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READER FINDS: Emmy Rossum Panties, Nina Agdal Lingerie, Jacinda Barrett Topless and Much Much More…


Hello there, Friday, most sacred of all weekdays for you are the one in seven rotations of the moon in which we as a community come together to collectively, yet prophylactically, frolic in the sight of Reader submitted celebrity sextastic. It’s the our own private champagne room version of making it rain, but without the need for dirty money or the uncanny smell of old licorice. Reader Finds is that time when we express ourselves socially, emotionally, and ultimately, once nobody is watching or we can close the door, quite physically. I find the entire thing to be a truly spiritual journey.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Nina Agdal scrumptious in lingerie (with many thanks to EgoReader ‘Barry T.’), Jacinda Barrett topless in skinematic perfection (much appreciation to ‘Ross’), 80′s lovely Betsy Russell topless onscreen in not one but two memorable roles (double wowzers provided by ‘Ellen’), Entourage’s Debbie Mazar flashing her bare Funions (unexpected goodies from ‘Tony C.’), Emmy Rossum in her undies for her new film (delicious snackables via ‘Gary’), Kari Wuhrer topless in the shower (kind find from ‘Alex’), Miranda Kerr crazy hot photoshoot (delivered to the door by ‘French’), Ophelia Kolb flashing ta’s for thespianics (curvy goodness tossed in by ‘Owen’), Taryn Terrell showing off her chestal goodies (oh, my my experience by ‘Doug’), , Helena Bonham Carter topless and making the sexy (crazy topless dramatics via ‘Stephen P.’, Ashley Olsen in perhaps her finest pictorial ever (sweet eagle eyed find from ‘Devon’), Ariana Grande highkicking panties peeks in her music video (from a ton of you who fell in love with this video), and last but not in any way least, hottie Vita Sidorkina topless Russian goodness (visual blessings from EgoReader ‘Chris’). It’s a good amount of hot skin. Do not enter if you have a weak heart or fear your may erupt in tears. Neither would be a good way for people to find you. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Anna Friel Topless, Lauren Cohan Flashing Boobtastic, Shakira Asstastic and Much Much More….



I can’t help but feel reminiscent here on a rainy day in Hollywood. Perhaps that’s because it hasn’t rained here in nearly a decade. Just thinking about the dozens and dozens if not hundreds of weekly get togethers here at my place, our virtual drum circle made so much better by the presence of both girls and mandatory tops for the guys, optional naturally for the girls since I like them better. Somedays here I feel like I did those summers long ago on the last day of sleep-away camp when I would go and punch the all the kids who had tormented me then hop on the bus and yell for the driver to ‘move!’. He never did. And that never worked out well for me. But this gathering on Fridays here we call Reader Finds, this is like our collective safe space, gloriously filled with celebrity skin.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the Latina hottie Noelia Rios baring her assets (thank you kindly to EgoReader ‘Gerry’), Hannah Ferguson in wicked hot see-through SI outtakes (bikini boobtastic worship time from ‘Owen’), best of asstastic from Shakira and Rihanna in their sultry music video (tush push via the ever faithful ‘Thomas T.’), Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Preston, and Christina Applegate bikini time in View from the Top (an overlooked not so classic, shared by ‘Sullivan’), gloriously hot Czech model Michaela Isizzu (kindly contributed by ‘Peter D.’), Lucy Mecklenburgh sextastic calendar posing (gushing forward thanks to ‘Ben’), Tricia Helfer smoking hot in FHM (I remember whens via ‘Tina C.’), Anthea Page nekkid with a lolly (damn hot visuals provided by ‘David E.’ and Treats magazine), thespianic Zoe Kazan topless in skinematics (pleasantly plumpers from ‘Zach’), Talitha Luke-Eardley topless in funbag laden sequels (brunette lovelies dropped off by ‘Jackie R.’), Josephine Decker quite topless in Art History (better than my art classes, kudos to ‘Big Jim’), Helen Shaver topless with a Sheen (throwback topless by ‘Mario’), Anna Friel topless in her silver screen gem (bite sized friels courtesy of ‘Dylan R.’), Kimberly McArthur in more ta-ta laden classic skinematics (bouncy flouncies via ‘Hernan’), hints of Lauren Cohan boobtastic in her sex comedy turn (please cohan me the lotion thanks to ‘Alex S.’), Tricia Helfer again, this time topless (from the mind of ‘Minnie’), and last, but not the least, Miriam McDonald and Shawna Waldron topless in poisonous sequels (blessed be the Skinematics via ‘Tim K.’). It’s a handful, a mouthful, and at least seven toes full of hot celebrity skin. Are you digitally man enough to handle it? I have faith in you. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Malin Akerman Topless, Demi Moore Topless, Jessica Chastain Topless, and Much Much More…


