Just knowing how much time you wasted at work searching for these darlings makes my job all the more worthwhile. I do realize I am one of the reason productivity is down in the world, but, happiness is up, so it's a reasonable tradeoff.

This week's Reader Finds includes Alison Brie looking mighty fine for Men's Health (thank you to EgoReader 'Dave H.'), Vanessa Paradis topless in not one, but two French works of cinema (merci merci out to 'Wendy'), Yvonne Strahovski sexy Chuck selfies (chucked over the fence by 'Damon'), Clare Grant hot and nekkid (to this honor owed 'Chet G.'), Kyla Estrada topless modeling goodness (much obliged to 'Lizzy'), Meghan Falcone topless in Californication ('Walter' had this one nailed), Madison Welch topless in stills from a Zoo video (good show by 'Ian I.', Kate Upton modeling bikinis for Beach Bunny (cleavy goodness via 'Jeff'), Jessica Pare topless on the silver screen (a boob full of goodness from 'Stricker'), Brooklyn Decker sextasic modeling pics ('Thomas' picked this up on the way over), Teri Hatcher also topless not once but twice for thespianic glory (throwback boobtastic by 'Lenny'), Kelsey Hardwick bare boobtastic on camera (contributed quietly by 'Rohes'), Elizabeth Berkley Showgirls epic nekkidness (a bit of the classic from 'Jimmy'), Lucy Lawless topless for the glory of Rome (vox populi sounded by 'Terry F.'), Katy Cocktease showing off deep cleavage in early concerts ('Elliot' saw fit to discover this), Britney Spears just a babe in Rolling Stone (mmm, young Britney by 'Mel H.'), Kate Upton modeling little bits of lingerie (more Kate goodies via 'Transpo'), Violante Placido topless and emerging from the water (wet and bare treats from 'Jess'), Nicole Kidman hot bare booty (down under thunder from 'Miller'), more Katy Cocktease behind the scenes of Roar (oh, those funbags from 'Teezer'), Hannah Furguson see-through boobalicious from SI shoot (thank you kindly 'Wheels'), Keltie Knight covered nekkid for PETA (absorbed and redistributed by 'Michael K.'), Chanel West Coast wicked booty in her new music video (many kudos to 'Eric'), Olivia Munn cleavetastic at the Met after-party (inspired by 'Joe M.'), Bianca Beauchamp honoring the Canadiens boobtastically (dropped off by 'Maynard'), and last, but not at all least, a double shot of McKayla Maroney stretch pants asstastic (from the incredibly busy 'Anon'). That's called, good measure. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Casey Batchelor Topless, Fran Drescher Topless, Sofia Vergara Smoking Hot, and Much Much More…


