India Reynolds Booby Babes Pictorial Is Out of This Mammarial World

India Reynolds Topless "Booby Babes" Photoshoot for Nuts
Ta-Ta Tuesdays Part Deux!

I remember being a kid at the ice cream parlor, must have been taken there by Old Man Gumps, he restrained himself to above the waist tender caresses, which seemed like a reasonably fair deal for an ice cream cone if you were among the kids whose folks would not provide you the dairy treat otherwise. One of these times, the guy serving ice cream brought out two scoops instead of one, and with an ‘Oops, I gave you too much’ was about to whisk away the bowl when Old Man Gumps grabs him firmly by the wrist and says, ‘There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.’ For a dirty old man, that Gumps could drop a load of wisdom on you.

Ice cream, or outrageously hot funbags, which are essentially the ice cream for grown up boys, too much is never enough. So, for a second helping of Ta Ta Tuesdays, why not serve up the amazingly sextastic India Reynolds in her latest and greatest Nuts pictorial, the appropriately titled Booby Babes shoot. I’ll take two scoops of that please.

So, even though I’m feeling melancholy for Old Man Gumps, I can still picture how the misunderstanding parents drove him out of town, life is truly bittersweet, and India Reynolds today is providing the sweet parts. Enjoy.

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Jess Kingham Topless Pictures for the Absolute Best Way to Introduce Yourself on Egotastic!

Jess Kingham Topless in Nuts
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There’s a polite ‘hello’. Then there’s bringing candy to the door. Or beer, that is better than candy. Or even a sexy wink and beer, one of the great ways to show up at our doorstep. But the very best way? An outlandishly hot topless pictorial in the delightfully D-cup filled Nuts magazine, which is exactly how Jess Kingham makes her way onto our pages, and into our hearts, today. 

Whatever happened between us Yanks and the Brits a couple hundred years ago, well, consider it all but forgotten, if we can lay our lust-filled eyes upon the likes of Jess Kingham, we just have to call it even. Or, double evens. Jess Kingham’s funbags might just save the world. Enjoy.

Lucy Collett Topless Ginger Madness Run Continues, We May Not Survive


We only really met Lucy Collett three months ago and already we want to give her the key to our apartment, the password to our ATM cards, and the right to make unlimited babies with our biological matter. It’s been one fairy tale romance, you might say.

This knock-out ginger glamour model has taken our brains, hearts, and loins (one of which is much bigger than the other two) and mashed them about as a child to his unsavory peas on his plate. Smooshed. She just makes us tingle in places where doctors will assure you there is no explanation for a tingle. In her latest pictorial from our friends at Nuts, Lucy primps and crawls and scoots and flashes every bit of her curvaceous redheaded awesomeness.

As our general physician, the offshore-licensed doctor Esteban Falanges, always reminds us in these rapid cardiac situations, keep the extremities cool and the heart will follow. In which case, we’re going to need more ice packs. Enjoy.

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Rosie Jones and Friends Cosplay Clad Melons for Nuts Super Boobs Spectacular

Rosie Jones, Lacey Banghard, India Reynolds and Sabine Priek in Nuts' "Superboobs" Photoshoot
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Ooh, a concept piece. Now, you know how much we usually dislike artistic themes, but when it’s superheroes and hot topless Britty glamour models, well, rules were made to revel in the exceptions.

Our good friends at Nuts magazine came up with the idea of getting four brunette spectacular hotties, Rosie Jones, and friends Lacey Banghard, India Reynolds, and Sabine Priek, and getting them all wardrobed out for some sort of super hero-esque looking striptease work. I suppose now that I think about it, the theme itself isn’t as important as the apres-theme. Fun Funbags. Enjoy.

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Lucy Collett Flashes Her Goody Goody Ginger Drops in Nuts Outtakes

Lucy Collett Nuts Big Boobs Special Outtakes
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There’s gingers. Then there’s hot gingers. Then there’s hot gingers topless. And then there’s Lucy Collett hot ginger topless outtakes. If we’re working our way up our own personal Maslow Pyramid of Libidinal Needs.

The recent Page 3 Idol Winner and all-around spectacular fireplug flashes yet more amazing mammarial goodness in outtakes from her recent Nuts magazine Big Boobs photoshoot, where Lucy not only meets the titular qualifications of the pictorial, but exceeds them with even more, well, titulars. She really is a creature of tremendous ogle-worthiness. Enjoy.


Rosie Jones, Elle Basey, Emma Frain, and Emma Glover Bare Their Bodies for Boudouir Bawdiness

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When our friends at Nuts mentioned they had a Babes in Bed photoshoot concept we were hooked, even before we knew those babes would be the level 11 hotness likes of Rosie Jones, Elle Basey, Emma Frain, and Emma Glover. Just a foursome of young Hall of Fame funbaggery. A veritable melon stand of fruity global goodness. A pound full of flesh puppies. And a spectacle of chesticles. Really, simple downright awesomeness.

There is absolutely zero chance I ever lose this mental image of Rosie, Elle, Emma, and Emma laying bare-buttockal like across the bed. This visual tattoo can not be laser removal’ed. Enjoy.

Outtakes! Emma Glover and Leah Francis Provide the Topless Tuesday Treats


If you knew how badly some days we just need to see some super fine funbags, we… wait, you do already know. 

And how we love outtakes from our friends at Nuts, in this case, the delightful pairing of the twin flesh pears of Emma Glover and Leah Francis who always seem to be having a topless giggly party taken directly from my deepest imagination. It’s ever so perfect, like a slice of heaven, wrapped in pillows, tucked inside a warm velvet blanket kind of perfect. Enjoy.

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