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Thank God It’s Funbags (TGIF): First Daughter of Mexican Rock, Celia Lora, Flashes the Boobtastic for the Bunny



Well, if you happen to follow the world of Rock 'n' Roll south of the border, then you well know Alex Lora, the founding member of El Tri, perhaps Mexico's most famous rock band, pumping out the shizz for four decades now. And, if you know Alex, then you certainly know of his hottie daughter Celia Lora, a well known, and oft-troubled with the law, rocker offspring who did the good deed this month in posing her three chord harmonious body all types of topless for Playboy Mexico. Hot sultry latina, topless sextastic body, motorcycles, and rock 'n' roll. This one has it all. Enjoy.

Pilar Montenegro Topless Hotness for the Bunny, Party Deux



Well, wouldn't you know, the stars-aligned properly, the planets crossed, the candles were lit, and now we have some sextastic additions to the Pilar Montenegro pictorial from Playboy Mexico we posted earlier this month.

The sexy Mexi film and pop star has a body that really just does not quit (or I can't quit ogling it, it's one of the two) and the bunny magazine photographers truly did her fineries some justice in these splendiferous pics. Oh, Pilar, if the mere thought of marriage didn't make me break out into hives, I would make an honest woman out of you then proceed to make many many babies, in the biblical manner. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Katy Cocktease Outtakes, Candice Swanepoel Topless, Karen Carreno Colombian Hot, Mo’ Mo’ Holly Peers MoMos, Rosie Huntington-Whitely Artsy Topless, and Jessa Hinton Bunny Nekkid


Oh, you wicked raunchy perverted readers, you. How we adore your dirty minds, and, more to the point, your fruit-filled contributions to the sextastic pot we call Egotastic! It's a menagerie of the mostly nekkid this week in Reader Finds, including Katy Cocktease in some newly released, of course, teasy outtakes from Maxim, Candice Swanepoel flashing her swane poles, Colombian Supermodel Karen Carreno so super hot, more delicious ripe funbags from Holly Peers, even more found topless Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Jessa Hinton

Laura Benanti Bunny Time Hotness Set for The Playboy Club

You may know her from her many stage roles and Tony Nomination for her performance in Gypsy, or, like me, you know not a wit about legit theater, however, you can name the original two continents in Azeroth for bonus points at geek bar trivia, still you dig super hot actresses, especially when they've been tapped to play cocktail waitress bunnies in The Playboy Club TV series debuting this Fall.

Say hello to Laura Benanti, who Playboy magazine was kind enough to preview in a few sexy, even though sadly under-nekkid wise, photos in the October edition of their magazine. I'm still not quite sure about this new TV show. I am quite sure that Laura Benanti is a girl I'd like to make many many baby bunnies with. Enjoy.

Debora Comba Goes Double Delight in Playboy Sudamericana



I've been in head over heels lust for Debora Comba for all of a blessed two weeks now, since her vintage photoshoot, but, now, it's lust times dos as the sextastic Mexican TV hostess dared to bare even more for Playboy Argentina this month. Stockings, sweet butts, sultry hot body, it's time to gas up the Egotastic! camper and head down the Pan-American highway. Enjoy.

Magdalena Brzeksa Topless Pictures For The Sexy Sport of It All



Now, you may not be an avid follower of the female sport of rhythmic gymnastics, perhaps you even protested when it was added to the Olympics roster as an athletic event, but, then you missed the burgeoning burgeons of a then young German athlete, Magdalena Brzeksa, in Atlanta in 1996, twirling her ribbon and spinning her rings to some classical music I'm sure I could never name.

Flash forward 15 years later, to the very same Magdalena, on the cover of her home country Playboy magazine, creating a rhythm of  completely different, and topless kind.  Mmm, girl gymnasts gone nekkid. I think I'm going to cry. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Erin McNaught Topless, Katie Cleary Full Monty, Katy Cocktease The Early Boob Years, Pippa Black Butt Cheek, Rosie Huntington Whiteley Melons, and Tabrett Bethell Nekkid Movie Stills


As summer draws to its sort of close to inevitable end, you blessed readers have only ramped up your sextacular contributions to the bubbling cauldron of communal perversion we call Egotastic! Watching you all walk up the steps to Thulsa Doom to deliver your nekkid offerings, it's really a sight that can bring an old man to tears.

This week's Reader Finds includes a double dose of naughty Aussie Neighbours in Erin McNaught and Pippa Black, Katie Cleary topless bathing, Katy Cocktease in the early boob teasing days, Rosie Huntington-Whitely in perhaps the greatest Pirelli Calendar moment ever, and finishing up back Down Under with Tabrett Bethell flashing beaver in The Clinic.