Outside of all dogs and most women, the one thing I truly cherish is a good Friday. Every Friday is a good Friday, especially in summer when the big blockbusters start rolling out, the sun is shining, and liquor continues its 10,000th year of beverage domination. Friday is also the time we open up our industry unparalleled reader email bag. Have you seen the mean and nasty barbs readers on other sites submit? Here I get pictures of hot nekkid women and smiley faces. It's quite a bargain. Then, after a careful screening process for pebbles and dangerous jagged edges, I present them back to you in a little tradition we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds is a doozy and includes Jennette McCurdy cleavy in latex (thank you to EgoReader 'Ben B.'), Heather Lind topless in Boardwalk Empire (bare funbags via 'Steven'), the impeccably busty Barbara Hershey classically topless (skinematic provided by 'Devon'), Annette Bening in a little throwback ta-day of her own (delightful reverse peeks from 'Stephie'), the glam-glamorous Imogen Thomas topless (delightful delicious DD's via 'Henrik'), Madison Welch and India Reynolds quite topless them own fine selves (puppies dropped off by 'Reg'), Jennifer Connelly topless on the silver funbag screen (ooh la la's delivered by 'Deidre'), Kaley Cuoco sextastically presented in Esquire (love that Kaley, as does 'Rookie'), Julie Warner topless in another classically topless media moment (unexpected teats courtesy of 'Vi'), Maria Flor thespianically topless in her star turn (yum yums via 'Dayton'), Selena Gomez panties peek (submitted by Selena panties loving 'Darren'), Mari Cielo good and topless for the cameras (super full funbags gifted by 'Andrew'), Lucy Collett topless in kinky garb (so much fun by way of 'Terry C.'), Fran Drescher ripe muffins briefly visible but sweet (kudos to 'Edison' on his eagle eye), Michelle Monaghan in one wicked alluring photoshoot (luvs m some Michelle M. donated by 'B. Scort'), Alexa Vega slightly revealing in her role on Tomorrow People (anything Vega is good by me and 'Wendell'), Elizabeth Olsen in her way hot Matt Jones photoshoot ('Aaron L.' also loves  him some Liz Olsen), Isabella Rossellini in her creepy 80's film role (hot and macabre sponsored by 'Denali'), Jamie Lee Curtis topless fun time mams on screen (Jamie's girls presented by 'David G.'), Sofia Vergara sextastic bikini shoot from the 90's (smoking sultry hotness via 'Tony'), Kate Upton in lingerie, enough said (whoa to visual from 'Lisa H.'), Idina Menzel alluring and enticing (she can look mighty fine, as proven by 'Leroy'), Carmen Electra in lingerie and all Sapphic (lesbionic goodness dropped off by 'Elle'), my future adopted mom Michelle Hunziker almost falling out of her top on Wetten Daas (ay, Mami, delivered by 'Sparts'), Paula Bulczynska topless shoot by Dennison Bertram (crazy passion inducing princess pimped by 'Lane'), Native-American model Ashley Callingbull looking all kinds of come hither (provided by the hotness inclusive 'Eli), more Kacy Anne Hill topless goodness (jointly produced by 'David M.' and 'Paul M.'), gloriously hot Nicole Meyer in lingerie (another treat from 'David M.'), Genevieve Morton topless and black and white beachy sextastic (contributed by the beneficent 'John'), Finnish pop star Janely looking busty hot and bothered (Finnish delights via 'Mika' and Janely's publicity team, thanks), Valentina Pegorer topless modeling pics (another combo shot by 'Anzio' and 'David M.'), Charlotte McKinney all blonde and crazy hot (thank you very much to ('J. Franck'), and last, but not possibly least, glamtastic Casey Batchelor showing off her full mams just to make you smile (a big hurrah for 'Chris'). This is our most voluminous Reader Finds ever. Proceed with caution and slippery when wet and all that nonsense. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Kacy Anne Hill See-Through, Penelope Cruz Topless, Lori Loughlin in Lingerie, and Much Much More…


Well, hello there Friday morning. Like a solid smack in the face from a pleasant smelling fish. Hmm, that analogy needs work. Either way, it is indeed my favorite day of the week. Beyond the free food in the conference room provided by a generous donor who doesn't realize we stole his credit card three years ago, today is the day before Saturday that we open up the Reader Finds email bag and take in its benevolent and bosom filled beneficence. I look forward to this day like a prison looks forward to his conjugal. With pretty much the same preparation too.

This weeks Reader Finds includes a redux look at Nicole Kidman in her best ever topless role (thank you good EgoReader 'Dex'), my belusted Naomi Watts in her own topless cinematic turn (blessings and good fortune to 'Roman'), Penelope Cruz quite skinematically topless (ooh laa laa via 'Charles T.'),  Breandha Haddad topless in la pelicula (a new face and a new hot body from 'Omar'), the unknown topless hotties from the Dukes of Hazzard (yeehah brought to you by 'Rebecca'), Rosie Huntington Whiteley holding her own for Pirelli (luscious looks from 'Andrew'), the slightest of nipple slips from Cameron Diaz in The Counselor (eagle eyed by the eagle eyes of 'Bob P.'), black and white nekkid hotness of Anais Pouliot and Anna Berendregt and Zippora Seven (triple shot of goodness from 'David M.'), a maybe (I'm not totally convinced) full teat slip of the sextastic Kimberley Garner (kudos to you for your efforts 'Rob'), Demi Lovato lacy bra and cleavy peeks (sweet pickup by 'Eli'), a woman purported to be Britty thespianic Helen Skelton topless on a beach vacation (yet more topless goodness from yet another 'Rob'), Lori Loughlin classically 80's hot in bra and panties (stellar wayback find from 'Owen'), Kate Winslet quite topless and making the sexy in The Reader (tossed into our yard by 'Frank T.'), Abbie Cornish topless and Britty onscreen (funbags provided by 'Damon'), Jessica Alba cleavy in ice cream promo pics (Alba goodness by way of 'Rubio'), more Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her topless model friends shooting for the Pirelli calendar of a couple or three years ago (the more the topless merrier thanks to 'Stacey'), Karlie Kloss topless in Vogue Italia (a lovely bit of Windy City hottie by 'Terry'), Nicole Fox topless and quite dramatic (funbaggery via 'Kelly K.'), Elsa Pataky also baring her fine upper wares (a promise delivered from 'Gerry J.'), Sharon Hinnendael quite nekkid in the cool show Look (quite cool she's hot via 'Tomas'), Sofia Vergara sextastic shoot of a decade ago (always wow from 'Les'), Marion Cotillard topless and quite French (the lusty puppies freed by 'Stuart'), Lea Thompson topless in her classic 80's film role (all the right boobs by 'Stevie'), and last, but not at all least, my new ginger lust crush Kacy Anne Hill in see-through body suits and bras (modeling mindblown courtesy of both 'David M.' and 'Chris'). What a blessed day indeed! Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Lucy Liu Topless, Candice Swanepoel Topless, Alan Thicke’s Wife’s Nipples, and Much Much More…


