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Paty Cantu Sextastic Bedroom Photos for Your Angelic Mexican Diva Needs

On the off chance you don’t follow the sextastic Mexican celebrity circuit, well, first off, shame on you. The level of hotness South of the Border among the famous lady class is really off the charts. Including most definitively pop singer Paty Cantu, the rage, the bomb, and one hot diva showing off her soft and teasy bedroom looks in the current edition of Open magazine.

There might be nothing hotter in this world than a sextastic Latina girl flitting about the boudoir in not much more than a sweater. In the very least, it’s at the center of over 5,000 of the virtual featurettes that play on repeat in the naughty theater of my mind. Paty Cantu, bienvenido a Egotstic! You really and truly belong here. Please, stay a while, put your feet up, I’m quite certain I’d love to tickle them. Enjoy.

Aracely Arambula Lingerie Pictures for Last Bits of Cinco De May Lust

You know how I love my South of the Border soap stars and their willingness to take extremely hot pictures for celebration from their female TV audience and general elation from the hombres like me who lust their every bitch slap.

Most definitely count Aracely Arambula in that category of Mexican actresses I’ve been waiting to see in less clothes, as she does in her lingerie pictorial for Open magazine. Like other Latina telenovela stars, Aracely seems to be aging extremely gracefully, well into her late 30′s and still chugging along finely on the hotness train.

She may be known widely as the mother of two of pop star Luis Miguel’s kids, but after today, hopefully you can see Aracely as a sextastic symbol as well. She deserves that. Enjoy.

Ariadne Diaz Open and En Fuego for Telenovela Lust Thrust

You can take away all my worldly possessions (and that would take all of two minutes), but if I were left with just my Sony Trinitron and my satellite dish pointed toward the Southern skies to pick up all my favorite South of the Border telenovelas, I could be a very content man. Oh, wait, and beer too, I’d need some constant supply of the malted beverage. Then I could be very content.

Another one of my Mexican actress faves, Ariadne Diaz, appears all kinds of sexy in the new edition of Open magazine, a magazine ironically I will not be able to open much longer here. Not with the sultry twenty-something Ariadne looking all kinds of pictorially alluring. Dios mio. An hombre can only take so much temptation. Enjoy.

Fernanda Romero Sexy Beach Pictures for Our Luscious Latina Actress Needs

You may not know Fernanda Romero from her various telenovela roles on Mexican soaps, but if you’re a fan of B-movies, you’ve probably seen the former teen pop star in a ton of movies as the hot latina chick side character. And if still none of those, now you can appreciate the sultry hot thespianic in her new pictorial in Open magazine, where she shows that it takes more than just a wicked hot body and come hither eyes to become successful onscreen, though not all that much more.

Fernanda Romero, we’d like to see much more of you. Enjoy.

Marisol Gonzalez Crazy Hot Sports Reporter Goodness in Open Magazine

Heck, when you got a winner, stick with a winner, so I’m sticking with super hot Latina women for the time being, none being much hotter than former Miss Universe contestant and current Mexican TV actress and TV news sports reporter, Marisol Gonzalez who strikes a bunch of sextastic poses in the current edition of Open magazine and makes me dream the day away about life with my future third wife at my Acapulco seaside mansion.

The kind of perversions to be performed in the hammock overlooking the sea can’t be put down in mere words, it would require graphical documentation. But trust me, Marisol, I am sketching as we speak. Enjoy.

Julia Orayen Sexy Photoshoot Open to Ogling Opportunities

Remember when Julia Orayen, the Latina hottie who had previously appeared in Playboy showed up on stage in the Mexican Presidential Election debates on television and created quite a stir, turning mundane politics for once into something the least big interesting to watch?

Well, Julia Orayen is back, turning her second chance at fifteen minutes of fame into a second opportunity for those of us in the gentleman ogling community to devour her sweet hot sultry looks in Open magazine, where Julia opens up most of her hot body (yet, not quite enough) to visual investigation.

Now, we’re not suggesting that this world would be a better place if super hot muy sexual Latinas ran nations instead of tired old corrupted politicians, but it’d certainly be more interesting. Enjoy.

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