Olympus Has Fallen

‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Falls Like a Ballistic Missile Into Theaters Today! (VIDEO)


Olympus Has Fallen is here! The new rock-em sock-em action flick opens in theaters everywhere today, March 22nd.  Just in time to make some stimulating seder dinner conversation this Passover weekend. It’s directed by Antoine Fuqua, he of Training Day and plenty of other movies that found new and unique ways to kick ass.

Check out the latest trailer above for an extended look at the new movie which stars Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Rick Yune and Morgan Freeman.


The Most Epic Explosions To Hit The Silver Screen (VIDEO)

Washington D.C. Needed a Facelift Anyway

When Olympus Has Fallen hits movie theaters today (see an explosion-heavy Red Band clip above) you can bet that some sh*t is going to get blown up real good.

But what about other great movie explosions? The kinds that blows up more pyrotechnics than a Chinese firework factory built over a gas station. And after the jump you can check out our favorite boom-boom moments from Hollywood’s finest.

And don’t forget, Olympus Has Fallen opens in theaters everywhere today, March 22nd!


Yipee-Ki-Yay: The Greatest Wise Cracking Action Heroes

When faced with insurmountable odds, a painful death, countless innocent lives at stake, there’s really only thing to do…Crack some really good one-liners. Because when someone’s got a gun to your wife’s head in one hand and is holding your computer genius son’s wheelchair over the side of a tall building with the other, it’s time to work out some of your act.

Let’s face it, the wise cracking action hero has for a long time felt like a relic, the type of thing that Indiana Jones would go to far off lands in search of (and hey, let’s not kid ourselves, that still would’ve made a better plot than Crystal Skulls). But if you look at the action movies coming out in the last few years–Expendables, The Last Stand, and now Olympus Has Fallen-it looks like action star who spent at least a few months at the Groundlings school for improv has been making a comeback. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

So relive your favorite puns and malapropisms with our tribute to the Greatest Wise Cracking Action Heroes.

Ego Readers, You Like Free Stuff, Right? How About Winning Some Sweet ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Tickets

Watch terrorists mount Olympus...get it?

Olympus Has Fallen advance screenings are happening in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco – and now you can be there first to spoil the ending for all your friends! We’re giving away two tickets to each of these special screenings of the new action film starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman (yeah, that’s right, the voiceover guy). And the best part — It requires absolutely no skill whatsoever to enter. The first to email us per screening will receive 2 tickets to an Olympus Has Fallen screening for you and your guest at one of the locations below:

Screening dates and times:

·       Los Angeles: March 20th (7:30pm) @ AMC Century City 15
·       New York: March 20th
   (7:00pm) @ AMC Empire
·       San Francisco: March 20th
  (7:30pm) AMC Mercado

To get your hands on these tickets: