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Lindsay Lohan Full Spread In Hunger Magazine

Lindsay Lohan is back in this super sexy spread for Hunger Magazine. Linds wears a variety of lingerie on what looks like the bed of a Motel 6. Look, say what you want about some of Lindsay’s life decisions but it is an absolute fact proven by science and theology that Lindsay has got a spectacular rack. I’ve been a fan of them since Mean Girls when she bounced around in tight little sweaters. They are friggin’ huge in the good way. It’s good to see that Lindsay has returned to her first love, namely making guys want to ogle her jubblies. I for one would like to see more of this mature sexy Lindsay.

Sure, she’s been through a lot but wisdom comes at a price. That and she’s still got an amazing body so all is forgiven.

Photo Credit: Hunger/Purple Magazine

Laura Queen Topless Boudoir Ginger Goodness for Purple

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I must admit to not being super familiar with model Laura Queen. Which humbles me severely since she is not only ginger and topless, she’s rather ravishing in this Darren Ankerman shoot for Purple Diary. I do have a rather elaborate universal radar system that is supposed to alert me any time a red headed hottie removes her top. I paid good money for that system. Well, okay, I leased it and never returned it and they forgot to keep billing me, still, much like my cable, I still expect it to work without problems.

Seeing ginger topped skin-revealing sextastic ladies helps to remind me of the spiritual nature of existence. Surely this type of goodness wasn’t randomly composed. No, there’s a something somewhere that digs hot gingers too. We are not alone. Of course, that means more competition. Bring it on. Well done, Laura. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Darren Ankerman for Purple Diary

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River the Model Nekkid Hot and Au Natural in the Boudoir for Purple Magazine

River Nekkid Shoot by Darren Ankenman for Purple Magazine November 2014
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Whenever performers or entertainers or models go by one name, I’m always forced to think, did they really earn that distinction or are they just claiming it. Kendall Jenner wants to be known simply as Kendall. Sorry, dear, you’ve got maybe a decade of being a supermodel before you earn the right to own the new age suburban girls name. But, now, there’s the case of an L.A. model who goes by River. Just, River. Before I could even get into my judgmental phase on the naming, I ran into her photos shot by Darren Ankenman for Purple Magazine. Wow. Damn. And a few other phrases I can’t recite because of the grade schoolers who read this cite from P.S 137 in Brooklyn. Hey, little fellas!

River is such a fine specimen of natural young blonde hottie model beauty, she could call herself Nixon and I’d be fine with it. Heck, I’d get a tattoo saying ‘me and Nixon XOXOXO forever’. I am heels over head in lust with this ingenue and her spectacularly nature made female form. Well done, River. I am thinking of at least seventeen different naughty puns involving your name as we speak. I’d love to share them with you as we take pictures in my Red Roof Inn suites and delight in experiencing the teachings of my new book, Tantric Orgasm in Five Minutes or Less. It’s Tantric for busy people. River, let’s get on this. Enjoy.

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Amy Hood Kinky Nekkid in Black and White for Purple (NSFW at all)

Amy Hood Nekkid for Purple by Jonathan Leder
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I’m a big fan of photographer Jonathan Leder. He likes the hot girls in the naughty poses. We’ve seen much of his work on here before. Now team him up with fetish and oft-bondage model hottie Amy Hood and you have the makings of a quite wonderful pictorial for Purple magazine.

I happen to love naughty girls. Even the appearance of naughty makes me tingly. Naughty and hot, well, that’s a whole different level. That’s like setting phasers to kill. Stun you walk away from. Kill, well, it’s all over. Star Trek nerds understand how I feel checking out Amy Hood in these photos. We’re all brothers underneath our different color space unis. Enjoy.

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Pamela Anderson Nekkid Newly in Artistic Shade of Purple

Pamela Anderson Nekkid for Purple Magazine 2014
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Who said Pamela Anderson had lost a step in the body revealing department? Okay, maybe that was me. But at 46, Pamela Anderson, with a little help from bells and whistles, can still knock your socks off when topless and nekkid and all kinds of revealing as she is in Purple magazine.

Now, it’s not like we haven’t seen Pamela Anderson topless before, but considering she’s been going at it for well over two decades now, you have to be impressed by the sheer longevity of a particular skill, much like NFL running backs, that has a decidedly short 20-something’s lifespan. But Pam just keeps on going and going, providing happy private time material for yet another generation of young men. You know, provided they read French style magazines. Enjoy.

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Samantha York Topless For the Subtle Art of Perfect Ta-Ta Seduction

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Samantha York is one of those young ‘it’ girl models in New York that every photographer wants to shoot. If you see this mini-pictorial of her in the new edition of Purple magazine, you’ll understand why this Texas girl turned cheeky hot model is the talk of the Big Apple creative set.

Samantha is also a filmmaker and a writer, which may or may not mean much to you as you stare deep into her feminine wiles. I happen to appreciate the total woman myself. I only wish they would appreciate me back more often. Especially the girls who look a tad bit like Samantha York. If you prick me, I will bleed. So let’s use my prick then, shall we, Samantha? Enjoy.

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Amy Hood (and Maybe Others) Nekkid For Purple Mysteriousness

Amy Hood Goes Nekkid for Purple Magazine #20 2013
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Our French friends at Purple magazine like the highly-stylized portraits of the topless and nekkid hot model ladies. Sometimes they are just on the nose ridiculously hot, other times, they get a bit obscured and mysterious.

Like this Stacey Mark photoshoot of model Amy Hood, I’m not sure even that’s Amy in all the photos. I’m working on a bush-analysis investigation to try and confirm. Lots of out of focus shots and wigs and other evidence obscuring artistic work, but beneath it all, some of the skin that fuels our lust tanks. Enjoy.

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