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Ashley Salazar Topless in Playboy Mexico; Playboy.TV Es Gratis Para la Celebración! (That Means Free!)


I'm a big Ashley Salazar fan. Whenever Ashley alerts us to her new photos in any publication around the seven seas, I get excited to see her new body of work. And what a body it is. Ashley's outrageously fine female form is on topless display currently in Playboy Mexico, the South of the Border online bunny domination journal. And, man, what a muy bueno visual experience it is.

Playboy TV. Es Gratis, Free, Five Finger Discount, Compliments of the House!

To celebrate Ashley's sextastic rise, and the rise she gives all of us, Playboy.TV is extending its offer of One Week Free Trial to see girls as hot as Ashley getting silly sexy with each other for the love of hot girl bodies intertwined. You will never find a better price than free, or perhaps a better way to unwind after work or school or your community service detail along the freeway than about fifteen minutes watching Playboy.TV Trust me, it works wonders. As does Ashley. I just feel happy now. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Sissi Fleitas Topless En Fuego in The Mexican Bunny


First and foremost, muchas gracias to EgoReader 'Eduardo' who reminded us that while we teased the pictorial of Sabado Gigante variety show veteran hottie Sissi Fleitas, we never really shared the photos. That was kind of a dick move on our part, though I assure you as usual it was mostly just because I'm lazy and I have short-term memory loss though I can't remember why.

But on to Sissi Fleitas, the blonde hottie tore up the libidos of many men for many years on Spanish language television, but this is her ultimate show. The wicked hot Cubana looks all kinds of spectacular in Playboy Mexico, flashing the charms that connected her with audiences for many years. Though probably not as connected as many would've liked to be.

On Fridays, we give gratitude for all that is nekkid and alluring and makes life worth living if you happen to be a lusty kind of guy or Sapphic leaning gal. Sissi Fleitas can come to my private dinner parties any time she likes. Tonight maybe, Sissi? Oddly, I'm free. Thank God It's Funbags!

Sissi Fleitas Blonde and Bodacious for Sabado Gigante Dreams in Playboy Mexico (JUST A TEASER PHOTO)


Editor's note: only the first shot is of Sissi, the rest, a blonde hottie fill-in. We'l be bringing you the full set of Sissi photos as they come available soon hopefully.

If you happen to be a fan of Sabado Gigante, the longest running variety show on television, these days in Spanish language on Univision, then you may fondly recall Sissi Fleitas as a hottie hostess from the show in the mid 90's - 2000's. The blonde Cuban bombshell was quite the memorable figure and had continued to be on numerous Spanish languages shows ever since. Now, most importantly, Sissi has taken off her clothes for Playboy Mexico where the Cubana shows off all of her assets, natural and those rather aided by science.  Consider me quite excited on behalf of the men who've been having happy private time thoughts of Sissi for almost two decades now.

Someday, hopefully, more American celebrities will start getting nekkid for photos before their 40th birthdays like Sissi. It's the dream really. The world will not end for the sight of your bare nekkid hot bodies. The skies shall not open up and the earth shall not swallow us whole. Just millions of men and some lovely Sapphic leaning ladies will be made happy. Think on it. Be like Sissi! Enjoy.

Sugey Abrego Topless Weather Girl Deliciosa for the Mexican Bunny


Do you happen to like when your favorite hot weather girl takes her clothes off for Playboy magazine? Yeah, I know, yours still hasn't. But striking brunette Mexican weather girl and thespianic Sugey Abrego has now and it's quite stupendous.

For all the times you imagined the hottie in front of the green screen stopping her silly chatter about cold fronts and taking off her tight sweater to reveal her hot fronts, now is your day. Enjoy.

Leia Freitas Muy Sextastica y Sin Ropas en Revista Playboy


Hey, looks like somebody's learning a little Spanish these days. Or trying. If for no other reason, than, one blessed day, when I run into Brazilian actress turned Mexican TV super hottie, Leia Freitas, I want to be able to seduce her in at least one of her fluent languages.

If you check out these wicked hot and nekkid photos of Leia in the Mexican Bunny this month, you too might find the will to learn a foreign language, figure out a way to at least rent a fancy car, spiff up your shoes, and take a crack at wooing this sextastic brunette hottie yourself. I mean, I will obviously be sweeping her off her feet and taking her to my Acapulco seaside estate for six months of nonstop intercourse, but, after that, you can give it a shot too. I mean, you might want to give her time for a bleach bath or irradiation immediately following, but then thereafter. Es toda una mujer guapa. Disfruta.

Patty Cuevas Topless Angel of the Party for The Mexican Bunny


I will possibly go through my entire life without understanding what the hell a DJ does and why it's actually considered an occupation worthy of celebrity status. I was the DJ back at my middle school end of year party and I remember pushing a couple buttons to blast as much AC/DC as possible to impress the young ladies. That was a fail. Maybe I'm just bitter from that experience, but I'm still not convinced pressing buttons and shaking your fist in the ear and holding the right ear of a pair of headphones to your head like your listening for distress calls from ships at sea qualifies as a real job. Then again, if you think I'm going to miss a chance to see Mexico's infamous party girl DJ Patty Cuevas nekkid in Playboy Mexico this month, not a chance.

Patty is affectionately known in Mexico as the Angel of the Party. I guess she rocks the Menudo albums better than her competitors. Or maybe she just has bigger not so natural chest puppies. Either way, she's all the rage South of the Border and well worth a peek without any clothes on. So, to summarize, being a DJ is okay if you're a woman with a curvy body and you take your clothes off for magazines. The rest of you, I'm really not so sure about. Enjoy.

Diosa Canalas Topless Retro Sextastica Para Playboy en Mexico


Diosa Canales seems to be causing quite a stir these days on the world wide web. The Venezuelan hottie and notorious stripper after her nation's winning soccer matches seems to be catching on outside her native Sudamericana. It doesn't hurt that she seems to be bedding down with some of the better soccer players in the world I suppose.

Featured in this month's Playboy Mexico, the busty Venezuelan model and TV personality goes a little old school, with a retro black wig and style harkening back to a simpler time, when busty women were more naturally made perhaps, though I'm hardly complaining at the twin peaked goodness of Diosa. Take some time to step back into the way back machine with this sultry Latina. Buttons will be pushed. Enjoy.