I don’t know about you, but I’ve still got tons of Christmas shopping to… oh, actually, just did it in two minutes on Amazon. I will not go to stores. No offense to the economy on the brink, but I’ve got appointments to keep and smoking hot sextastic celebrities to virtually strip thanks to the amazing contributions each week by the smartest and most humbly awesome readership on the web and our sacred Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes 80′s hot modeling shots for Courteney Cox (thanks mightily to EgoReader ‘Jason’), 90′s modeling shots of a young Christina Aguilera (kudos to ‘Erik the Red’), upcoming Bond girl Monica Bellucci topless on the silver screen (blessings from the steady ‘Evan H.’), the lovely Faye Grant topless for classic cinema (a fine bit of reminiscing from ‘I.G.’), Marisa Tomei topless fun time teats (Tomei’s ta-ta’s via ‘Mel’), brunette sextasitc Carla Quevedo in Affluenza (much obliged to ‘Danny’), more of Swedish hottie Eddie Pettersson modeling topless (wonderful find spotted by ‘Jay L.’), Dawn Olivieri topless doing her thang (sweet peaches from the mind of ‘Admiral’), Jamie Lee Curtis quite topless from the time machine (legendary 80′s puppies entered by ‘Stace’), Jessica Chastain fully exhibited funbags (ginger topless goodness via ‘Ken’), Malin Akerman topless in the original Comeback (don’t get me started on Comeback puns there ‘Ryan D.’), Nina Agdal sextastic S.I. outtakes (sharkingly good find ‘Jacques’), Rose McGowan topless modeling pic (Rose is flashing uncovered roses thanks to ‘Ellie’), Kitty Lea topless in a blessedly hot Frank White shoot (Kitty goes meow when ‘Aggie’ drops off gifts), Demi Moore topless in her star making early roll (mother of Rumer teats from ‘Devon’), Terry Farrell crazy hot see-through vintage shoot (roll me another hottie ‘Young’), Helen Mirren full frontal nekkid (plump throwback bare bosom via ‘Stephen R.’), Cara Delevingne modeling luscious lingerie (lovely, just lovely from ‘Dennis’), and last but not least, another eye popping of Monica Bellucci full bush nekkid and simply just charming (Bond girl go boom boom with the help of ‘Dante’). Just one crazy sweet barrel full of celebrity sextastic skin. I invite you to dive in. Just wait five minutes after you eat. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Elizabeth Hurley Topless, Paz de la Huerta Nekkid, Kate Upton Boobtastic, and Much Much More…

Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Shoot in the Philippines 2011
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Oh, glorious last Friday before Black Friday when middle aged people will trample old people buying gifts for young people in perhaps the most perverted Circle of Life demonstration ever. I shall miss those of you who don’t make it ever so dearly. But, time marches on, heals all wounds, and names lame people to their Person of the Year edition. Thus, on this Friday, we turn out attention and optical lenses toward the velveteen pouch that contains this week’s content of reader submitted skin, flesh, and funbags. A little invention that since 1911 we’ve been calling, Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Kate Upton in her first big bikini shoot (oh, my my’s thanks to EgoReader ‘Brett’), Madonna topless in some of her stellar screen work (dramatic, no, topless, yes, via ‘Owen’), Chloe Sevigny nekkid in Purple (full Chloes courtesy of ‘Stag’), Jane March topless thespianic (lovely lovelies by way of ‘Marco’), Elizabeth Hurley topless in her beginning days (big hair and funtops sent by ‘Steven’), Edie Falco topless and revelatory (Falco peaches presented by ‘Damon’), India Reynolds topless in Zoo (India glorious views promoted by ‘Stacey’), wicked hot Morena Baccarin baring teats in Homeland (how I lust Morena, ‘Evan G.’ knows that), Abbie Cornish topless and fruitful (British besties tosses into the mix by ‘Merv’), Paz de la Huerta nekkid fun times (pleasantly prurient views by ‘David R.’), Evangeline Lily bra and panties screencaps (lost was I ere I saw Lily, from ‘Bruce’), Kate Beckinsale topless and inspiring (pre-MILF Kate still so beautiful, via ‘Ryan’), Swedish TV lovely Emma Zetterberg topless in Cafe magazine (tussen takk shout out to ‘Lusen’), Lucy Lui nip slip from Elementary (caught by so many of you I can’t count, thanks to all!), the blessedly hot Marion Cotillard just simply stunning (many obliges go out to ‘Jean-Yves’), Sophie Howard stunning topless selfies (I could sleep in those pillows, just outstanding ‘Regan’), Emma Frain topless with a topless buddy (buddy system perfected by ‘Jonathan’), and last but not least, Euro-lovely Valerie Kaprrinsky quite nekkid in a beautiful work of cinematic art (kudos to ‘Poppy’ for the throwback visual delights). I’m not going to sugar coat this. It’s a lot of nekkid celebrity flesh. If you can’t handle it, I’ll still respect you. Or not. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Rihanna Crazy Sexy Oily, Lily Allen Topless Oops, Elizabeth Olsen Topless And Much Much More…

