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Camille Grammer Is Celebrating Renewed Health; We Take a Look at Her Nekkid in Playboy


I don't really watch the Real Housewives shows because I do have male genitalia. But I know Camille Grammer is quite the focal point of the Beverly Hills edition, especially through the period she split from Kelsey and went on her own cougaring ways. More recently, Camille was bit by endometrial cancer, which is not a fun thing, but is now celebrating completion of her tough rounds of chemo and radiation, literally ringing the celebratory bell at her treatment facility. This makes us happy. No matter the person really. So, we're celebrating too, in honestly the only way I know how -- peeking at Camille's ridiculous topless hotness from 1996, the year she fell madly in love with the Frasier star. In the very least, you'll be able to see why Kelsey fell madly in love and or lust with Camille.

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Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus for helping us share this joyous occasion with ridiculously hot photos of Camille from her glamour modeling days. She was quite the looker. Still not too shabby at all. And, blessedly, healthy again. Enjoy.

Kennedy Summers Topless Climax to the Year in Playboy


I don't normally like to point out, nay, share the ever-delightful visuals of all the hot Playmates throughout the year. But given that this is the end of 2013, and Kennedy Summers, Miss Decemeber is just so damn hot I want to cry into my dream pillow, well, why the heck not. Plus, our friends at on PlayboyPlus were nice enough to share some of the sweetest teats this side of fantasyland.

Playboy Plus Sweet Christmas Deal Continues On Just Past Christmas!

Kennedy Summers reminds us during this season of holidays and memories and wishes looking forward that there is a higher power at work, and he or she has very good taste in women. Kennedy Summers is just stunning from all angles and curves. I know, I've been mapping out every inch of her ridiculously hot body with the measuring tools in my mind. Consider this the best geometry class ever. Enjoy.

Helen Flanagan Topless In Playboy in 2014 (Fingers Crossed)

Blonde soapy British bombshell Helen Flanagan says she wants to be in Playboy this coming year. Playboy says they want Helen Flanagan to be in Playboy this coming year. Which means we are but a few shekels of haggling away from seeing Helen and her blessed bare tops rolling around on some bear skin rugs wearing only pearls.

This truly is good news.

Helen says Marilyn Monroe is her hero. While it's somewhat of a cliche choice, she did use it to refer to posing nekkid, so who am I to suggest she look to Mother Theresa or Margaret Thatcher as her role model. Marilyn it is. And Helen, hopefully, shall be, bare in '14. I'm already excited for the new year. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Topless Nekkid Hotness for Playboy’s Anniversary and a Playboy Plus Christmas Special


Kate Moss Nekkid on Playboy PlusSay what you will about Kate Moss, but she has never looked better. Granted, you're talking about the best photographers and set-ups and post in the world just about, but Kate Moss looks absolutely stellar in the 60th anniversary edition of Playboy. Both in black and white, and color, this world class supermodel takes it off, and then off again, to reveal her top and bottom in a rather alluring dimension. I'm quite pleased.

So are the folks at Playboy Plus who have whipped up a special membership offer for those of you who want to see the full set of Kate Moss nekkid photos and, oh, about an infinity number of more nekkid celebrities and models of past and present in photo and video form on It truly is a treasure trove of hot female forms. Nothing like it on the Internet in this known universe. Enjoy.

Ana Braga Boudoir Sextastica For the South American Bunny

Our favorite blonde Brazilian bombshell Ana Braga made it to the cover of Playboy Venezuela, so we celebrated by staring at her mighty fine body and wondering how many box tops we'd need to collect to win a date with her to the Dairy Queen.

Ana stars in a series of bedroom photos wearing outfits that look like I was allowed to go shopping for 'something tasteful', along with some beach shots where somebody used sand to cover her up her finer parts. Boo quartz crystal. Somehow we suspect there are some outtakes out there sans sand that we will need to visually address shortly. Enjoy.

P.S. And some more delicious wonderments of Ana just because I consider you to be my brother, or sister, or female second cousin who I once made out with at a Christmas party and I feel guilty, but it was also kind of hot...

Susan Bernard Takes Us Back to the 1960′s To Celebrate a Playboy Christmas


Okay, granted, Susan Bernard was the first Jewish Playmate of the Month, but back in December of 1966 she was chosen to represent the bunny magazine in their Christmas tradition. She was all of just 18 and brand spanking new to the world, sort of like the baby Jesus back in 0, just a couple Jewish kids born to completely unforeseen but benevolent destinies.

Get Your Playboy Plus Christmas Special Membership; Only the Best Gift Ever!!!

Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus we can enter the wayback machine to Yuletide '66 to catch the hotness that was Susan Bernard, just having starred in her first Russ Meyer's movie as a teen, and so bright and eager and nekkid to join the adult world.  Enjoy.

We Saw Kayla Collins and Michelle McLaughlin Shopping For X-Mas Trees, Now Let’s See Them Topless and Hot in Playboy


Yep, it's time for my favorite new game, perhaps yours too, where by morning we see one deliciously sextastic woman clothes, and by afternoon we get to see her bare her crazy hot wares. In this blessed case, two lovely lasses, Kayla Collins and Michelle McLaughlin, two buddy Playmates who went shopping for a knotty pine. Now it's time for naughty pine, at least sappy visual wonderments courtesy of our friends at Playboy Plus and their vast library of crazy hot models and actresses.

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Yes, you may dare to dream that these two righteously fine females are coming to your house for hot cider and candy canes this Yuletide. I certainly am. But as a second best option, on the off chance that doesn't come to fruition, settle yourself into the delights of seeing their nearly nekkid forms in brilliant color photography. Enjoy.