Oh, it's good to be back from my brief break. Sure, it was an honor to receive the Pasty White Blogger of the Year at the Computer Monitor Glazed Eyes Awards in Laughlin this week. Not to mention the gaggle of hot female bloggers in attendance. Yes, they're all as good looking as the male bloggers if you can imagine. But, be it ever so humble and filled with pornography, there really is no place like home. And on a Friday thankfully. Just in time to rip open the Reader Finds email bag and see what nekkid fun lay inside. Will the wonderments never cease? I sure hope not.

This week's Reader Finds includes Polish hottie Magdalena Frackowiak topless modeling and Kate Upton topless on her horse (thank you to EgoReader 'David M.' for the double shot), Anais Pouliot topless modeling her own hot self (kudos to 'Chris' with an assist from 'David M.'), Rita Ora nip slip big time on stage (observed dutifully by 'Alex'), Gabrielle Anwar topless grow'd up child actress goodness (many obliges to 'Anzio'), Czech sweet model Denise Miliani in bikini and lingerie (dropped off by 'Sag'), Magui Bravi hot booty selfies (dios mio provided by 'Juan'), Alan Thicke's wife Tanya Callau see through sheer black top (nipple growing pains from 'Beast'), Emily Mortimer topless on the silver screen (Em's mams courtesy of 'Amy H.'), topless thespianics from the Hungover Games spoof movie (blessing bestowed by 'Darren'), Lucy Liu topless striptease (fun times via 'Deemy'), kooky Helena Bonham Carter topless in a serious role (bare Bonhams gifted by 'Franks'), Candice Swanepoel topless in Vogue Italy (so much goodness handed over by 'Eric B.'), Mimi Rogers amazing funbags in The Rapture (big 'ums handpicked by 'Enrique'), the sextastic Elle Basey showing off her ridiculous yams (so many smiles provided by 'Ray'), Monica Bellucci in one of her many foreign films (oh, those amazing chest puppies done up by 'Dave H.'), throwback wayback of a rather young Elizabeth Hurley showing off her puppies onscreen (wows initiated by 'Ems'), more Emily Mortimer topless as if there could be too much (this dose of lady humps via 'Session'), Kim Delaney topless in an early role (whoa, this was rather pleasantly surprising thanks to 'Steve'), hottie Nicole Beharie topless in Shame (the goodness continued by 'Ramona'), Sophie Marceau doing as the French do, topless (merci to 'Grant' for these stills), Saffron Burrows bare and delightful thumper (underrated goodies transmitted by 'Owen'), and last, but not least, some delicious views of Ali Cobrin in her American Reunion titillating triumph. It's almost too much, but no, just right. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Kristen Stewart See-Through, Daryl Hannah Topless, Marion Cotillard Nekkid, and Much Much More…


Can it really be Friday already? My first my favorite day of the week, not just because it constitutes the day fresh bagels arrive in the morning courtesy of The Man, though mostly that is why. Free is my very favorite flavor. In addition to complimentary snacks, each Friday we open up the perfume scented reader e-mail bag to see what goodies so many of you have contributed to the general feeling of erection, err, elation, among our brotherhood and Sapphic leaning sisterhood. I never cease to be amazed. Then again, I do have the mental faculties of a six year old.

