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Alyssa Arce Even More Nekkid in Playboy Than Her Terry Richardson Shoot


Oh, of course, it's not a competition. But as a variation of our favorite new game, we figured you probably wouldn't mind seeing more of Alyssa Arce and her bare arse, among other fine bits, on the pages of Playboy magazine. We really fell in lust almost instantly at the end of last week when lucky bastard photographer Terry Richardson rubbed Alyssa's nekkid form in our faces. Now, thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus, prepare to fall hard for this Arce all over again.

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There is something to be said for a ridiculously hot woman nekkid on a race track. And that thing is 'Hey, little lady, how'd  you like to go for a ride?' I tried that once to a girl in middle school on my bike. I ended up with a cracked rib and a busted Huffy. I bet Alyssa is a bit more gracious in her responses. I just imagine her being super gracious, and covered in whipped cream, if I'm being honest. Enjoy.

We Saw Pamela Anderson Trying to Cover Her Funbags; Now Let’s See Her Hosing Them Off Bare in Playboy


I'm pretty sure Pamela Anderson came out of the womb with fake boobs. You can't really ever go back far enough to find a small chested Canadian Pam Anderson. But, with the sight of her 46-year old chestal balls earlier today caught on her vacation in France, well, it reminded me that at one time nobody gave a dang about Pam's melons being surreal. They just really really wanted to play with them. Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus, we can step into the sort of Way Back Machine to a time when Pamela was watering her boobtastic garden like no other.

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Yes, kids, there was a time not so long ago when Pamela Anderson was THE blonde bombshell that every teen boy in the world dreamed of each night in his bed. The busty Baywatch lifeguard who you fantasized giving you mouth to mouth, and not necessarily on your mouth. She was a thing, for many, she still is. Ah, mammaries of the way we were. Enjoy.

Dakota Johnson To Be Super Topless in 50 Shades of Grey; Let’s Look at Mom Melanie Griffith Young and Topless in Playboy


There can't be anything more beautiful in this lifetime than seeing a hot mom and a hot daughter both without their clothes on. Sure, we may have to span decades of wait, and have the perfect alignment of stars, but this is what magical moments are made of. Melanie Griffith's daughter Dakota Johnson has agreed to the upcoming deeply topless lead role of Anastasia in the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey mommy porn movie. While hot mom Melanie was bare in a few number of films back in her heyday, today we harken back to the 70's, when Melanie was just a late teen lass, appearing in a vastly underrated Playboy magazine pictorial.

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Now, we may be jumping the gun just a bit, and rest assured, when we get Dakota full frontal upon her film release, we'll revisit this mother daughter comparison. But, for now, thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus, we are able to whet the whistle of the glorious presentation of mother and daughter hotties flashing sweet bare body parts for over the top ogling happiness. Enjoy.

We Saw Amanda Cerny In Her Bikini; Now Let’s See Her Nekkid on the Pages of Playboy


Oh yes, my, yours, and grandma's very favorite game of all time. That one where we see a wicked hot celebrity in little bits of clothes then I pretend that a million people called me to demand to see her nekkid not long after and I willingly oblige. Yep, Amanda Cerny, the latest promotional model for 138 Water, not so long ago, just two years ago, was a very special ridiculously hot Playboy Playmate. Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus, we can now take a look at Amanda completely nekkid.

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Not that bikini pictures are anything to scoff at, but seeing the full and true wonders of a Playmate on sensual exhibition, well, that is another matter altogether. A matter I will be reflecting upon not long from now, once I get this bolt lock fixed on my door. So damn hot I want to drop to my knees and tell the stuffed bear mounted on my wall to thank Mother Nature for her epic creation. Enjoy.

We Saw Jessa Hinton Covered Topless for Water Ads, Now Let’s See Jessa Nekkid in Playboy


Oh, favorite game ever, you have not been gone for long, but you are still ever tantalizing upon return. That game where we see one smoking hot woman covering herself with garb or hands in the morning, then in the afternoon we take a look at her topless or nekkid courtesy of our friends at Playboy Plus.

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Jessa Hinton isn't just any lady. She's a former Playmate turned boxing and poker sideline TV reporter. Now, she's nekkid and I couldn't be happier. Her body isn't just killer, it's to be killed for, as in I'd shank any one of you for the chance to spend five minute alone in a broom closet with Jessa. And, no, Jessa, that's not a broom handle, I'm just damn glad to meet you. Enjoy.

We Saw Leanna Decker in a Bikini, Now Let’s See Her Nekkid in Playboy


Well, that didn't take long. You know our favorite new game could not be contained, meeting Leanna Decker this morning in her bikini on Miami Beach, we just had to re-introduce her more properly without any clothes on and flashing just one killer body, up, down, all the way around. Be still my ginger lusting heart.

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Thank you to our friends at Playboy Plus for this ridiculously boobtastic and body faptastic set of photos of Cybergirl of the Year for 2012, Leanna Decker. There's absolutely no part of her that I wouldn't like to pour milk over and play hungry hungry kitty. Yes, I share my feelings, you don't have to back, but I'm a giver. And with Leanna Decker, I'd like to spend a few days locked in a mountain cabin doing nothing but giving. Enjoy.

We Saw Jaclyn Swedberg in a Bikini, Now Let’s See Her Nekkid in Playboy


Our favorite ever game, even better than strip Twister with the BBW sisters down the hall, checking out supremely good looking women in next to nothing, then seeing them in nothing shortly thereafter courtesy of our friends at PlayboyPlus, purveyors of perfect bodies in print for many thousands of years now.

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We had quite the strong reaction to the Jaclyn Swedberg bikini pictures we ran a couple days ago. And, by strong reaction I mean sales of tub-sized Intensive Care skyrocketed at Costco in a single day. So, why not kill you even more with some of our favorite visuals of the ridiculously hot Jaclyn Swedberg from her Playmate spread. Jaclyn Swedberg is so hot, she makes the sun feel unworthy. I just made that up, Jaclyn, I've got more, let's have breakfast in bed. Enjoy.