Elizabeth Olsen Topless Sex Scene in Oldboy

Elizabeth Olsen Topless Screencaps in Movie Oldboy
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I guess Spike Lee’s remake of the instant cult foreign classic Oldboy didn’t do so well at the box office last month. Maybe a little to obscure or dark or weird or just too much Josh Brolin for the casual moviegoers. However, those that did not partake of the sinisterly odd film completely missed out on the topless delights of Elizabeth Olsen, the hottest of the Olsen offspring.

Elizabeth has shown in the past she’s not afraid to get real with her thespianic work, as in really topless, when the part calls for it, naturally. And, naturally and blessedly it did in her making of the sexy scene with Josh Brolin. Some full, nice peeks at Elizabeth’s sweet teats right there on the screen. Well, now on your computer or mobile device screen since technology makes everything better, save for the robots coming to destroy us by 2050. Enjoy.

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‘Old Boy’ Red Band: A Brolin and a Hammer (VIDEO)

old boy
At least he didn't miss 'Battlestar Galactic' .
Spoiler Alert: Josh Brolin is James Brolin's son.

Behold, the Red Band trailer for Spike Lee’s remake of Old Boy.

The only problem? It’s not very Red Bandy. I might have caught a curse word at the beginning, and I did see Josh Brolin’s butt, but otherwise, what the hell is the point of making this a Red Band? Granted, working on this site all day has left me pretty desensitized, but come on. Would a nipple and a few more f-bombs have been to much to ask?

Old Boy hits theaters October 25th.

Here’s the Poster for Spike Lee’s Remake of ‘Oldboy’ Starring Josh Brolin

I hope Brolin had to eat a live octopus.

There’s a new poster for the American version of Oldboy, starring Josh Brolin and directed by Spike Lee. As in the 2003 original, the story involves a man who is kidnapped and held hostage for years before finally being released with no explanation of his captor’s identity or motives. The subsequent quest for revenge becomes far more twisted and terrifying than the kidnapping itself. Or something.

Not to sound like a hipster, but I liked Oldboy before it was cool, and I’m not really excited for the remake. Spike Lee has made some memorable films, but he also made Sumner of Sam, so I don’t think he was the right choice. But hey, I’m just a hack who writes about movies for a boobie site, so what the hell do I know? Prove me wrong, Spike!

The Red Band trailer for Oldboy goes live this Wednesday, and the film hits theaters in October.