This week's Reader Finds includes Kristen Stewart deliciously see-through top in a righteous Sasha Eisenman photoshoot (many thanks to EgoReader 'Blynn'), Holly Marie Combs flashing boobtastic on the silver screen (contributed honorably by 'Thomas'), Daryl Hannah pretty damn nekkid in her own screen turn (ah, Daryl, so hot back in the day recognized by 'Marty S.'), Samantha York quite nekkid in Purple magazine (York goodness via 'Ellen'), Marion Cotillard quite nekkid (delicious French dish by 'Ramon'), Rita Ora sideboob in the new edition of Elle magazine (spotted early on by 'Doug G.'), Juliette Binoche with even more Frenchy topless goodness (merci to our friend 'Annalise'), Rumer Willis see-through dress from behind showing behind (ethereal peeks provided by 'Devon'), more Franco-faptastic of Gabrielle Lazure quite nekkid in the cinema (ooh la la donated by 'Terry T.'), Blair Brown topless in the rather wackadoo Altered States (throwback funbags via 'Scott'), Emmanuelle Seigner topless in yet another Frenchy styled movie (Viva la Sextastic assist from 'Marcus'), Dita de Leon and Jessica Morris topless in a not so memorably onscreen role (boobtastic bottled at the source by 'Evan J.'), Alexandra Daddario quite nekkid though slightly obscured in the water in the new Vanity Fair (kudos to sweet sweet 'Caroline'), wicked hot Karolina Szymczak nekkid in the Bunny magazine (thank you kindly 'David M.'), Beatrice Bouchard, twin sister to tennis playing Genie Bouchard, looking all bikini dazzled (excellent uncovery by 'JT'), Jennifer Lawrence booty calls in new X-Men still (lovely little teaser from 'Colin'), and another Frnech dip at Marion Cotillard topless this time in A Private Affair (fine work by 'Ingrid'). It's a whole heap of hotness this week. Are you man enough to handle it? What does that even mean? I surely aim to find out. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Rose McGowan Nekkid, Gwyneth Paltrow Topless, Rita Rusic Topless, and Much Much More…


Talk about your growth. When Reader Finds first began in the Cowsill Holler, it was but a fledgling project, a small campfire gathering of like minded individuals sharing their favorite ogle worthy photos. Now, it's burgeoned into some kind of beautiful monster, a mass weekly barrage of the finest in sextastic celebrity visual wonderments. It's like watching your baby grow up into a much bigger baby. I can only imagine. I am proud.

This week's Reader Finds includes the righteously nekkid Emily Ratajkowski with a fresh resolution look at her infamous Treats teats (thank you to EgoReader 'Bennet'), a redux look at Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman nekkid shower scene (Silverman lady nest shall never sleep thanks to 'Wayne'), Chloe Sevigny not so surprisingly topless onscreen (topless peeks from 'Tan'), the topless hotties of the vastly underrated Old School (much obliged to 'Dustin P.'), Jennifer Jason Leigh topless in the great 80's (darling topless goodness via 'Wendy'), Orlando Bloom new girlfriend Nora Arnezeder topless in a French film (Orlando done well as evidenced by 'William'), more French actress Ludivine Sagnier nekkid in another subtitled flick (mon dieu! courtesy of 'Franklin'), veteran body hottie Rose McGowan in sweet stills from her little nekkid dancing selfie (blessing bestowed by 'Henrik'), Scarlett Johansson wicked hot in black and white shoot (ScarJo sextastic from 'Dullie'), Behati Prinsloo topless early on (V.S. angel goodness dropped off by 'Sanchez'), Crystal Lowe in some bare funbagged thespianics (sweet bare tops handed off by 'Rodney F.'), Nikki Ziering and her spectaculars in some lousy movie (blonde bombshells exposed by 'Denny'), more Greta Scacchi topless big screen work (much kudos to 'Penn'), Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, otherwise known as our sweet Inna, topless from her music video shoot (somebody named 'Devon' knows of my fondness for all things Inna), Ron's daughter Bryce Dallas Howard topless in her memorable role (another notch on the belt of 'Ellen'), Christina Ricci super boobtastic bared for camera (more classic ta-ta's by way of 'Pinkie'), Gwyneth Paltrow topless back when everybody loved her (your Sir Francis Bacon cooked by 'Steve T.'), Holly Hunter topless when we loved to see Holly topless (throwback Thursday on Friday via 'Tom'), an even better view of Rosario Dawson full frontal (another soon to be timeless classic from 'Ricardo'), gal pals Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti topless from the Bunny abroad (blessings bestowed by 'Cpt Drake'), new V.S. hottie Britt Maren topless modeling pics AND Natalia Vodianova topless modeling pics (oh, very much obliged indeed to 'Chris'), the British and bosomy Kelly Reilly topless in the moving pictures AND Bria Murphy sideboob AND Jessica Szhor topless treats AND even more Natalia Vodianova topless (wow, the quadfecta contributed thoughtfully by 'David M.'), Lady Gaga recent nipple flash (eagle-eyed by 'Infiniti'), Rita Rusic topless as a 20-something and again at 50 (both supremely hot finds by 'Anzio'), Australian Instagram hottie Sjana Elise Earp pose downs (provided by her biggest fan, 'Sam R.'), and last but not least, a couple sweet upskirts of Blake Lively and Una Healy (dually transmitted by 'Andrew B'). Thank you every so much. Without you, there is no me, and by that I mean, you have to help me pay my past due bills. Enjoy.