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Sophie Monk Naked In Playboy? Okay, I Can Do That


At least one superfan of Egotastic! got his male panties in a bunch about us omitting super fine Down Under models and actress Sophie Monk from our archive of Bunny magazine favorites. You know I'm more sensitive than a teen girl experiencing puberty in an all male household, so I hereby bequeath to that fine fellow the perfect female form of Sophie Monk thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus.

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Sophie isn't just another great looking Australian blonde with killer eyes and even more dangerous sweet pies. She's one of the elites. The cream of the sextastic crop of Southern Hemispheric babes who put shrimps on the barbie and have contagious laughs. I could be happy with a woman like Sophie Monk keeping my bed warm, even if that was by means of petrol and a match after she discovers I spent the evening with Elle Macpherson. Dare to dream big, you might just land somewhere decently obscene. Enjoy.

Emma Glover Red White and Topless Hot for American Independence and Playboy


The day Emma Glover started shooting for Playboy was one of the happiest days of my life. I'll have to have kids someday I suppose to start putting that list into some kind of perspective, but the chance to leer at the ridiculously hot brunette without her clothes on under the visual direction of the photo masters at Playboy is quite the wonderful thing. These are the kinds of things I light candles for late at night.

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Emma has brilliantly brought her British aplomb, make that two plums, to help celebrate the Stars and Stripes during this week of American Independence Day celebrations. Jolly good show really. If only Emma would come to my 4th of July BBQ, my summer bucket list would be already complete. I have vegan options, Emma. I just make people eat them in the corner of shame, but for you, I could make the exception. So damn hot! Enjoy.

Dian Parkinson Topless Classic Beauty Knows the Price is Right on Playboy March Madness Deal


First, thanks to EgoReader 'Will' for reminding me just how wicked hot Price is Right hostess model Dian Parkinson was back in her heyday of day time game show lore. Wow. And then she went and took all her clothes off for Playboy, revealing one stellar grown up lady body. I'd like to buy a vowel. Oh, wrong show.

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But what is more than right is peeking at Dian Parkinson while considering the March Madness deal from our friends at PlayboyPlus and Playboy.TV. For a mere $5.83/month for twelve months, you can delight in the bevy of topless and nekkid beauties in either format. This is perhaps the happiest you could possibly make your best friend who lies captive between your lower appendages and literally has to put up with your shizz all year long. This is one gift that will not be re-gifted, I assure you. Enjoy.

Playboy.TV Wants to Ensure You Get Some Cheap Hot Action on Valentine’s Day


First off, Happy Valentine's Day. Which is a misnomer, because Valentine's Day can and is one of the most truly horrible days of the year for tons of men and women. Maybe the 'happy' part is just wishful thinking. Unless of course you're the people at Playboy.TV who are doing something about making this day a whole lot better.

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For just an average cost of $5.83 per month, which doesn't even buy me a cheese sandwich downstairs if I ask for a roll, you can become a vaunted yearly member of Playboy.TV where you can see, oh, a million and one wicked hot chicks like Ali Rose doing what I always imagined wicked hot girls do when they're hanging out with other wicked hot girls and cameras are rolling. It's exposing, fun, a tad bit raunchy, if raunchy means completely awesome. And it does. Check out Ali Rose in photos, imagine her bouncing and giggling and making a salad without her hands and you have some idea of what you'll find on Playboy.TV.  Enjoy.

We Saw Jaclyn Swedberg in a Bikini, Now Let’s See Her Nekkid in Playboy


Our favorite ever game, even better than strip Twister with the BBW sisters down the hall, checking out supremely good looking women in next to nothing, then seeing them in nothing shortly thereafter courtesy of our friends at PlayboyPlus, purveyors of perfect bodies in print for many thousands of years now.

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We had quite the strong reaction to the Jaclyn Swedberg bikini pictures we ran a couple days ago. And, by strong reaction I mean sales of tub-sized Intensive Care skyrocketed at Costco in a single day. So, why not kill you even more with some of our favorite visuals of the ridiculously hot Jaclyn Swedberg from her Playmate spread. Jaclyn Swedberg is so hot, she makes the sun feel unworthy. I just made that up, Jaclyn, I've got more, let's have breakfast in bed. Enjoy.

Raquel Pomplun Playmate of the Year Nekkid Gloriousness


We've talked in the past about how they don't just hand out those PMOY titles over at Playboy, and while we all have our favorites, the assembly of girls who have held that title over the years are quite the stunners. Including, as many of you have written, the new Playmate of the Year, Raquel Pomplun, who are friends at Playboy Plus are sharing with us now because, well, because she's just so damn nekkid and fine. There need be no other excuse.

Val Kiel Playmate of the Month on Playboy

For those of you who happen to love sultry ridiculously hot bodied brunettes, Raqeul will be a sight you will not soon, if ever, forget. And that's the way it should be. The good ones stick with you for a good long while. I sure would like to stick to Raquel for a good long while. I even have the places to stick already mapped out here with my colored pencils. Enjoy.

Also be sure to see current Playmate of the Month Val Keil now on Playboy Plus.