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Emma Glover and Leah Francis Topless Pictures For Brand Spanking Newness


Sometimes, a man just needs a nice pair of funbags to fall back into like life's built-in comfy cushions. Strike that, men need that all the time (and some of your tata desiring ladies too, yes, I know, I get your letters).

Thanks to the latest and greatest release (as it were) from our boob-loving friends at Nuts, we have some not oft-leered hot glamour celeb models in the curvy forms of Emma Glover and Leah Francis, all playful and grabby and acting pretty much like every dream I've ever had about two ridiculously hot Britty glamour model invading my boudoir with their body pillows and giggling like schoolgirls who've had too much Vermouth (the dreams, they do get pretty detailed).

I'm not sure how you're feeling, but I'm feeling better already.  Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement Lingerie Outtakes Will Make You Smile (and Suffer) All Over

It's always hard to pin down the photoshoot dates from our good and boob-loving friends across the pond at Nuts, but we think about the autumnal season past they published a pretty epic lingerie photo series of the amazingly hot Britty brunette, Jessica-Jane Clement. As always, the best of the best photos have slowly streamed out, like a sextastic creek winding it's way down the mountain, right into your libido. And, you'd better count on these ridiculously optic-nerve blowing visuals of such a beautiful women and sweet body sticking with you for some time.

It's the good kind of haunting. Enjoy.

Holly Peers Topless Outtakes Are a Mouthful of Sunshine


The first day back to work after New Year's is a day filled with headaches and regrets. Let's be honest, you ate like a pig, you drank like a fish, and you probably did a few things like a dog that haven't left you feeling super proud this morning.

Now, it's snap back to reality, but what better way to ease your transition back to planet grind than with a healthy heaping double spoonful of the gloriously hot Holly Peers and her epic funbags, courtesy of some amazing outtakes from a Nuts pictorial. Outtakes do always kick-arse on published photos, and these glamour model goodies are actually quite glamorous, not to mention mouth-watering fleshtastic.

It's all good, and, maybe, just maybe, memories of the donkey show over New Year's will fade faster than expected. Enjoy.

Holly Peers and Lucy Pinder Topless Pictures Help Ring in the New Year


We're about 48 hours away from the wiping clean of the annum board, the absolution of all 2011-related sins, and the opportunity for an entirely new twelve months (with an extra day in 2012) of gentlemanly debauchery.

Our friends at Nuts are celebrating the ringing in the new year in their own classy boob-loving style, with a holiday themed pictorial featuring Holly Peers and Lucy Pinder and a couple other Brit glamour model hotties. Of course, come the actual New Year's Eve, we'll be cocktail-goggling our way into the special land where looks are but a blurred memory of superficial transience far less important than actual sloppy human contact, but for now, we can sure still appreciate some late December sweet sexy boobtastic. Enjoy.

Sabine J. Priek Topless Lingerie Picture Outtakes Prime Us For NYE


Three New Year's Eves ago, a dreaded event unfolded. At a friends big blowout party for NYE (read as: pony keg of Red Stripe bought straight off the liquor store delivery truck by a couple enterprising drivers) the party was half-way fun, despite the recurring presence of Death Cab for Cutie on the stereo system (I think we set a record for defenestrations that night). But, to the point, my friend's sister pulled me back into one of the guest rooms for a very important announcement. She proceeded to remove her dress and present her sorority body in a pair of black bra and panties. What a stroke of year end fortune for yours truly. Without hesitation, naturally, I proceeded to tell her how I'd always admired and respected her as a woman and...then she broke down in tears. Bawling, she told me she was pregnant by her no-good boyfriend. Then she pulled her dress back up, wiped her eyes with a tissue, and walked right pass me with a 'thank you' as she passed on out the door. New Year's Eve parties are whack.

I couldn't help but be reminded of my experience that night with, let's call her 'Lisa', because that is her name, when coming across these amazing outtakes from a Sabine J. Priek topless black lingerie pictorial shoot we brought you from our friends at Nuts this past Spring, but, as with all outtakes, so much more robust and just super amazingly hot. If you've not been in lust with relatively underrated Sabine J. Priek before, prepare yourself for a solid half-hour in a private spot of your choice flipping through these photos and falling head over tissue for this ridiculously hot bodied and sextastic Britty glamour model. Enjoy.

A Topless Snowball Fight for Yuletide Greetings from Egotastic! (VIDEO)


Let me start by saying, Egotastic! has simply the best readers on the Internet. No, I'm not 'buttering your hindside' as Grandma used to say, it's a scientific proven fact that our readers are smarter, more thoughtful, and obviously, better looking, than all those other site readers. Okay, some mild buttering.

But it's Christmas around the world and we want to take the opportunity to thank our readers and celebrate a few pieces of hotness on Earth in the form of Holly Peers, Rosie Jones, and India Reynolds having a topless snowball fight, courtesy of our friends at Nuts

Merry Christmas.

Jessica Jane Clement Lingerie Pictorial Because Hot Women Plus Hot Lingerie Equals Something Very Very Good

We've been accused here of falling in lust with every hot celebrity we see half-nekkid to which charges we respond, most absolutely guilty. What can we do but reach into our pockets for cash (I swear that's why we're reaching into our pockets) and offer up the sum total of our pittance wage for a mere chance to make it rain for but a few seconds around the super sextastic likes of Jessica Jane Clement, here in superb glory from this past summer's lingerie shoot for Nuts, prior to her I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here wondrous performance on the telly. 

When we see girls like Jessica Jane looking all kinds of silky and hot-bodied and flashing what most certainly is Mother Nature's finest way of saying thank you to the male of the species (and our fine ogling female-on-female friends), we just want to write a lousy poem or sing a Maroon 5 song or something entirely pointless and annoying. I suppose that is Mother Nature's evening out of the score. Enjoy.