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Rachel Hunter Called a Classic by Sports Illustrated; We Take A Peek At Rachel Topless in Playboy


For the 50th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, the S.I. team harkened back twenty years to the February when Rachel Hunter was among the three hottie member trio of swimsuit models dubbed the dream team. And a dream she was, and still is, by the looks of her in and around these photo ops for the new edition. But, today, I take you back to a time when Rachel Hunter made our entire bodies grip with, well, gripness.

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Rachel's stellar Playboy photo shoot courtesy of the launch of Playboy Plus' new Hot Yoga channel launch. If you happen to like wicked hot girls doing yoga in various states of undress, you will die for this. I mean, first the happy, then the die part. Might as well go out with a smile. Enjoy.

Miriam Gossner Topless Means Germany Wins the Winter Olympics Most Important Event


No offense to the 39 other nations competing in Sochi, but Germany just won the entire thing. And, no, not because of their uncanny ability to slide on a luge and bobsled faster than anybody else in the world, but because of cross-country and biathlete phenom Miriam Gossner. Miriam is the dangerous double threat of Norwegian-German heritage, which means she's born into winter sports and also destined to be a super hot blonde.

But that's still not the reason she wins, even more so than my Slovenian alpine darling, Tina Maze and even semi-topless Lebanese hottie Jackie Chamoun. Miriam wins because she showed off her biathlete boobtastic bare in Playboy Germany where she looks all kinds of gold medal worthy in her preening and posing performance. Damn. My apologies to all, but until I see otherwise, Germany wins the 2014 games. Enjoy.

We Saw Jade Bryce Hot on the Red Carpet; Now Let’s See Her Topless on PlayboyPlus


My favorite upscale adult entertainment game show that doesn't involve a guy with a toupee hosting it (not yet at least). Yesterday we saw Bellator hottie Jade Bryce on the red carpet for the MMA Awards in Vegas. Now, thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus, we have a look at Jade Bryce topless and wicked hot from her cybermodeling days of yore. Well, like a couple years ago. She truly is a stunner.

Playboy Plus is 80% off for Valentine's Week Only

And, just in time for Valentine's Day, the good folks at PlayboyPlus are offering a massive 80% off annual subscription rate deal for the lovers of romance and hundreds of thousands of photos and videos of the world's hottest women to go along with that romance. It's a deal you really can't beat, though you can certainly beat... nevermind, you get the idea. Enjoy.

Will Sasha Grey Be Nekkid in The New Entourage Movie? Dunno, Let’s Look at Her Sweet Funbags in Playboy


I'm pretty sure they started filming the new Entourage movie without a completely clear idea as to final script and the players involved. I could be wrong, but it seems still up in the air at least as to who the noteworthy list of hotties will be who appear in the movie basically about hot celebrity girls. We're definitely hoping one of them will be the passion producing Sasha Grey. There's also some story involving the guys, but, meh, you know.

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Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus we have another fine look at this porn star, who while also quite noteworthy in her many action poses online, also happens to be a truly alluring model worthy of glamour photography and the pages of Playboy. And, yes, I'm saying that in part so that when I meet Sasha she will pin me down and have her way with me in a hopefully public setting. If it happens, I definitely want to be arrested for it. Enjoy.

We Saw Cassandra Dawn in a Bikini, Now Let’s See Her Nekkid on the Pages of Playboy


Ah, yes, the return of my favorite game ever, where first you see one super fine looking woman out in public in a bikini or such, then later in the day we get a chance to see her entirely nekkid thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus who allow us to share the full skin beauty of women such as Cassandra Dawn. Granted, we couldn't wait too long to share these photos, because, well, because Cassandra looks so incredibly alluring in these bath and shower photos that I really just want to cry or kiss an elderly woman or something.

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Girls like Cassandra remind us all that the shower massager is not really a cleaning instrument at all. Also that there is no greater beauty in the natural world than the unnatural hotness of exotic women with stupendous bare bodies. You can't grind the Grand Canyon into ecstasy, even if you really really want to. Trust me, been there done that. I'll take Cassandra as my A-1 earthly delight. Enjoy.

Camille Grammer Is Celebrating Renewed Health; We Take a Look at Her Nekkid in Playboy


I don't really watch the Real Housewives shows because I do have male genitalia. But I know Camille Grammer is quite the focal point of the Beverly Hills edition, especially through the period she split from Kelsey and went on her own cougaring ways. More recently, Camille was bit by endometrial cancer, which is not a fun thing, but is now celebrating completion of her tough rounds of chemo and radiation, literally ringing the celebratory bell at her treatment facility. This makes us happy. No matter the person really. So, we're celebrating too, in honestly the only way I know how -- peeking at Camille's ridiculous topless hotness from 1996, the year she fell madly in love with the Frasier star. In the very least, you'll be able to see why Kelsey fell madly in love and or lust with Camille.

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Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus for helping us share this joyous occasion with ridiculously hot photos of Camille from her glamour modeling days. She was quite the looker. Still not too shabby at all. And, blessedly, healthy again. Enjoy.

Kennedy Summers Topless Climax to the Year in Playboy


I don't normally like to point out, nay, share the ever-delightful visuals of all the hot Playmates throughout the year. But given that this is the end of 2013, and Kennedy Summers, Miss Decemeber is just so damn hot I want to cry into my dream pillow, well, why the heck not. Plus, our friends at on PlayboyPlus were nice enough to share some of the sweetest teats this side of fantasyland.

Playboy Plus Sweet Christmas Deal Continues On Just Past Christmas!

Kennedy Summers reminds us during this season of holidays and memories and wishes looking forward that there is a higher power at work, and he or she has very good taste in women. Kennedy Summers is just stunning from all angles and curves. I know, I've been mapping out every inch of her ridiculously hot body with the measuring tools in my mind. Consider this the best geometry class ever. Enjoy.