Rihanna Sexy Esquire Screenshots 2014
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The apex of the week has been achieved. If apex means end, I can never remember. Here were are on a Friday. The tech team began drinking here at Egotastic! on Wednesday just to get a head start. One beer between them and their pretty much snookered for 72 hours. Their pale skinny bodies are uniquely unable to process alcohol. As for the rest of us here in the penthouse basement suite, we don’t touch a drop of the good stuff until we’ve carefully reviewed all the goodies in the goody bag known as Reader Finds. And this week’s bag has some goodies alright.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Rihanna greasy boobtastic in Esquire behind the scenes (thank you to EgoReader ‘Justin B’), Lily Allen funbags slipping out on British TV (kudos to ‘Marcus” for this treasure), Erin O’Brien ginger topped Jailbait (wow, luscious lovely stills from ‘Ben B.’), Rosanna Arquette topless in her hey day (hey days via ‘Kenny’), Sharon Hinnendael in not one, but two getting jiggy with topless girls fun parts (visual treats courtesy of ‘Eileen’), sisterly topless Lynette and Leigh Harris classic skinematic lust (dropped off kindly by ‘Sir Jest’), Virginia Madsen an unsung hero of the topless thespianics (delivered to the doorstep by ‘Francis’), Anne Hathaway quite topless in her early work (luscious Hathaways from the mind of ‘Devon’), Scarlett Johansson cleavage in Lucy (delightful melons thanks to ‘O-Bomb’), Gillian Jacobs topless perfect ta-ta’s (oh, what a visual day with help from ‘Ben O’), Mimi Rogers and her epic epic bare funbags (first wife of Cruise treats a la ‘Owen D.’), Marisa Tomei such underrated hottie bare tops (loves me some Tomei promoted by ‘Sullivan’), Elizabeth Olsen flashing her sweet teatly treats (the finest Olsen sister bare via ‘Steve H.’), Keira Knightly topless untouched in Interview magazine (submitted by so many of you god-fearing readers, thanks), Calvin Klein would be model Myla Delbasio nekkid modeling pics (she’s not “fat” Calvin, she’s perfect, much obliged to ‘David M.’), and last but not least, Gwendoline Christie statuesque and nekkid without her armor on (lovely addition by ‘Michael G.’). You can’t handle the tubes! Or can you? Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Amanda Seyfried Topless, Lucy Liu Moist Frontals, Scarlett Johansson Taunting Teasing, and Much Much More…

