Gia Genevieve Sultry Topless Perfection in Playboy

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I kind of became enamored of the photoshoot we shared last week of beautiful bombshell Gia Genevieve baring skin, so I just had to ask the good folks at PlayboyPlus if we could take a peek at her cover shoot photo for the magazine. Because, you know, we like a girls. A lot. They obliged and the results are rather faptastic. Wow, those funbags need to be cast in bronze for eternity, or just my grabby hands for five minutes, whichever seems more suitable. Just simply perfect. Quite the memorable shoot.

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I have Facebook so I know how many people find visual splendor in waterfalls and strange vacation homes and miniature donkeys, but for me, the most stunning life changing and mind altering images remain that of crazy hot nekkid women put on this planet by super intelligent friendly aliens in order to see us smile. I think that’s how it happens. Thank you, friendly aliens. This one is absolutely phenomenal. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

Kayslee Collins Topless and Outright Nekkid Hot for Playboy Playmate Spread

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Could this be the culmination of my new found lust for Kayslee Collins, the blonde hottie former Disney teen actor turned musicians turned faptastic funbag model? I sure hope not. I want this train ride to go on forever.


The incredibly alluring California girl blonde takes it off, all off, for the traditionally luxurious and silky Playboy Playmate pictorial representing February 2015, a good month and it hasn’t even started yet. I really was somewhat surprised to hear she’d posed for the bunny magazine, now I’m quite a bit more catatonic. A happier version of surprised. I mean, just look at this sextastic wonder. She’s a gift from somebody who really really likes us.

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Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

We Saw Stefanie Knight in a Bikini, Now Let’s See Her Quite Topless in Playboy

Stefanie Knight's Perfect Body Goes Topless
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My favorite game returns. While it was more than enticing to see the boobtastic Stefanie Knight on the beach in Malibu pimping bottled water, it is three levels more alluring to see her quite without clothing on the pages of PlayboyPlus where our friends delight in finding the hottest lovely young ladies and posing them sans wardrobe. Really, such a simply smart idea.

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Stefanie’s hair color may change, but that fine female form on her is quite memorable to the point I do believe I could recognize her while blindfolded, with only the use of my big toe as a discovery mechanism. Perhaps not my big toe. But you get the point. I don’t want to be arrested just for playing a fun game of Guess The Hottie. Stefanie, you do so entice.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

Rachel Mortenson Is Home Alone and Nekkid with Steak to Celebrate PlayboyPlus $1 Signup Special!

Rachel Mortenson Is Home Alone Again
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Rachel Mortenson may be the face of Guess, but she’s the body of Playboy once more in an encore performance for the Bunny brand with her entire outrageously hot body in display in this stunning pictorial. If she licks her finger one more time, I’m going to jump right through the monitor and try to Tron my lust for her. There’s something to be said for alluring blonde women with faptastic bodies. And that thing is, ‘Hey, gorgeous, have you ever tried a broke guy before?’

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Our friends at PlayboyPlus really really want you to get involved in their fine humanitarian efforts, like access to their thousands of galleries and videos of the world’s most attractive women who just happen to be nekkid. It’s quite a combo really and truly. I only recommend the things I love. Or anything a hot girl asks me to do if I’m being honest. But I can’t be bought, only exploited by epic funbags. Every man has his line in the sand. Enjoy.
Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

Jaclyn Swedberg Nekkid New and So Damn Hot for Playboy (Get Playboy.TV Free Week for Xmas!)


One of the most popular lovely lasses we’ve shared visual wonderments this year had to be Jaclyn Swedberg who reappeared in numerous bikini photoshoots in 2014. So, fortune of fortunes that our friends at PlayboyPlus just this week launched her latest hottest topless pictorial for the bunny magazine. Truly a princess among princesses. A brunette hottie of curvaceous, nay, monumental proportions.

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Stefanie Knight Perfect Nekkid Body in Playboy


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Yep, it’s time for my favorite not quite a game show again where earlier in the day we saw the brilliantly boobtastic Stefanie Knight pimping H20 hot bikini style, now we get to see her dabbling in the nekkid arts full frontal and center on PlayboyPlus, the outlet for all good and yummy things bare naked ladies.


Stefanie was sort of a blonde this morning, though her brunette charms and one outlandishly sextastic body shine through in this naturally nekkid pictorial of the curvaceous beauty and Cybergirl of the month earlier this year. There’s no shame in being super hot, so I’m told. Stefanie, I’d love to be the guy who gets to hold your clothes while you’re working. They will come back to you neatly pressed, even if you don’t ask for that, it’s just something I throw in after the obligatory washing to hide any irregularities that occurred during my handling. So very very hot! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PlayboyPlus

Lindsay Jones Au Natural Playboy Turn of Topless Events

Lindsay Jones Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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As Playboy remakes itself in many different bold and boobtastic ways. you can expect to see much more of the natural naughtiness so many of you clamor for in your regular crayon-smudged letters to me. Less of the shiny happy inflated ladies perhaps, and more of supremely alluring models like Lindsay Jones. Oh, Lindsay, how you have started my engines, greased my rods, and insert other naughty sounding auto metaphor herein.

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Our friends at PlayboyPlus are touting their latest Bunny creation, the sultry Ms. Jones, as the wave of the future. I’d do more than wave if Lindsay were part of my future, if you know what I mean. Whoa, baby hit me one more time. Just say the word, Lindsay, and I will empty my bank account, liquidate my stocks, and sell off all my holdings and we’ll see how far $172.57 can get two crazy horny young lovers in an Enterprise rent-a-car. I’m so so ready. Enjoy.