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Dani Mathers Is Still So Damn Hot and Topless (and Playboy.TV Is Still Free!)

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Regular 138 Water pimping model and Playboy hottie Dani Mathers was named Playmate of the Month for 2014, so I’m celebrating by sharing her latest pictorial, a new look of crazy hot Dani in a see-through wet beach outfit for a night shoot. It’s pretty damn wild, and, drawn straight from my late night libido movie festival. I can’t help but feel people are stealing my naughty ideas.

Get Playboy.TV Free For One Week. Gratis! Five-Finger Discount!

The good folks at Playboy.TV are celebrating by extending their promotion of one week of Playboy.TV. for free. If you’ve never seen Playboy.TV, it’s basically gaggles of super sextastic young women getting quite nekkid for shows and shoots and just general water fight good times. Nothing you’d be interested in really. Nah, you’d rather be watching your ice dancing leftover from Sochi on your DVR. I get it. Dani Mathers and I weep for you. Enjoy.

Emma Glover Topless and Smoking Hot For Playboy (WIth Another Chance to Get Playboy.TV For One Free Week)

Emma Glover Goes Topless for Playboy
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I like to think of Emma Glover and I as BFFs. That’s like FWB without the B. Oh, that I could have more platonic relationships with gorgeous women in my life. That’s the ticket to happiness, not to mention painful crying tears throughout the overnight hours. Nevertheless, while I may never truly experience the full and ample pleasure of knowing Emma Glover in any biblical fashion, the fun parts of the bible that is, that does not take away from the happy tingles I receive viewing her absolutely perfect body and outrageously hot funbags as herein in her new pictorial for Playboy Magazine.


To celebrate this majestic views of her her royal sexiness, I’m going to become slightly catatonic, followed by a brief frenzy of activity, and then a bath of some sort. I’m also going to extend to you ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL on Playboy.TV. Because it’s almost mother’s day and mom would want you to be happy. Especially for free. I wouldn’t be pimping this if it wasn’t bound to make you happier than that tuna sandwich you’re about to eat. And you had to pay for that.

Emma Glover, someday, in some parallel universe where there are two suns, I shall experience your two moons with galactic passion. But, for today, it’s all about scratch and sniff on my monitor. I can do the two simultaneously thanks to monumental levels of practice. Enjoy.

Berenice Garcia Nekkid and a Week of Playboy.TV for Free To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Berenice Garcia Topless Photoshoot for Playboy
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Everybody wants in on the celebration today for Mexicans kicking France’s ass one-hundred and fifty years ago. Hey, if you can’t celebrate beating the snot out of France, what can you celebrate? Well, today, a look at blonde hottie Mexican-American Berenice Garcia and one week free trial on Playboy.TV, where you’ll find blondes, brunettes, and redheads of all backgrounds getting nekkid for your viewing pleasure.


Berenice Garcia  reminds us that hot women come in all shapes and sizes and visually spectacularly focus. I must admit, topless and smiling for the cameras is my particularly favorite focus, but to each their own. On Cinco de Mayo, it’s all about us gringos pretending we have yet another reason to drink cerveza and pull out the old Los Lobos albums. Guilty as charged. Enjoy.

Playboy TV Free For a Week to Celebrate Easter (Oh, and Jenny McCarthy Hot Mommy Nekkid Too)

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If you’re symbol is the bunny, you’re going to have to do something special for Easter weekend. I mean, sure, the frocks and the hats and the parades and the religious ceremonies and the ham are all well and good, but not quite the same as seeing an entire free week of smoking hot babes galore on Playboy.TV thanks to our Easter giving generous friends at PlayboyPlus.

DO NOT MISS: Playboy.TV One Week Completely Free!

And while we’re at it, why not tempt the salacious veins with a look at the most recent set of Jenny McCarthy nekkid in Playboy magazine. She is getting married soon, which doesn’t mean we still can’t admire her long and storied history with the bunny magazine, but it does mean I have to say a small virtual apology to her New Kids on the Block husband before I enter into fantasy land with Jenny. Just think of all the hotness Playboy has to offer. And, now, it’s free for a week. I only pimp products I indulge in myself. Enjoy.

Marlene Morrow Classic Nekkid Goodness For a Very Happy Playboy TV Easter Deal

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There are many things I love about my own Playboy membership. One is the historical nature of Playboy content. While Egotastic! runs a solid eight years back now, Playboy has been around for sixty years and archived all of their crazy nekkid hot model and celebrity content. For instance, say I want to see who was  the Playmate during Easter forty years ago. With a couple clicks I pull up the deliciously early 70′s fun bodied Marlene Morrow. Just wicked hotness from the era of bush and blessed tan lines. Yes, it turns out that sextastic women without their clothes on have always been passion inducing.

Easter Special: Playboy.TV for just $5.83 month with Annual Pass

To celebrate the current Easter 2014, our friends at Playboy Plus are offering a super special deal on Playboy.TV. Forty years ago, you couldn’t get thousands of videos and television programs featuring Playboy level hotties, but now you can. Right there on your computer or mobile device. And it’s just a few bucks a month. God bless the advancement of media and technology. The women stay hot as ever, the delivery systems keep getting better. Enjoy.

Ashley Salazar Topless Bound and Lacy Hotness for the Romanian Bunny

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I always love when I get a letter from model Ashley Salazar. I’m pretty sure it’s going to contain another set of very fine pictures of her that she is so naturally proud of and sharing. If I looked like Ashley Salazar without my clothes on, well, first of all, I’d probably never leave my bathtub. But, second, I’d be quite into showing off my photos as well. Especially when they appear so glossy and colorful and hot bodied on the pages of Playboy Romania. Oh, yeah, I have a subscription. Get with the program.

Ashley gets all kind of wicked black lace and tied up in this photoshoot which has just about something for everybody, including the kids, if they happen to love perfect funbags and a little bondage. I know I did as a kid. Thanks, Ash, you are ever so beautiful. Enjoy.

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Emma Glover Is Finally Nekkid! Playboy.TV Is Free For a Week!

Emma Glover Strips Nekkid for Playboy Photoshoot
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You know we’ve lusted British glamour model Emma Glover since about the time many of you first confirmed that you were anatomically male. She’s just one fine looking Britty brunette. However, such as the rules of glamour modeling go in Jolly Old, we never really  got a full peek at Emma’s birthday suit goodness that is until now. Thanks to Playboy and Playboy.TV celebrating it’s brand new totally free week, we may feast our eyes upon the full frontal goodies of Emma the Alluring.

DO NOT MISS: Playboy.TV One Week Completely Free!

This is the first time ever that Playboy.TV has offered a free trial to potential customers. In the very least, you owe it to yourself and the opposable thumbs God gave you to see just how much bawdy fun a TV channel dedicated to sextastic nekkid girls playing around can be. What, were you thinking more cable TV news coverage of missing planes and riots around the world? Nay, my friend, go for the good looking nekkid girls every time. Enjoy.