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Rhian Sugden and India Reynolds Go Toe to Chest In the Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


Two literal boobtastic giants in their own field, though I wish they were in my field, out back, Rhian Sugden and India Reynolds, hella hot and pitting their fine fine chest puppies against one another in this week's Battle of the Boobtastic.

These two Page 3 glamour fame models have likely not heard the word 'no' much before in their lives. But today, here in the Thunderdome of all things funbaggery, one will have to learn that they were not the winner. As always, you must decide their tears or joy. So, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Rhian Sugden vs. India Reynolds

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Rosie Jones Chest Puppies Take on Sam Cooke Jiggalos in the Thursday Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic


We've got to say, blonde hottie glamour model Sam Cooke takes on a monster challenge in this week's Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic. Rosie Jones is not a super hottie to be taken lightly, most especially when she  takes her top off and smiles for the camera. It's like witnessing Merlin's magic for real with her ability to erectile un-dysfunction tens of millions of men at one time. We don't envy the road ahead for Sam Cooke, though we would certainly like to be laying on that road, on our backs, with a camera, as she walked over us in a short skirt and no panties. Kind of a random thought, but completely honest.

Two sweet sextastic women enter the Thunderdome of Ta-Ta's, both deserving of honorifics and bodily accolades, but whose funbags reign supreme?

Page 3 Topless Battle of the Boobtastic: Rosie Jones vs. Sam Cooke

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It’s Holly Peers vs. Holly Peers In a Groundbreaking Thursday Page 3 Topless Battle


We've broken much new ground here on Egotastic! In fact, we're responsible for up to eleven of the top one-hundred greatest inventions of the 21st century, to date, running list, natch. But, now, we're taking the leading edge and making it our bitch once more with this epic showdown of Holly Peers versus her own hot and naughty bodacious self in our weekly Page 3 boobtastic battle of celebrity foursomes.

Our good friends at Page 3 conceived not one but two pictorials of the ridiculously hot Holly Peers this week, one if by pool, and one if by shower, and since we couldn't decide which we preferred better ourselves, we decided to leave that entirely up to you.

Tata e tata, four enter, only two may leave. Enjoy.

Holly Peers Fallen Angel Completes Our Topless Easter Service


We had to end this post-holiday holiday with something liturgical to please those among us who mix the holy and the profane with utter and sheer ese. So why not the gorgeous Holly Peers and her fabulous funbags in this Fallen Angel video from the good tabolidian folks at Page 3

Holly Peers never disappoints, except when she does not remove her top, but we'd be cruel to present you with that underwhelming post-Easter surprise. Nay, the holidays are the time to let the fur fly, and the chest puppies, and let it all hang loose. Enjoy.

Sam Cooke and Holly Peers Boobtastic Showdown in Thursday’s Page 3 Battle


Oh, my, oh, my. Talk about a battle of the beauty-weights. Sam Cooke and Holly Peers, two of our favorite Britty glamour models to ever walk the face of this planet topless, going ta-to-ta in a battle of Page 3 pictorials this week. Hide the kids, lock grandma in the basement, this is going to get fleshy.

I'm glad that we make you decide these battles, because I could never personally choice between two of the finest things in life. Enjoy.

Amii Grove and Danni Wells Battle for Funbag Glory in Thursday’s Page 3 Boob-Off


We preach the doctrine of non-violence here at Egotastic! Make love to hot women, not war with ugly dudes. But, on occasion, there is the need for righteous battle, for good to battle gooder, busty to battle bustier, for a battle between Page 3 topless hotties. Our booblust must be served.

In this week's ever epic ta-on-ta competition, we have blonde hottie Danni Wells of so many legendary dreams of mine taking on Amii Grove, who if you're an Egotastic! scholar will remember as one of the topless woodland warriors in the 'Booby Trap' scene from Your Highness.

Who's beautiful funbags reign supreme on this day of Thor? As always, you must decide for yourself, preferably in the quiet space of your locked bathroom or basement hideaway. Enjoy.

Lucy Collett Takes on India Reynolds in Thursdays Topless Page 3 Battle


When ginger takes on brunette, the fallout will be boobtastic.

Our prime time glorious funbagged fireplug Lucy Collett battles on the pages of Page 3 this week against brunette arch-rival and India Reynolds,  a girl I'd pay a million bucks to see arch her back on my... never mind, the point is, it's redheaded versus brunette and the foursome on display is just a tremendous slice of flesh puppy heaven. Enjoy.