Paula LaBaredas

Paula Labaredas Festively Faptastic as Easter Bunny I’m Calling ‘Booty Hopper’

Is it defiling a major religious holiday to have one wicked hot bodied blonde Portuguese model dressed up in a sextastically showy bunny costume? Okay, yeah, probably. But I like to think we’re all god’s creatures, and those with the power to move men with their nature made forms perhaps a bit more holier than thou.

Paula Labaredas happens to be a festive favorite of mine for her natural knowledge of all things alluring poses. Also, this whole bunny thing has me in the mind to reproduce rather vociferously. The combination is rather powerful. I feel an egg coming out. Hold me, Mrs. Rabbit. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: SunOfHollywood


Paula Labaredas Back to School Lingerie Shoot Is Naughty and Dangerous and Hard Not to Peep

We don’t see Paula Labaredas that often, but when that Portuguese hottie model makes an appearance, she really knows how to stop the music, pull all the eyeballs in the room, and create the sound of a dramatic gasp. At least, that was my reaction to seeing her new lingerie photoshoot in various shades of naughty school girl.

Paula has always been one for big time cosplay and dress up fun. Never too much clothing to distract from her heavenly bodily gifts, but just enough to put on a character of the girl who you wish you could have one hour of alone time with to discuss your feelings. Or, possibly just a spanking for being naughty. Those are my primary feelings most of the time. Paula, your wicked hotness doth inspire a man to dream. And to be grabby. I’ll try to be polite. I can’t make any specific promises whilst looking at your outstanding derriere. Enjoy.

Paula Labaredas Lingerie Pictures Show Off the Dream Portuguese Booty

We always love when Portuguese hottie Paula Labaredas gets into one of her fun time photoshoots. It invariably means a peek at that superiorly super bottom of hers. The kind of bottom that Portuguese sailors survives horrible storms at sea just to be able to tap once more when returning to land. That’s inspiring.

Featured in a new lingerie pictorial up in the Hollywood Hills, Paula reminds us that the sextastic is a very simple creative process. One hot girl, very little clothing, a couple lights, and snap away. So simple it’s genius. Especially when you add in that derriere. Enjoy.

Paula Labaredas Flashes Her Killer Figure on Melrose

You know of our deep and unwavering lust for the fantastic female form of Portuguese model and occasional actress, Paula Labaredas.

Well, now, Paula has taken her hot body show to the street to pimp the shizz out of a Melrose Ave. clothing store. I’m not so concerned with the fashions (as in, not at all not even one tiny bit), but I am quite in the mood to review Paula’s body and amazing booty once more. I find no flaws. Of course, I would need a dressing room level view before I sign off on any formal reports.

Paula, call me, I’m so very ready to begin. Enjoy.

Paula Labaredas Covered Topless and Just Simply Wicked Hot

We happen to have a monster crush on the asstastic (and parts radiating thence from) of Portuguese-American model actress hottie Paula Labaredas, who above all else, knows how to take a picture.

In her latest and greatest near-nekkid stunner of a set, Paula manages to show nearly every inch of her fantastically faptastic form with only very modest bits of immodest lingerie keeping us form having to employ our patented fun parts starring system. Yes, Paula Labaredas knows how to take hot photos, and we know how to stare. A match made in heaven. Enjoy.

Paula Labaredas Slips a Nip and Flashes One Wicked Hot Body in Private Photoshoot

Paula Labaredas Shows Off Her Goods in a Sexy Photoshoot
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We are big supporters of the ridiculously hot body of Portuguese-American model and erstwhile actress Paula Labaredas. In fact, we’d like to support it with our two open hands and our teeth as necessary.

Featured in a private photoshoot in her pole-equipped workout space and home, Paula wears but a brief bit of bottoms and just a few loose chains for a top, providing spectacular views of her equally spectacular female form, including some flashes exposed nipples at the tips of her merry mammaries and a lady rump that men would likely kill each other for the first position to fondle. Quite a shoot. Enjoy.

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Paula LaBaredas Sextastic Soccer Shoot for Portuguese Fan Support

We’ve had a buttload of hot soccer fans coming out in the past couple years. Celebrity models and actresses who just can’t hide their passion for their home country team and put their bodies where there hearts are in support of their team.

The latest and greatest is Portuguese-American actress and model Paula LaBaredas who put her entire hot body forward in a promotional photoshoot in support of her Portuguese team’s run in the current UEFA 2012 soccer tournament. I’m not exactly sure if the Portuguese have the talent to make it to the title this year, but I am quite sure that Paula has the talents to make me imagine going all the way with her, twice perhaps even if there is a reasonable amount of stoppage time. Enjoy.