Amanda Seyfried Topless in Lovelace
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Hello blessed Friday. You are once again upon us. Arrived like icing on the cake of our week of showing off pies, as it were. Each and every final weekday I have the Brinks security men bring forth the velveteen wrapped satchel of Reader Finds for an orgy of the optically tremendously titillating. Oh, how I do so love Fridays. If I had a musical bone in my body, I’d write a song. Nay, my bone is dedicated entirely to the content unfolding herein.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Amanda Seyfried topless goodness in Lovelace (a revisit thanks to EgoReader ‘Denny’), Michelle Lewin wicked hot Instagram pics (muchas gracias to ‘Rob’ on the hottie Venezuelan), Lucy Liu flashing her bare moneymakers (much kudos to ‘Bill P.’), Annabeth Gish in a rare topless performance (blessings counted by ‘David M.’), Keira Knightly nipple pokes in skinema (lovely Keira headlights thanks to ‘Devon’), Scarlett Johansson teasy for Cosmo back in the day (lovely Scarjo’s via ‘Stacey’), Moira Kelly topless in a trifecta of ta-ta hits (well done trio performed by ‘Owen’), Jessica Grace Smith topless in Roman times (Vesuvius erupts thanks to ‘Donnie R.’), Enya Bakunova hot model nekkid goodness (beautiful girl, no clothes, dropped off by ‘David T.’), Karlie Kloss topless in Vogue (slender model goodness via ‘Steve’), Susan Sarandon topless in a skinema classic (whoa ta-ta’s provided by ‘Stunner’), Thandie Newton topless in the tub (thumping by ‘Drake’), Erika Eleniak topless in her best role ever (so grateful to the talented ‘Sal’), beautifully exotic Elizaveta Boyarskaya topless in her feature role (lovely lass leers courtesy of ‘Ruben’), Elizabeth Gillies deep cleavage shines (lovely chesty views from ‘Ellen E.’), Neta Garty topless in a screen role of her own (more foreign goblets from the mind of ‘Em F.’), Madonna topless in her Truth or Dare masterwork (flashback to funbags by adept ‘Allan’), Linda Fiorentino in early topless goodness (just sublime sextastic via ‘Colton’), Cortney Palm quite palm baring in Zombeavers (oh, that blessed film and boobtastic by ‘Quin’), and last but not least, the vastly underrated Juno Temple full frontal fruity filled fun. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Gwyneth Paltrow Topless, Behati Prinsloo Wicked Hot, Scarlett Johansson Near Boob Drop, and Much Much More…

Bella Twins Nipple Pasties in the Ring
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It’s Halloween. It’s Friday. It’s time for me in my Victoria’s Secret costume so secret nobody knows I’m wearing it to open up the weekly Reader Finds email bag o’ plenty. It really is better than candy, because as they say, sex won’t rot your teeth. Well, not if you’re doing it right. Now that I think about it, hot celebrity skin really is the adult version of Halloween candy. You see the packaging, drool, rip it open, and take delight. And when you’re done, there’s an endless supply waiting. What a world.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the Bella Twins with pasties keeping them nipple decent (thanks to EgoReader ‘John’), Julia Stegner nekkid and preggo hot in Vogue (blessings from ‘David M.’), Candice Swanepoel screencapped in her hot GQ video (praise by to ‘Patrick’ for this find), Alyssa Milano topless in one of her classic skinematics (kudos to ‘Anthony B’ for contributing kindly), Scarlett Johansson near boob dress drop from the Golden Globes of yore (sweet find by detective ‘Steven B.’), Michelle Williams topless in one of her many onscreen such roles (lovely lovelies provided by ‘Nancy’), Michelle Lewin nekkid in Playboy Venezuela (this shout out to so many of you who have submitted this), V.S. model Alina Puscau topless (tossed into the mix by ‘Wheels’), Katherine LaPrel topless modeling cheeky pics (outstanding allure donated by ‘Griff’), Keri Russell super hot in Details (flashback hotness via ‘Owen’), Anna Paquin udderly revealing in early True Blood (love me some Paquin, thanks ‘David B.’), Gretchen Mol topless in skinematics (lovely Mols contributed by ‘Peter’), Kelly Brook topless in one of her classic flicks (oh, my Brook boobs only get hotter and hotter, kudos ‘Marcus’), Camilla Rutherford flashing her yams for the camera (pinch me I must be dreamings courtesy of ‘Wren’), Behati Prinsloo so hot in her husband’ music video (I’m jealous thanks to ‘Daniel’), Joely Richardson topless in some of her early boobtastic work (throwback awesome via ‘Blando’), Gwyneth Paltrow boobs in her lesser known topless work (ever so righteous contributions by ‘Mario C.’), Jessica Moore topless with perfect ta-ta’s (oh my oh my’s dealt by ‘Yuri’), Nataly Joe flashing funbags for the lenses (a new face and chest puppies per ‘William S.’), Stephanie Marie Capeling quite unclothed in Kingdom Come (outstanding body shots via ‘Theo’), Barbara Palvin lingerie extraordinaire for V.S. (silken lovelies tossed in by ‘Stoney’), and last but not least, a recall of Eva Green full frontal goodness in The Dreamers, a never gets old kind of situation (thanks for closing us out properly, ‘Stacey’). It’s a ton of flesh this week. I know you, I know you can handle it. Enjoy.