Pirates of the Caribbean

Penelope Cruz Ridiculously Muy Robusto on the Cannes Red Carpet

Wow. I mean, seriously, jaw dropping onto floor where it lays immovable kind of wow. Penelope Cruz was just smoking hot at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Rake in the Dough at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend. I think this is actually like the fifteen premiere of the film at the festival so far, they seem to happen like every other hour, but Penelope Cruz looks so hot at each and every one of them, topping off her sexy bomb explosion with her boobtastic and sweet MILF body packed into this stretch blue number that didn’t just show off her lady curves, it pretty much shouted them to the entire universe. Wow. So seriously hot. Enjoy.

(Note: sadly, the skin tight dress did not reveal actual nipple pokes thanks to the dastardly newly popular dress design element of the fake nipple-seam where the lovely udder points would otherwise flaunt and flash. It’s really the devil’s handiwork if you ask me and ought be outlawed by some international tribunal or at the Hall of Justice or something.)

Penelope Cruz Simply Sexy at Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Premiere

Penelope Cruz, let’s file her under the category of eternal hottie. She was hot young, she was hot pregnant, she’s hot now MILFy, she’ll be veteran hot, hell, she’s going to be a hot grandma someday. These Penelope Cruz pictures from the U.K. premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: We Gonna Make Another Fortune, show why this Madrid born boobtastic actress will forever float my personal watercraft. Blondies, take a bumbling step back for a moment, this is a moment to ogle and respect a brunette Spanish hottie. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Leads Brief, But Delightful Cast of Hotties at Pirates of the Caribbean Premiere

Yep, there’s another Pirates movie out; Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and Disney obliged us oglers with just a small taste of sexy celebrity at the Disneyland premiere last night, including Vanessa Hudgens, who seems to be everywhere and flashing everything these days, her BFF in crime, Ashley Tisdale, who has worked out and rhinoplastied her way deep into our collective libidos, Eva Longoria, who has got to be one of the most eligible bachelorettes on the planet these days, and Penelope Cruz, who is actually in this Pirates film and whose MILFtastic boobtastic continues to mesmerize my little brain. Not too shabby for a Disney event really. Enjoy.