Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy Go Shot for Hilarious Shot in New Nike Commercial

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy battle in new Nike commercial
Nobody Yelled Fore!

Usually, commercials don’t merit a post, but this new Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods and his heir apparent, Rory McIlroy is pretty great. The two of them are on the driving range when they start smack talking each other over shots at the pin, which leads to shots in the cup, which leads to shots in all kinds of cups all over the place.

It’s really well done, with pretty clever lines thrown in. I think my favorite when Rory says he’s just ‘trying to keep up with the old guy, you know’ and Tiger replies, ‘dude, is that your real hair?’

If I had to guess, I’d say the people behind the commercial probably had this Larry Bird and Michael Jordan McDonald’s ad from 1993 in mind when they created this one.

John Daly Hits a Drive off of a Tee in David Feherty’s Mouth (VIDEO)

John Daly tees up in David Feherty's teeth
Feherty Risks His Life!

David Feherty is not right in the head. He can’t be after volunteering to hold a tee in his mouth so that John Daly can drive a golf ball off of it.

The stunt was part of the show Feherty on the Golf Channel. You can hear the producer off camera begging John and David not to go through with it, but of course they don’t listen to the guy. Feherty isn’t even shaking in the least, nor does he even seem to flinch as a driver is swinging over his face with a club head speed probably around 90 mph (Daly didn’t seem to swing as hard as he could).

Just watch it and see if you can do it without flinching. I couldn’t.

Rory McIlroy’s Errant Shot Drilled a Spectactor in the Skull (VIDEO)

Jason Blue shows the glove McIlroy signed for him
I don't see it, do you ... OH MY HEAD!

Tough way to watch some golf at a major. Jason Blue, a fan minding his own business, just watching the first round of The Open Championship at Royal Lytham and St. Annes in England, became a little famous today after he got nailed in the dome by Rory McIlroy.

And it wasn’t just one of those where the ball took a couple bounces and kind of hit him.  No, Blue got shellacked and dropped as the ball was screaming down from the sky. Just check out the bandages wrapped around his head in that picture. No doubt he was seeing stars. McIlroy was nice enough, signing a glove for Blue with “Sorry!’ and his name.

Looks like Blue turned out okay, so there is that. McIlroy took a double bogey on the hole, which had to hurt.

via BustedCoverage

Tiger Woods Takes Another Step in Silencing Critics

Tiger Woods has the most wins on the PGA Tour this season with 3. He’s done that over his last 7 starts. For the season, he’s 3 for 10. For most guys, three wins is a solid career. For a post-scandal Tiger, that’s still not enough for a lot of people to concede that maybe he’s close to getting back to where he used to be.

Many pundits refuse to say that Tiger is Tiger again until he wins a major. It’s Woods’ own fault for setting the bar so high during his ridiculous ten-year run of utter dominance when he won 14 majors.

Robert Lusetich points out on that Tiger’s 3 wins this year are the same amount Phil Mickelson has had since 2009, as well as the same amount of career wins for Rory McIlroy on the Tour. So why are so many people still wondering if ‘he’s back?’ Read more… »

Tiger Wins AT&T National (VIDEO)

Tiger Woods Wins the AT&T National
Tiger Wins! Tiger Wins! Tiger Wins!

Fans of Tiger Woods probably wish that they could jump into a time machine, go back to the day before his scandal broke, and transport the unbeatable version of their favorite golfer to now. However, fans of the game probably don’t mind there being a little mystery week in and week out either.

This week it was hard to tell exactly what version of Tiger was playing at the AT&T National. He didn’t play poorly. He wasn’t lights out either. This time around Tiger was just good enough to win.


U.S. Open Update – Tiger Tied For Lead

That didn’t take long. Tiger Woods finds himself currently in a tie for first at the U.S. Open at one under, along with Jim Furyk, amateur Beau Hossler and Michael Thompson.

There’s still a lot of golf left to played today, let alone on Saturday and Sunday, so we’ll see what happens.

And you gotta feel for Brian Rowell. The poor guy got absolutely owned by the course the last two days and ended up at 28 over par. Ouch.

14-year-old Andy Zhang has moved up 9 spots so far today, to currently be in 134th, despite four straight bogeys on the back nine.

U.S. Open – Graeme McDowell and His Pink Pants are Making a Statement

Yeah, so this is happening right now. North Ireland’s Graeme McDowell, who won the U.S. Open in 2010, is playing rather well so far today and those trousers are rather pink.

McDowell started his day on hole #9 (weird logistics) and then played the back 9 at two under. He bogeyed #1 (his 11th hole) and is now in a cluster of guys tied for second place behind Michael Thompson. Thompson tees off 12:52 PST, and will try to match or better yesterday’s round of -4. It’s not going to happen, the scores in the afternoon will be higher than the morning round.