Piranha 3DD

Katrina Bowden Glorious Private Parts Hotness One Damn Fine Reason to See Piranha 3DD

Editor’s Note: certain photo elements to this original post have been removed at the request of film distributors.

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Yep, that’s Katrina Bowden daintiness. Our blonde hottie sweetheart who we’ve lusted through her 30 Rock days now shows off quite a bit more (though never enough) in some rather fortunately hot stills from the movie Piranha 3DD, the epically twisted hottie horror film out this month in the U.S and around the world. Sure, there’s bloody flesh-eating fish in three dimensions, but the simple dimension of Katrina Bowden muff-in-panties shots ought to be enough to drive you to the theater or video store.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, because, yeah, you need one more kicker, check out the assortment of topless swimming pool babes from some of the more noteworthy scenes in this R-rated campy classic sequel. Enjoy.

New Clip from ‘Piranha 3DD’ — Featuring the Hoff (VIDEO)

Piranha 3DD Clip
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Movies that are labeled as comedies-slash-horror thrillers have become synonymous to flicks with a lot of boobtastic scenes. Piranha 3DD is no exception. The title is a dead giveaway, but expect to see flesh-eating piranhas and a lot of double D’s when the movie finally hits theaters.

A new clip featuring the Hoff has just been released, which shows him about to get extremely lucky with not one but two gorgeous ladies.


Revised Trailer for ‘Piranha 3DD’ Released, Still As Gory As Ever

Piranha 3DD Trailer
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The people who want to watch Piranha 3DD are probably hormonal teenage boys who want to catch bare double D’s bouncing around on the big screen while some weird alien fish flap around and eat people up. It’s just them, and others who are clueless about the ridiculous plot that the whole movie is based on.

The Piranha 3DD red band trailer was released a month ago for the first group of its target audience (watch it here, NSFW).


‘Piranha 3DD’ Red Band Trailer, NSFW (VIDEO)

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This one looks like a doozy. With big bare boobtastic, ridiculously fake shape-shifting carnivorous fish, and David Hasselhoff, not only does Piranha 3DD jump the shark, it effin’ filets it.

This looks wicked funny, blessed funbags, and just a whole bunch of ridiculousness. Check it out.

Credit: IGN Movies