Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo Continues the Summer of Legs With Big Apple Short Skirt

We’re heavily into legs here since the solstice, those preferably long, dangling appendages originating at the ground and climbing toward the very favorite parts of our most sextastic celebrities. And everybody seems to be in on the leg game this summer.

Socialite fashion type reality show uptown girl Olivia Palermo is the latest to throw her gams into the game, strutting the streets of New York in skirt short enough to put her stems in serious ‘best of’ contention while simultaneously making us wish we hadn’t forgot our drool buckets in the basement this morning. We’re a sucker for smooth, supple, tan legs. Who isn’t? Enjoy.

Olivia Palermo Bikini Pictures Continue Her St. Barth’s Body Show Off

If you hadn’t been thinking much about Olivia Palermo before this past week, let alone even remember who the fashion plate and reality starlet was, well, the game has changed quite a bit. Olivia has spent the past week in the French West Indies preening, prancing, and posing in her various little bikinis daily, building up her sextastic cred, not to be forgotten soon, I am sure.

There’s nothing better than when an underdog comes up to bite you right in the libido. Enjoy.