Playboy TV Free For a Week to Celebrate Easter (Oh, and Jenny McCarthy Hot Mommy Nekkid Too)

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If you’re symbol is the bunny, you’re going to have to do something special for Easter weekend. I mean, sure, the frocks and the hats and the parades and the religious ceremonies and the ham are all well and good, but not quite the same as seeing an entire free week of smoking hot babes galore on Playboy.TV thanks to our Easter giving generous friends at PlayboyPlus.

DO NOT MISS: Playboy.TV One Week Completely Free!

And while we’re at it, why not tempt the salacious veins with a look at the most recent set of Jenny McCarthy nekkid in Playboy magazine. She is getting married soon, which doesn’t mean we still can’t admire her long and storied history with the bunny magazine, but it does mean I have to say a small virtual apology to her New Kids on the Block husband before I enter into fantasy land with Jenny. Just think of all the hotness Playboy has to offer. And, now, it’s free for a week. I only pimp products I indulge in myself. Enjoy.

Nikki Leigh Topless Photoshoot for Playboy

Nikki Leigh Topless Photoshoot for Playboy
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Nikki Leigh is on full display in her latest spread for Playboy. The blond vixen Playmate showed off her perfectly round breasts in a series of provocative pics. Her breasts are a thing of beauty, so much so that if I wrote poetry I’d dedicate a friggin’ sonnet to them “Ode To Nikki’s Knockers” (tentative title). In one of the galleries below you can see Nikki working out with fashion designer Nikki Lund. This is the pay-off for all that hard work and exercise. There is not a molecule of unsightly material on Nikki’s toned body. The nice thing about Nikki is that she always looks like she’s having fun in her photo shoots. Maybe it’s just a perception but it adds to the sexiness. No one wants a gloomy model.

The other thing I like about Nikki, besides the obvious, is her sexy stare. It’s not easy to stare sexily and not look like a creeper.

Ashley Salazar Topless Bound and Lacy Hotness for the Romanian Bunny

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I always love when I get a letter from model Ashley Salazar. I’m pretty sure it’s going to contain another set of very fine pictures of her that she is so naturally proud of and sharing. If I looked like Ashley Salazar without my clothes on, well, first of all, I’d probably never leave my bathtub. But, second, I’d be quite into showing off my photos as well. Especially when they appear so glossy and colorful and hot bodied on the pages of Playboy Romania. Oh, yeah, I have a subscription. Get with the program.

Ashley gets all kind of wicked black lace and tied up in this photoshoot which has just about something for everybody, including the kids, if they happen to love perfect funbags and a little bondage. I know I did as a kid. Thanks, Ash, you are ever so beautiful. Enjoy.

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Emma Glover Is Finally Nekkid! Playboy.TV Is Free For a Week!

Emma Glover Strips Nekkid for Playboy Photoshoot
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You know we’ve lusted British glamour model Emma Glover since about the time many of you first confirmed that you were anatomically male. She’s just one fine looking Britty brunette. However, such as the rules of glamour modeling go in Jolly Old, we never really  got a full peek at Emma’s birthday suit goodness that is until now. Thanks to Playboy and Playboy.TV celebrating it’s brand new totally free week, we may feast our eyes upon the full frontal goodies of Emma the Alluring.

DO NOT MISS: Playboy.TV One Week Completely Free!

This is the first time ever that Playboy.TV has offered a free trial to potential customers. In the very least, you owe it to yourself and the opposable thumbs God gave you to see just how much bawdy fun a TV channel dedicated to sextastic nekkid girls playing around can be. What, were you thinking more cable TV news coverage of missing planes and riots around the world? Nay, my friend, go for the good looking nekkid girls every time. Enjoy.

Alejandra Guilmant Nekkid for a Belated Playboy St. Patrick’s Day Feel Good Special

Alejandra Guilmant Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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I blame myself for missing St. Patrick’s Day. Although, I’d make mention of the fact that having a drinking holiday on a Monday following a big weekend of sports is pretty brutal for anyone over the age of teenager. Still, I’d be remiss if I and a couple of my special hot girl loving friends at Playboy did not give you one way to save green after St. Patrick’s Day with a special deal on both Playboy Plus with, oh, hundreds of thousands of photos and videos, and Playboy.TV with a bunch of hot nekkid women doing silly things to one another. I blush just thinking about it.

Playboy Plus for Just $5.83 per month / Playboy.TV for Just $5.83 per month

And, to celebrate, why not take a special peek at the nekkid hot goodness of Alejandra Guilmant who we saw just an hour ago covered topless in Esquire. Well, you knew that wasn’t going to be good enough for me. And definitely nor good enough for you. So take a gander at her wicked alluring sextastic body and dream the dream of hot senoritas in your boudoir. Enjoy.

Playboy.TV Wants to Ensure You Get Some Cheap Hot Action on Valentine’s Day

Ali Rose Nekkid Treats for a Playboy Photoshoot
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First off, Happy Valentine’s Day. Which is a misnomer, because Valentine’s Day can and is one of the most truly horrible days of the year for tons of men and women. Maybe the ‘happy’ part is just wishful thinking. Unless of course you’re the people at Playboy.TV who are doing something about making this day a whole lot better.

Get your red hot Playboy.TV Valentine’s Special for just $5.83 x 12 months!

For just an average cost of $5.83 per month, which doesn’t even buy me a cheese sandwich downstairs if I ask for a roll, you can become a vaunted yearly member of Playboy.TV where you can see, oh, a million and one wicked hot chicks like Ali Rose doing what I always imagined wicked hot girls do when they’re hanging out with other wicked hot girls and cameras are rolling. It’s exposing, fun, a tad bit raunchy, if raunchy means completely awesome. And it does. Check out Ali Rose in photos, imagine her bouncing and giggling and making a salad without her hands and you have some idea of what you’ll find on Playboy.TV.  Enjoy.

Miriam Gossner Topless Means Germany Wins the Winter Olympics Most Important Event

Miriam Gossner Topless in Playboy Photoshoot
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No offense to the 39 other nations competing in Sochi, but Germany just won the entire thing. And, no, not because of their uncanny ability to slide on a luge and bobsled faster than anybody else in the world, but because of cross-country and biathlete phenom Miriam Gossner. Miriam is the dangerous double threat of Norwegian-German heritage, which means she’s born into winter sports and also destined to be a super hot blonde.

But that’s still not the reason she wins, even more so than my Slovenian alpine darling, Tina Maze and even semi-topless Lebanese hottie Jackie Chamoun. Miriam wins because she showed off her biathlete boobtastic bare in Playboy Germany where she looks all kinds of gold medal worthy in her preening and posing performance. Damn. My apologies to all, but until I see otherwise, Germany wins the 2014 games. Enjoy.